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MDDHosting LLC

MDDHosting LLC



Phone: +1 (877) 412-4678

Address: 5231 E State Road 144
Mooresville, IN 46158
United States

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Providing high quality web hosting since 2007.

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MDDHosting LLC Customer Reviews

Having to migrate domains that have been hosted for years on another host provider that got sold out to IEG. SO GLAD to find a host provider that exceeded my 12 year (positive) experience with a host provider that had degraded quickly in the last month in quality and service. Wish I would have switched earlier to MDD, the service is fantastic, the CPanel interface has been intuitive to learn and use and the service has been very helpful to ease the transition issues.

I can fully recommend MDD's hosting packages. Over the past 3 years I've experienced all around great service, and remarkably quick technical support when needed. Depending on your needs, their packages might be slightly more expensive than other competitors, but if reliability is important to you, it's worth any difference in the sum. The only minor side note I could mention is that their logged in user area or "client area" could use the loving touch of a UX/UI designer, but it's really not a major hindrance once you've clicked around a bit and have finally remembered where things are.

Excellent hosting company and really good support team with MDDhosting you don't need to worry about anything.

I'm Extremely thankful for MDD Hosting !!! The entire team is extremely responsive and supportive. The packages of the services that are provided by MDD & any technician that ever answers a ticket is on point!!! The control panel has great services and resources for development and production for any type of website or ISP service needed. I have dealt with a couple of different hosting providers and won't mention them because i understand that technology is constantly being updated and every other company out there should have the opportunity to upgrade and adapt.

Thank you again for being so Awesome !!

Fast servers, great up time, easy to use client area and great support.

I have been a customer with MDD for several years and have no intention of ever leaving.

I coulnd't imagine hosting my sites anywhere else at this point and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my clients (or anyone else for that matter)

We've been hosting with MDD since 2014.

I like their awesome support, transparency and proactive approach to maintenance and upgrades.

Highly recommend this company for web your hosting needs.

I have no words to describe the amazing service I have been receiving from MDD Hosting since 2011. The support team is the most patient, knowledgeable, helpful and super fast. I would highly recommend MDD Hosting!

A great service with wonderful, clear and prompt customer support. Thank you so much with recently helping me get an old backup site online again! As a designer, I wouldn't have known where to even start. I'll always use and recommend MDD Hosting.

Great service. The problem was resolved in minutes and explained to me in a way that I could understand. Yes, it was operator error (me) but the tech guy did a good job of letting me off the hook for screwing it up and provided me with a new and better way of looking at the problem.

I've used MDD Hosting for several years and have had a great experience, both with functionality and service; I now use them to host three distinct websites.

I have been with various other hosting providers as well who seem to offer "great" service at very "low" prices but MDDHosting was the only hosting company which actually delivered.

The sites load quickly and the support staff is very helpful. I don't think I will ever have to change my hosting provider again. :)

I've used many shared hosts over the years, and have never had such a good experience. MDDHosting has configured shared servers so they're lightning fast, reliable, and barely seem to notice our resource usage. And refreshingly their tech support is prompt, knowledgeable and helpful. I can only speak in superlatives after more than a year with MDDHosting.

The quality of their service is top-notch and their support team is the best in the business. I've been a customer for more than three years now and will refer everyone I know looking for the types of services they offer to MDDHosting.

MDD has been amazing. Support is fast, friendly, and always have the answer, no long hold times on the phone, no 3 days later responses. My websites load quickly and no issues with up time and best off all, the price is unbeatable.

From me 5 stars
Very good support
Awesome service if I compering hostgator that MDD is much cheaper also faster. Will stay with MDD. Thanks a lot.

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