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MDDHosting LLC

MDDHosting LLC



Phone: +1 (877) 412-4678

Address: 5231 E State Road 144
Mooresville, IN 46158
United States

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Providing high quality web hosting since 2007.

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MDDHosting LLC Customer Reviews

Eric and Michael are fast to respond, very helpful in giving good advice. thanks for the help.

Great host, I really recommend them. MDD is stable, reliable host and the customer service is outstanding, always helpful and with very fast responses.

Been with MDD for years because they are reliable, great customer service and affordable.

As a WordPress developer with 12+ years experience, I've worked with many different web hosting companies. That includes the big name companies that everyone mentions when discussing or reviewing web hosting companies.

By the way, most web hosting reviews are written by people merely trying to earn an affiliate commission, so they're biased at best, or downright bogus at worst.

As for this review of MDDHosting, I am biased, but not because they're paying me an affiliate commission (I'm happy to sing their praises for free).

I'm biased because they are the best I've ever used. Of all the web hosts I've worked with over the years, I choose them to host my own sites. I also recommend them to anyone and everyone who asks for my advice on who to use for hosting.

Are they perfect? No, that's impossible when you're dealing with computer hardware, global networks and the millions of hackers out there trying to take down those networks.

Still, in the rare case that a problem arises, their support team -
including the company President Michael Denney - is on top of it within minutes of my support request.

If you're looking for lightning fast, affordable and reliable web hosting, with an unusually responsive and friendly support team to back it up, you won't do better than MDDHosting.

I've been with MDDHosting with three accounts for two years now, and I can only recommend them for their excellent support and their fast servers. My tickets were promptly answered, and a solution was always given in a very professional way.

MDD Hosting has been great. Before I was sold on their web hosting service, they were friendly and answered my questions quickly. Moving my website over was really easy and their experienced team handled my request quickly and professionally, keeping me updated every step of the way. I've been a customer for a few months and things have been wonderful! My website also loads much faster compared to my old web host. I would highly recommend them.

I've been with MDD Hosting for 3 years and they are hands down the BEST. Support is always lightning fast to respond. Very helpful. Downtime is practically unheard of. Always fast site speed. 10/10 Thank you!

MDD is the best hosting I have ever found.

I am not a total computer geek and sometimes MDD loses patience with my basic questions, but I am trying to learn and make things happen.

After some impatience, MDD techs dig in and get me the answer I need to solve the problem that I have created.

They wonder how I could be so naive, but lets face it working with code and databases is not that obvious.

So far, everything are okay with our hosting with MDD. Spam issues are lessened, most of them goes to Junk folder directly.

Website loads fast, easy to edit and update/upload. Support replies within a few minutes.

Incredibly reliable server, it's been up and stable since it was turned on, and support is awesome, responsive & fast. I've been so impressed I signed up as an affiliate and intend to recommend them to anyone who asks about hosting. Believe me, I never make this decision lightly nor to get a commission, only when I know a company is solid and reliable - my reputation is at stake as much as theirs.

For the past 6 years of being an mddhosting customer, they have been consistently reliable and quick to respond to tickets that I am not nervous at all whenever there are issues on my site. Whatever concern I have, they are always there not only to guide me through the issue, but they take time to explain and inform me the things that I need to know before proceeding with the task. Awesome job, Mddhosting team!

In the course of moving my sites to MDD hosting, I encountered again an issue with PHP and charset encodings. In short, although I specified explicitly the encoding in the HTML header of my pages, when these pages were produced by PHP scripts this was ignored because the PHP interpreter inserted HTTP headers specifying a different character set. I had encountered this issue in my previous host too, and had managed to have them resolve it within a couple of days. So I braced myself with patience, and opened a ticket with a detailed account of the issue, along with sample files in the old host and the new. Within 4(!) minutes, my correspondent (Tim M.) replied back saying he had fixed the issue. I tested and indeed it was fixed, in less time than it had taken me to write a description of it!

I have the feeling I will stay with this host for a long time :-)

MDD has the BEST and FASTEST customer service in the world. I've always always gotten my issues resolved with no problem. So glad I took my friend's recommendation and went with them!

MDDHosting LLC Feb 28, 2017

Thank you so much for being a customer and we appreciate the kind words. If you don't mind do please reach out to us and let us know who referred you so that we can make sure they get a credit :).

MDDHosting is the web hosting service I started with back in 2012 because I read great reviews about them at WebHostingTalk. Until today, it's the only web host I've used because I just haven't had to look anywhere else.

MDDHosting is awesome because it's stable, it's great value for money, and the support is just impeccable. (I got replies to my tickets within an hour latest, most of the time in minutes.)

I can't praise MDD Hosting enough.

I had a reseller account at BlueHost and was always running into issues. Waiting on Chat support to almost an hour sometimes. Placing a ticket would result in waiting days for a response and that was usually "we escalated your issue". Additionally in 2015 or so, BlueHost announced their retiring/sunsetting of their reselling hosting services. They recommended moving services to ResellerClub.

Since moving to MDD in November of 2016, I moved my clients from BlueHost to MDD and they've been ecstatic. Even received comments from them saying how traffic and sales on their site increased.

When I have an issue, MDD responds via their ticketing system damn near instantly. Their feature set for reseller services are great too (especially LetsEncrypt SSL).

As a freelance web designer/developer since 2014, moving my hosting to MDD is probably the best decision I made. I recommend them quite often to my other freelance colleagues.

Thanks a bunch!

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