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MDDHosting LLC

MDDHosting LLC



Phone: +1 (877) 412-4678

Address: 5231 E State Road 144
Mooresville, IN 46158
United States

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Providing high quality web hosting since 2007.

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MDDHosting LLC Customer Reviews

Love the team at MDD Hosting! I've worked with them for over 7 years and their service is top notch. Server performance is great. I have a Reseller account with MDD.

The best part about MDD is the people. I don't know them personally but I feel like I do because their customer service is so good. Kudos to Michael Denney and his team for running such a reputable operation and thank you!!

Jun 04, 2018

Been using MDDHosting for around 4 years now, the support staff is always super helpful and I've never had any real problems with the service, great dudes.

I've been using MDD for years now, and have recommended them to all my web design clients. Great service, price, and awesome resolving support within minutes of rare issues. One of those nice situations where everything just works and you don't have to think about it.

MDD Hosting is hands down the best website & email hosting provider that we have had over the last 5 years. Excellent reliabilty, excellent technical service, competitive pricing. Very happy!

Multiply that 5 star rating times 2!!! I've been dealing with hosting companies for 15 to 20 years now. I've dealt with way too many of them. For most, I had to deal with technical errors and down time way too often. I NEVER felt my customers sites were truly safe or stable. That is, until I moved everything over to MDDHosting.com. MddHosting.com has exceeded my expectations. Any issues I've had have been resolved quickly as their support is superior to any I've dealt with in the past. I could say so much more, but it all comes down to quality and stability, and they're the best I've used. I feel I can finally focus on other things and leave the hosting to them. Thank you SO MUCH MDDHosting!

They've done it again ... exceeded my expectations. I brought a challenging technical issue to them and they promptly found the solution and immediately implemented it. Couldn't be more pleased with the support they provide. THANKS!

MDDHosting has hosting my websites for several years. I am not a web professional, and I rely on support from time-to-time in order to manage my sites.
MDDHosting's support has been exemplary the entire time I have been with them. They are quick to respond, and their support staff will stay in communication
with you until your issue is resolved. I was with three hosting providers previously...some of the big guys...MDDHosting is better... way better.

I've been using MDDHosting for well over a year now, having finally escaped from the dreaded EIG (after three tries - every time I jumped ship, EIG bought the web host to which I had fled, and things went south again), and I'm very happy with my choice.

Server availability and responsiveness have been rock-solid, with scarcely a hiccup. On the few occasions when I've had a question or minor problem, support requests have been answered within minutes, and the responses have been intelligent and helpful.

I just pray that MDD doesn't sell out to EIG. ;)

The service and support from MDD is incomparable. They are knowledgeable, fast, courteous. No one can compete. I use any number of different hosting companies through my client base and these guys are far ahead of everybody else, by leaps and bounds.

I can not rate Michael and his team higher enough! I have been using Mdd Hosting since 2012 and not only is their product great (I've never had down time with their servers) more importantly, their suppotr is exceptional! I don't even know how it is possible to provide such prompt and efficient service.
These guys are THE BEST!

I was recommended by a friend to MDD Hosting. These guys were simply the best and so glad I was recommended.

They assisted me in a professional business manner and always came back quickly to any requests I had during the migration from my old host to MDD Hosting. I expect like all migrations there are going to be some issues but all their staff members were knowledgeable and didn't give problems, they always gave me the solution.

Cannot speak highly enough of the team, and if you are looking for a good, reliable and friendly provider, choose these guys, I am absolutely delighted with this company and will be recommending them at any future opportunity to do so. 5* service, thanks MDD.

I moved my hosting account to MDDHosting about a week ago. There were some complications with moving the account from my existing host to MDDHosting but they took care of everything despite this and successfully moved everything to their platform. This took a lot of stress out of my life as I was worried I would have to take on this task by myself and had no idea how long it would take.

Of course when doing a major migration certain "growing pains" are to be expected so I was not surprised when these started to present themselves. No matter the issue, MDDHosting's tech support team was there to lend friendly, competent, and professional resolutions to my issues in a timely manner.

All of this has served to reassure me that I made the right decision when I chose to migrate my hosting to MDDHosting. I am looking forward to this level of customercentric treatment and support over the coming years (I was with my previous host for more than 10 years) for both myself and my website visitors.

Well done!

I moved away from Siteground, not because of their services, but because of their ongoing increase of price. I did not find anything I can not do at MDD that I could with my old host. The fee I pay now is significantly lower then my old host. I did not experience any downtime in the year that I am with them. I opened 2 support tickets and the response time was super fast. The response itself was very clear and helped me further in no time.
I found their interface user friendly, their support very adequate, their features more than I can handle. They proved to be very reliable and all that for a super friendly price.
All and all I am very satisfied

Having to migrate domains that have been hosted for years on another host provider that got sold out to IEG. SO GLAD to find a host provider that exceeded my 12 year (positive) experience with a host provider that had degraded quickly in the last month in quality and service. Wish I would have switched earlier to MDD, the service is fantastic, the CPanel interface has been intuitive to learn and use and the service has been very helpful to ease the transition issues.

I can fully recommend MDD's hosting packages. Over the past 3 years I've experienced all around great service, and remarkably quick technical support when needed. Depending on your needs, their packages might be slightly more expensive than other competitors, but if reliability is important to you, it's worth any difference in the sum. The only minor side note I could mention is that their logged in user area or "client area" could use the loving touch of a UX/UI designer, but it's really not a major hindrance once you've clicked around a bit and have finally remembered where things are.

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