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MDDHosting LLC

MDDHosting LLC



Phone: +1 (877) 412-4678

Address: 5231 E State Road 144
Mooresville, IN 46158
United States

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Providing high quality web hosting since 2007.

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MDDHosting LLC Customer Reviews

I have been hosting with MDDHosting for about 4 months now and have tried several other hosts in the past 10 years. So I have had opportunity to compare their services with others. Just let me start by saying that they are not perfect and I doubt that you'll find a hosting service out their that does not have it's wrinkles they're ironing out. But they are enthusiastic, pro-active and passionate when it comes to helping you out. What matters most for me is that their servers respond quickly and persistently and their support is fast. When I click on my website or my customers websites its there...Bam! Or when I FTP it uploads in a flash. Or when I need help Michael or his team are there on time, every time to help you out.
They're ordinary people like you and me, but their service is extraordinary.

Keep it up Michael, you guys are raising the bar.

Very impressive service! Having recently had problems with my domains, I found MDDhosting's support staff very responsive and very helpful. I'm glad to say the problems were quickly resolved with their assistance. Thanks, MDD!

MDDHosting is the very first hosting company Ihave done business with and I would recommend this...

MDDHosting is the very first hosting company I
have done business with and I would recommend this company to anyone in a heartbeat. The customer service response is VERY fast and VERY friendly. I've never had any downtime on my site. If your looking for a reliable, friendly and quality server then go with MDDHosting.

You'll never regret to use MDDHosting's service. They do provide full support to their customers!

I'm pretty sure that MDD Hosting has already built up a reputation around here as being a good quality web host. The owner, Mike, really has his act together when it comes to running his little company and the high level of customer service is unlike anything I have ever seen with web hosting companies. I've been with MDD Hosting for about 4 monthsnow.

Setting up my account was a breeze. Filled out the forms, activated the account and I was able to access my cPanel in less than 10 minutes from signing up. After discovering a small mistake in the domain/package name, Mike took care of the problem in a couple of minutes after sending in the ticket.

MDD Hosting offers cPanel to handle your site behind the scenes, but if for some reason you can't manage to do something you can always feel free to send in a support ticket. Most of the time you will receive an answer in less then 15 minutes. The replies to these tickets feel personal and don't seem copy pasted ever. This is a small detail but makes the customer experience a little more personal, which is good. You'd be tempted to start a conversation with the guy through the ticketing system.

Most of the time you'll find that any problem you have is dealt with almost instantly. Should you have special requests, like I did when I needed a package renamed, Mike has no problem doing it for you. Do expect to pay a small fee for labor intensive work, but know that those fees are not set in stone. Mike is a reasonable guy and if you come up with a reasonable price for the work, it isn't hard to strike a deal with the guy.

Support system is top notch, best I've ever seen with a web host.

In the 4 months I've been with MDD Hosting little problems have come up. Not a single minute of unexplained downtime and connection speed to the server is super fast without fail.

There were a few instances where the servers were being DDOS'd but even when that happened it hardly affected the websites on it because of Mike's quick response in working together with the data-center to reroute the attack.

MDD Hosting is a great host. They are not the cheapest host around, but in return for a few extra bucks you can rest assure that your website is in good hands. Mike is a professional who I will happily host my website with for years to come.

Rating: 5/5

I've been hosting my site with MDDHosting fow about 7 months now, and I only have great word for them.
Since I moved my site there, it loads VERY fast, you can really notice the difference and that they really do not cram their servers.
Customer service is very fast, and always willing to help - specially for a newbie like me, who on top of that,doesn't speak English very well.
I have not experienced problems with MDDHosting, and the little time that my site went down, everything was handled with care and professionalism.
When I needed to move my site back then, I was looking for a hosting service that could provide good resources, performance and good help: and MDDHosting is just that, and more. I'm very happy with them.

I can't say enough positive things about MDDHosting! My server is fast, works great. You can get that with a lot of hosts I'm sure. But where MDDHosting REALLY stands out from the crowd is with customer service. I'm not exaggerating when I say that my tickets are responded to in many cases less than a minute after I submit them! How they do that? Ihave no idea, but keep it up and you'll have this customer for life! I HIGHLY recommend MDDHosting if you're currently with a host that doesn't treat you like they care about your business.

