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MDDHosting LLC

MDDHosting LLC



Phone: +1 (877) 412-4678

Address: 5231 E State Road 144
Mooresville, IN 46158
United States

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Providing high quality web hosting since 2007.

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MDDHosting LLC Customer Reviews

MDD Hosting is a boutique-style, fairly-priced, reliable web hosting business with beyond-this-world customer service, and I do not say this lightly!

Throughout the years, my concerns and technical issues (mostly self-induced) have systematically been answered and addressed within minutes. Not days, nor hours. Minutes!

I do not have any other account with any service provider of any kind that comes even close. This is the kind of service I strive to achieve myself with my own customers, and honestly fall short of.

Highly, highly recommended, at least from the perspective of a photography site owner, implying modest traffic and business needs.

I’m new with MMD. I chose them because of the good reviews regarding customer service. It’s my top priority need since I’m new with blogging and such, plus the fact that I’m not from USA so i figured i need a reliable tech support even without phone communication. I just resolved my first ever ticket to them, fast, and hassle-free. I think i did well choosing MDD.

Needed to switch hosting because of a GoDaddy buyout. Found mdd hosting as a recommendation in the forums. I had a couple issues trying to migrate my WordPress blog and put in tickets. They were answered amazingly fast with polite, professional, and correct information that led to me solving the issues. Excellent support, really glad I picked this company.

MDDhosting support (usually Eric) is ultra-fast, always competent and patient. No one could ask for more.

MDD support is always prompt, polite, and to the point. (Hosting is of course far superior to the four hosts I tried before… names not to be mentioned.) MDD is highly worthwhile in service and support. I aspire to the same in my company, and wish for (but do not usually acquire) as much from those with whom I deal.

Very good service. Been using their service for almost a year now. The support are very responsive and knowledgeable.

LIGHTNING FAST assistance!!! I made a mistake when setting up a VPS for a new website and the time it took from sending the message to the first response was only 1 minute. The entire issue was resolved in less than 5 minutes.

Unbelievable service and support. I'd recommend MDD to anyone in the market for hosting. What an amazing company!!!

Can't recommend this company highly enough. Every time I mess up a website or do something silly, they are there with great advice and things quickly get fixed. Not just Michael, who is awesome, but the whole support team always go the extra mile - I've been with them for years and will never go anywhere else for hosting.

They stayed with me and helped me solve a huge problem that was totally above and beyond. Turns out my previous provider had added some code to my site that would sabotage it if I moved it. MDD figured it out and solved it. Super pleased!

Great service. Good uptime.
MDD's level of attention to detail in their responses to tickets is second to none, they have a lot of knowledge and go the extra mile to figure out solutions, much more than you'd expect from any other host.
I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

I always had good service and I recommended you to anybody who needed this kind of service because your prices were good and you were reliable. I will continue to refer you as I was very impressed with your work ethic

Have switched different Hosting Provider's like HostGator, Bluehost, GoDaddy and finally Inmotionhosting Hosting. Everything common in these are high down times which they don't care to give us backup even if the issue was unexpected like server switched off issues etc. So I was fed up with all those as I host almost 30 sites and took Reseller everytime. Then My friend Deepu suggested to try MDDHosting. Intially I was reluctant to take as It was little bit high cost as well as small plans. But on November 2018 I decided to take MDDHosting Since they gave me 50% discount. And That was a life saver and life changer. I had 25 clients available as of that period. Almost 8 clients gone due to bad impression given by Inmotionhosting. But It's been 4 months or so. I added 6 more clients to my account and serving a really good service through this team. And Kudos to Support team Especially Eric & Michael who provided me with a quick replies and fixing so many issues I came across while Migration. Even better is the free SSL they are giving for each account. Most recommended if you are hosting some big traffic sites as well as to host sites which needs good speed. Kudos. Hope you can give us discounts regularly so that some Financial burden can be take care off. But Service wise they deserve it. And can't ask for more.. Super quick & Effective.

Always top-notch support, with timely responses based on your rating of ticket severity. Today's ticket for me was resolved in a matter of ~8 minutes.

Their service of course, is also top-notch.

I have been with MDD Hosting for a few weeks now and they have been very helpful to make sure all of my problems have been solved. Their responses to open tickets have been faster than both of my old hosting services and I could not be happier I made the switch to them. I’m 100% happy with this company.

An efficient, highly skilled and knowledgeable team of professionals. I could not have made a better move than when I decided to go with MDDHosting. My websites a super quick and MDD's support staff is awesome. Thanks guys!

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