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MDDHosting LLC

MDDHosting LLC



Phone: +1 (877) 412-4678

Address: 5231 E State Road 144
Mooresville, IN 46158
United States

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Providing high quality web hosting since 2007.

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MDDHosting LLC Customer Reviews

Nov 30, 2010

Always fast...always professional++++++

I switched to MDD Hosting a couple of months back and feel it is sufficient time to give a quick review.
Previously I was for several years with a major registrar. While I did not have any real troubles with them, my small WP-based site was getting slower, and slower, ...and slower yet. Several phone calls did not accomplish anything. Finally, probably a year or two later than I should have, I started to look for another host. Long story short, on one of the forums I noticed a mention of MDD Hosting. It talked specifically about the speed and customer service.
So I switched. Bottom line - couldn't be happier! Plenty of personal attention from Mike (the owner) and his team when needed, complete assistance with the site transfer, even troubleshooting(!). And yes, speed! My YSlow grade went from a lousy "D" to a nice green "B". Probably 5 to 7 times faster load times...
Thank you goes to Mike and his techs. Hope this performance continues always :)

I have owned or administrated websites and discussion forums for over a decade. I've been with big hosting companies and small ones. For responsiveness, customer service and reliability MDDHosting is in a class of its own. This is how hosting is supposed to be done.

i was start dedicated server on calpop.com
and moved to bluehost.com
and, i recently found MDDhosting from some forum with google.

if you looking for great service. low price.
try MDD. you'll say oh my f****** god.

Very cheap, the most bang for your buck! I run a forum and their space and bandwidth is more than enough, and they also have amazing uptime. I haven't needed to use their support, but knowing MikeDVB around other forums, it is probably great. You won't be able to find anything as good for around $80!

We are very pleased with MDDHosting. We have had an account for multiple years and recently added a new one. They have always notified us when there is an issue. They always take the time to help educate us and work with us if we encounter a problem (rarely - and usually our mistake).

Can't ask for better customer service and much better overall support than the "big" provider we had before MDDHosting.

These guys at MDDHosting are fantastic!

I'm Very satisfied with the service MDDHosting is providing.

They do whatever it takes to help you out, and at this moment I'm glad I chose them.

I was with another hosting company, but lately after changing to new servers, everything went wrong. So I decided to look for a new host for my websites, and I found the name of MDDHosting on a forumabout hosting companies. So I decided to give it a shot, especially after reading reviews from other users. They were all positive about the services provided by this company.

A recent example is a website I made a long time ago and I was trying to get it to work on the new server of MDDHosting. Somehow errors kept showing up, so I decided to contact support. They explained exactly what they did, but I still couldn't see anything. And even when they don't give support for third party scripts, they took the time to take a look at it and tell me where to look for the error. I ended up finding out that a chat script needed to be re-installed on the new server to work properly.

So I'm really very satisfied at this moment, and I really hope they will keep it up this way.

I'm still working on other websites, and guess who my hosting company will be? :)

MDD provides great hosting and support. I'm a small customer, non tech-savvy customer, but they never make me feel like one. The only suggestion I would make is to add a brief message to the answering machine when the staff is occupied with resolving a crisis situation. This would be helpful when email is down. Next time I will know to check theMDD website directly for news.

I do recommend MDD hosting.

Fantastic service and support. Found no lag - been with them for a good 2 months now. Plan on upgrading to the next available plan once I grow out of my current one. Never ran into a problem with them.

I've used several hosts in the past, to host a variety of websites with differing requirements. I've learnt what poor, average and strong service really means, and also what is reasonable to expect from your host.

However, to say MDDhosting has surpassed these expectations would be understatement of the year. Imagine the following:

- no downtime
- super-fast site loading times
- first class support
- low prices

I genuinely cannot fault this host, it's been several months now and I don't have one complaint. Not only that, but Mike (the owner/manager) regularly goes over and above the call of duty.

Absolutely phenomenal host - highly recommend - we intend to stay here for life.

Sep 07, 2010

I simply cannot believe my luck by coming across MDD Hosting. Their support is the best I've ever experienced, always helpful, friendly and FAST!
Get rid of your mediocre host provider and sign up with MDD Hosting like I did, it will be the best move you've made.

I couldn't find the 6-star rating for these guys!

I have been with three hosts prior to signing up with MDDHosting, and there's simply not enough room here to list all the great experiences I've had. Their response time and helpful assistance to support tickets is UNPARALLELED!

I probably don't know as much as I should about the ins and outs of having a large website, but with MDDHosting by my side, I never worry about that anymore!

Truly special.

We have been hosted by MDDHosting for just over 3 months now. The support has been amazing and Mike and his staff have been very patient with all the questions and concerns we had. This is our first VPS and I had no experience in this area, however with MDDHosting we feel confident that our site is secure and safe which is our greatest concern.Their level of knowledge is exceptional. Keep up the great work!

I've only been with MDD Hosting for a couple weeks so I can't comment on long-term reliability. However, I wanted to add a review in order to help others who may be looking for a quality host.

Before moving to MDD Hosting, I was with another host for about 9 years. They started out great.... excellent support, very reliable, everything you could want. Unfortunately the company got sold after over 7 years of great service and things went down hill fast.

My first impressions of MDD Hosting reminded me VERY much of my old host before things went south. A look around their forum and reading other reviews will tell you that this is a hosting company with a "personal touch". It is not some huge, overgrown corporation where you essentially mean nothing to them.

I truly feel like I matter to MDD Hosting and that they are a company I can trust. While I am generally self-sufficient when it comes to configuring my site and solving problems, I know that some things DO require support in order to be fixed or changed. While I haven't come across a major problem yet, I am confident that they will do all they can to assist me.

One purpose of my own website is to sell software that I write in my spare time. I am often complimented on the level of support that I give to my customers and I take pride in that. It is something you generally only find in a small business and is a rarity in a large corporation. In the grand scheme of things, MDD Hosting is a small business and certain other hosting companies are most certainly large corporations. While you may save a buck or two by going with a large corporation, I doubt you will find the same kind of service and dedication that you will get from a small business.

While I wish Michael Denney at MDD Hosting all the best and continued success, I hope he never loses sight of the importance of quality service and support. I even inquired about this concern before signing with them and I felt assured that he won't.

In closing, I feel you can't go wrong with MDD Hosting. Look at their site and their packages. If they meet your needs, I'd say go for it. While I am certain there are other hosting companies out there just like MDD Hosting, they can be difficult to find. I feel lucky that I stumbled on some reviews and forums that pointed me to MDD Hosting.

First class service and support. Have been a customer for the last 2 years and have never had a issue with performance.

On the last two occasions I have required help support got back to me within 10mins!

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