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MDDHosting LLC

MDDHosting LLC



Phone: +1 (877) 412-4678

Address: 5231 E State Road 144
Mooresville, IN 46158
United States

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Providing high quality web hosting since 2007.

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MDDHosting LLC Customer Reviews

I just moved over a few family web sites (Wordpress) from Bluehost. The family instantly saw the speed increase.

MDDHosting has an updated cPanel interface, which supports SNI. This meant that I didn't have to pay $100/year for a fixed IP address just because I wanted my login page secure. All my websites are on HTTPS now and I didn't have to pay any extra.

Their support team was nice, they quickly gave me SSH access to the server so I can easily do the migrations.

Michael and the staff at mddhosting quickly respond to any information requests.

Their pricing is excellent for what I'm getting for my money. Highly recommend you trying them if you are considering a new domain hosting company.

What a difference in the speed of the website. Excellent customer service and follow thorough. Would highly recommend MDDHosting. Thank you!

Sep 05, 2016

excellent fast response, thanks

I previously used the ultra horrible Bluhost, but after many hours of very bad customer service, and reps who only could use their script for assistance, it was time to look for a new hosting company.

I did some research and found that MDDHosting, LLC was highly rated. I decided to sign up with them.

I can honestly say that the customer service is exquisite! The response time is fast and thorough, and the techs went above and beyond assisting me when my site transfer hit a snag. They had it fixed in a minute.

The site is always up and available (Bluhost was down daily) and I have not had any downtime since switching.

I am so very pleased that I moved my business site. It was a great decision.

The staff at MDDHosting have been very professional and helpful, even when asked for help with questions not directly related to to hosting.

The reliability and uptime of their service has been 100%. Whilst they may not be the cheapest service available, this is offset by the speed of the servers, the fantastic customer service whether it is a billing or technical query.

I would recommend MDDHosting, you won't regret it.

In case any one is wondering I wasn't asked or promised anything by MDDHosting.

I have been using MDDHosting for around 2 years now and they never stop surprising me with their competent support personell, friendly attitude and reliable service.

Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to host a website or small application.

I have been using MDDHosting for 3 months now and have had NO Issues!!! This is more than I can say where I was for the last year. Michael Denney answered all my questions and made me very comfortable to make the choice to switch over. I had been investigating several other web hosting sites and saw nothing but positive reviews for MDDHosting. Once I made the decision, with the help of Michael Denney, my emails and website was moved over and up and running in less than an hour! Very smooth transition! I have recommended them to several people already! 2 Thumbs Up!

I've been with MDDHosting for almost 7 years. I'm not an expert on connections but I've never seen any downtime and they are very good about sending communication emails about happenings going on. I sent in a support ticket today and first answer I got was within minutes, the second answer I got was within seconds and this is not unusual, just impressive. They are EXCELLENT when it comes to providing technical support and helping their customers. I am extremely satisfied to have been with them for so long.

They answer support tickets really quickly, before you even hit SEND! :)

There's a chat window as well... and it's all included in the service.

I have been with MDD Hosting for about 2 going on close to 3 years now. From the beginning, they have been VERY responsive and transparent from business practices to tech support.

This is not a good comparison, but having worked with questionable support from 1and1 and contrast it with mdd hosting - ok, sure, not a fair comparison.

1and1 is a 99cent store... mddhosting is nordstroms. attention to detail and customer service is top notch.

I use mddhosting for website and (really work it on the spam detail) spam/email services. I had considered and previously used subscription spam services. with mddhosting, their basic default email services are impeccable!

based on returnpath's sendscore rating of the ips they use (as of 8/2016), they rank 96!! compare this with mailchimp's sendscore of 92... or even google apps (paid service) of 97... even a highend esp i have used ranking at 97, that's impressive of mddhosting's quality to spam free in and out of their mass inbox.

I have consistently since 2014 been testing their send ips against blacklists (mxtoolbox.com), and they have been clean every time I have checked (~6x a quarter).

website services are consistently up and even when down, only for a few mins (for updates, fixes, etc.)... i use their free scripts to help me track support tickets for my business as well... EXCELLENT.

keep the A++ quality up!!

MDDHosting is the more reliable, most professional hosting company I have used in my 17 years of have a website.
Tech support is exceptional - quick, helpful, transparent.
Hosting services are exceptionally fast and reliable.
I've been with MDDHosting 4 years ... and continuing!

We have had the gracious honor to be web-hosted through MDD for many years now. The open sources allows us to do just about anything we wish to accomplish on our own with the amazing customer support and very little downtime with any of the projects we deem fit. It is not often you find a really good web-hosting company that is customer driven and focuses on how to re-solve issues in a timely manner and provide such a great knowledge base from which to work from.

5 Years on and still very happy.

I first chose MDD in 2011 after reading good reviews. I had been running a free hosted forum at the time and it was time to go it alone. It was a daunting task to find a host I could trust for someone like me with no knowledge of hosting and to be honest I almost gave up. It was my first contact with MDD that gave me the confidence to go ahead as they answered my questions very quickly and made me feel at ease.

Since my time with them I have used the ticket system, sometimes for what ended up being simple questions but they have always responded in very helpful way that I can understand. On the odd occasion I have not been able to understand the answer they have stuck with me till my questions have been resolved, I particularly like the friendliness of the staff and Mike has built up a good team without loosing the personal touch.

I've recently purchased an additional year as I have no reason to look anywhere else. Yes I'm told there are cheaper options, but by what I have read and heard those cheaper options wouldn't give me the service I get from MDD. MDD always keep their customers in the loop with honesty about any problems that may arise and the ticket system is incredible, this gives me peace of mind and I can sleep at night knowing they will always be there for me should I have a problem.

I'm just starting my sixth year with MDD and I have that much confidence in them that I have taken advantage of one of their recent existing customer offers that I have added enough funds for year 7

psoriasisclub.org is happily hosted with MDD

I have been with MDD for over 2 years now after leaving HG. I first took over 1 site to see if they were as good as I was led to believe. Now I have all 3 with them.
All along they have provided exceptional service for any problems or questions that I had. By that I mean, prompt and to the point.
Up time and speeds have been also real good. With one exception- which they addressed by upgrading all their servers and systems to ones that can deal with a lot more growth (that's what we were told).

Would highly recommend.

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