After trying a handfull of hosts for our main site, we were desperate to finally find a host that could simply keep our site up and running!. What we got was a host who not only could deliver this promise, but who also can accomodate the many demands we have on our (now) 6 sites on one of their VPS machines. I've never waited longer than a few minutes for tickets to be answered which were all the result of our requirements, not problems with the service, and on every ocassion they deal with us professionally, responsibly and efficently. Like many, I searched for a while to find a host that could live up to our own standards, and I'm glad we've finally found them - it will be a cold day in hell before I leave MDD Hosting!.

MDD is my 4th or 5th hosting company in the last three years. The hosts I've tried have ranged between absolute garbage and somewhat ok, but obviously they weren't great or I would still be with them.

I find the true test of a good host is not how good they are when things work, but rather how good they are when something goes wrong with your site, or when you ask for some assistance that's a little outside the scope of hosting companies. So far MDD has been excellent in both these regards. The service is prompt, polite, and extremely helpful. The one time I had some server issues, they worked with me to sort out the problem. And a few other times when I've treaded into territory where I am a complete rookie, they have guided me and given me assistance, and been patient beyond the point where I myself would have been patient.

I have only been with them for about 1/2 a year, but so far they have far outshone any other hosting company I have ever been with.

I was struggling to move my very busy shared hosting site to a reliable dedicated server or vps. The traffic and bandwidth usage were such that my hosting provider required me to move off the shared hosting platform. I took the plunge and acquired an unmanaged dedicated server, boy was I out of my depth! I was too afraid to go near the server incase I messed things up and managed help cost and arm and a leg. After questioning a number of other managed server suppliers I just wasn't happy with their responses then I came across MDDHosting. Michael (MDDHosting boss) didn't promise anything as the others had done but took a look at the dedicated server traffic logs before recommending a managed vps.

Since I moved (once again) to MDDHosting I haven't looked back and now Michael steps in to solve any problem I have. He even helped to sort out some of my script problems that really were nothing to do with hosting.

If you want a reliable hosting platform look long and hard at MDDHostinog as you could save yourself a lot of worry and money.

Exceptional hosting!

Everything is just perfect! I have experiences with many companys but MDDHosting is by far the best one. To sum up: outstanding Support (quality and response time) /// no single downtime until now /// fast servers for bigger websites /// very good prices.

Outstanding Company, Michael never ceased to amaze me with his knowledge and lightning fast replies to tickets or just general email.
Hands down, I'd put him at the top and the others strive to be as good as he and his company.

I have nothing but good things to say about MDDHosting, run meticulously by Michael.

I had issues with a previous host whose management seemed to have walked away leaving their tech suport to get on with it. The bad attitude of a "small" caring company left me flabbergasted and I started looking elsewhere.

On the Webaster forums I followed athread about a DDOS attack on the MDDHosting servers. Long story short, I thought if this guy went to so much trouble to be transparent and to do so much to make the problem go away for the site under attack, well, I should be OK with my basic needs.

Integrity is in short supply these days, but Michael is a top guy who doesnt shy away from his responsibilities. They transferred 4 sites as promised and I was good to go on what seemed like faster servers. All was well for several months. Then I had this weird issue where a wordpress blog refused to update and I seemed to be losing loads of work.

Another long story short, Michael traced the problem and to my astonishment, he found the site intact, and also explained (voluntarily) that he had made a mistake on the transfer and would take steps to ensure it never happened again. How can you not but admire that sort of person.

So, technically there seems to be no reason not to use these guys, and customer service is amazing and what you expect from an attentive smaller company.

I moved over to MDD Hosting a few months ago and everything has been fantastic. I have seen very little downtime and was always notified of scheduled maintenance or anything else that might affect my account.

The one thing that truly makes MDD Hosting stand out is the fantastic support. My support tickets are always answered within 30 minutes andin many cases were answered in under 5 minutes. I have even seen tickets fixed in 3 minutes from when I sent the ticket in.

If you are looking for a stable server, good price, and the best support, look no further than MDD Hosting.

I got everything set up much faster then my last host. The support gave me all the things I needed instantly via ticket. It was just a matter of minutes for every ticket I sent in to be replied. Will recommend to anyone :)

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