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MDDHosting LLC

MDDHosting LLC



Phone: +1 (877) 412-4678

Address: 5231 E State Road 144
Mooresville, IN 46158
United States

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Providing high quality web hosting since 2007.

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MDDHosting LLC Customer Reviews

Fast response and knowledgeable staff. The servers are not overloaded like others and I'm quite happy with the service I paid for.

I've been with MDDHosting for over a month now, and I am completely satisfied. I haven't had any troubles, so I haven't tested the support yet (I consider that a good thing). When communicating with them before purchasing the webspace, I received prompt replies with every question. I would recommend this hosting company to anyone.

Since I have only good things to say I'll make it short... :) I would like to thank you personally for a great service.
I'm extremely pleased with your service. MDDHosting is not the first webhost I hosted with and I can say the support is one of the most important things to look at when selecting a webhost. I'm very impressed with the fast and professional support provided.
I'm also happy with the performance and reliability of the service. I was pleasantly surprised by the backup tools you provide which I did not expect at all.
I recommend MDDHosting with all my heart.

Thank you,
Udi Zisser

Great, quick customer service. No downtime experienced with our website or services. Really appreciate the seamless and consistent service!

MDDHosting has provided me with the service you wish a hosting company would give you but is so difficult to find.
I came to MDDHosting after having a very bad experience with another hosting company. After that, I scavenged the Internet for weeks looking for a hosting company and I am so glad I finally signed with MDDHosting.
The service and knowledge that Michael Denny provides is excellent. And you can take their words when they say “No overpricing”. For the base price of my chosen package, I am receiving in MDDHosting the priority service I had to pay for in another company.

Michael runs an excellent business at MDD, and support tickets are usually answered in 10 minutes or less.

They will help you with script installs and do it cheerfully.

I don't think I could say enough good about MDD. Michael and his crew and nothing short of top notch! I've had very few problems, but they've always been very on top of everything.

I saw once that there average response time was 7 minutes. I don't believe it. I've had as short of an immediate response to an email I sent and as long as 5 minutes.

I'm absolutely impressed with their level of professionalism and continuessly and seamlissly always upgrading their equipment. These people are going places with if they keep growing their business like they currently are.

Absolutely excellent. No problems with the server and the customer support is the best I've seen around. Would recommend to anyone looking for professional web hosting.

Fast, high-powered and great support, what can I say. They let you know exactly what they're doing server-wise and they've got a phone number on their website. Migrated my old 1&1 account over to them and the performance increase is insane. As such, I'm at this point responsible for another few accounts being on their system.

If I wanted referralmoney, I'd go with DreamHost, but these guys are the real deal, which means happy friends all around. As a previous reviewer said, load rarely goes over 1 (have seen it around 3 at times but the servers are all quad-core) so they definitely don't overload anything. The result : hosting you can rely on.

If they have problems, they fix them, and they do it very quickly.

Bottom line: awesome host.

Genial desde todos los puntos de vista, rapidez en los sever, perfecta asistencia que incluso excede las obligaciones de lo estrictamente profesional. No bromean cuando dicen que son un hosting profesional. Lo recomiendo a todos

Been with MDD Hosting for 4 months now and all I can say is the service is great ! My support tickets usually get answered in under 3 hours ... even at odd hours in the morning.
Also they do not overload their servers, been watching awhile and their average load is under 1.0 which is rare, compare to other hosts that are hovering between 3-10 ... and Dreamhost are in the 20-300 load !! Glad I moved away.

Before I start, let me say that I've been through the ringer, and dealt with a lot of hosts. A few decent, but most horrible. I was beginning to think the only way to have a good host would be to lease a server and run it myself.

I just recently moved over to MDDHosting, and immediately my script gave me trouble. Most hosts would either say sorry, you're on your own, or we'll gladly help for a fee. I set out to figure out the issue, and was unable to figure it out. The outlook was pretty grim. My last resort was support from the host.

I opened a live chat session, and was connected to Michael. He informed me that they don't officially support any scripts, but he'd be glad to try to help. We went through the entire documentation of the script, and also a handful of forum posts across the web, hopelessly searching for the issue. Eventually, I had to get the script's development team to help point out the issue, but to Michael's credit, he did everything he could to help.

So I thought I was out of the water. Nope.

Later that day I realized my login function wasn't working, along with other issues. Michael was again very helpful. This time, he was able to go beyond what I reported to him, and fix issues I didn't even know about before he mentioned them to me. He even went as far as to rebuild the modules needed for my script to be 100% positive the issue wasn't server-side only. In the end, we learned that many of the issues were related to permissions.

Us: 2, Script: 0. And of course, another issue was discovered.

By now, most hosts would have said, "this guy's an idiot", and told me to figure it out myself. Michael was still very helpful. Already I knew I had found a good host. This time, the issue at hand was totally undocumented. I decided it wasn't a key feature, and was willing to let it go. Michael didn't give up. He plowed through all of my heavily modded code, and found the issue to be a very well buried single line of code, referring to an incorrect path. It was this that showed me MDDHosting is more than a good host. They're great. Fantastic even.

Considering the fact that all of the issues turned out to be my fault, I am ecstatic that I found MDDHosting, and that Michael was happy to help. I've never, ever, ever seen a host even remotely as responsive and helpful as these guys. The best part is they NEVER EVEN THOUGHT TO ASK ME TO PAY FOR HELP! Every chat was answered within 30 seconds(literally!). I can't even imagine how you guys do it, but at any rate, what I'm really getting at here is this; THANK YOU!

(sorry to make you guys read a 10-page essay, but there were a lot of things to cover here.)

Just moved two sites over and the got the greatest support. I was really excited about the plans and really liked the semi-dedicated hosting service. Michael and team quickly responded to all my needs as I moved my site from my old provider. They helped me get my SQL Database get install and anticipated a few technical answers which saved me a lot of time as I transfered my sites.

Great value, great speed, great service!! Two thumbs up!!

I've had nothing but success when working with MDDHosting. Special requests have always come through quickly and gracefully. I almost considered not writing this review because I wanted them all to myself.

Sep 13, 2008

Our experience with MDD Hosting thus far has been exceptional. Michael Denney and his team have provided the best reseller support experience of any ISP or hosting company we've worked with to date. If your organization is looking for a new web hosting provider, we say run - not walk - to MDD hosting.

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