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MDDHosting LLC

MDDHosting LLC



Phone: +1 (877) 412-4678

Address: 5231 E State Road 144
Mooresville, IN 46158
United States

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Providing high quality web hosting since 2007.

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MDDHosting LLC Customer Reviews

MDDHosting is the more reliable, most professional hosting company I have used in my 17 years of have a website.
Tech support is exceptional - quick, helpful, transparent.
Hosting services are exceptionally fast and reliable.
I've been with MDDHosting 4 years ... and continuing!

We have had the gracious honor to be web-hosted through MDD for many years now. The open sources allows us to do just about anything we wish to accomplish on our own with the amazing customer support and very little downtime with any of the projects we deem fit. It is not often you find a really good web-hosting company that is customer driven and focuses on how to re-solve issues in a timely manner and provide such a great knowledge base from which to work from.

5 Years on and still very happy.

I first chose MDD in 2011 after reading good reviews. I had been running a free hosted forum at the time and it was time to go it alone. It was a daunting task to find a host I could trust for someone like me with no knowledge of hosting and to be honest I almost gave up. It was my first contact with MDD that gave me the confidence to go ahead as they answered my questions very quickly and made me feel at ease.

Since my time with them I have used the ticket system, sometimes for what ended up being simple questions but they have always responded in very helpful way that I can understand. On the odd occasion I have not been able to understand the answer they have stuck with me till my questions have been resolved, I particularly like the friendliness of the staff and Mike has built up a good team without loosing the personal touch.

I've recently purchased an additional year as I have no reason to look anywhere else. Yes I'm told there are cheaper options, but by what I have read and heard those cheaper options wouldn't give me the service I get from MDD. MDD always keep their customers in the loop with honesty about any problems that may arise and the ticket system is incredible, this gives me peace of mind and I can sleep at night knowing they will always be there for me should I have a problem.

I'm just starting my sixth year with MDD and I have that much confidence in them that I have taken advantage of one of their recent existing customer offers that I have added enough funds for year 7

psoriasisclub.org is happily hosted with MDD

I have been with MDD for over 2 years now after leaving HG. I first took over 1 site to see if they were as good as I was led to believe. Now I have all 3 with them.
All along they have provided exceptional service for any problems or questions that I had. By that I mean, prompt and to the point.
Up time and speeds have been also real good. With one exception- which they addressed by upgrading all their servers and systems to ones that can deal with a lot more growth (that's what we were told).

Would highly recommend.

Great service. Reasonable prices. Support tickets are responded to in minutes, by intelligent, knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend.

I host multiple websites, so finding a solid Hosting provider was an absolute must.

I came to MDD from arvixe. Arvixe’s hosting service degraded to the point where we lost major search rankings because of constant down time and slow loading speeds. We could no longer use them for ourselves and our clients. I did a lot of research and MDD seemed to be the way to go.

As I’m writing this I’ve been with MDD for about 11 months, and getting ready to renew my services here.

It’s the absolute best hosting provider that I have been with. Websites load very fast and the support here is very impressive. Support tickets are answered within minutes, always! it’s obvious that they are dedicated to supporting their customers.

I have never, ever experienced downtime during my 11 month stay at MDD - which is a huge deal on the part of MDD.

I have just one request; that MDD maintains their high performance standards and commitment to support.

Thank you,

Eugene Yeboah

www.MyWebsiteCreated.com | Small Business Web Design & Marketing

Excellent follow up and great Customer Service. Answered all questions in a prompt manner. A+

I've been a loyal customer for about two years. MDD Hosting provides excellent customer support and value for the services I receive!

Jan 08, 2012

Solid Hosting, Great Support

Been hosting w/ them for a little over a year now. Very fast and consistent server speeds. Quick responses on support. They handled the transfer from the previous host.

Happy Novice

I've been using MDD Hosting since 6/30/11. I'm a complete beginner/novice, but have finally published my website. It took me 3 months just to get an "under construction" page up. I have found MDD to be a great host and resource to me.

I subscribed to their service after doing my diligence, and reading their many positive reviews across the web.I've found it fairly simple to use their services. When I hit a bump, I can check their forum or tutorials. I have even received emails from time to time offering assistance and the opportunity to get discounted services.

I'm glad I did my homework, because now I don't need to look any further than MDD.

Unfailingly dependable.

For over a decade, my wife and I have run websites for two businesses and a non-profit organization, using many of the big time hosting companies, including both iPower and GoDaddy. Over the years, we became very familiar with many variations of the theme, "our technicians are working on the servers and they should be back up within the hour." We never were able to talk to the technicians themselves about specific server problems, yet sometimes when our e-mail servers would be out for days, we'd still get advertisements from our hosts about the great deals and service they were offering.

Eventually, we stumbled on MDDHosting on a technical web hosting site, and signed up for a trial basis, thinking that anything was better than what we were used to experiencing.

We can happily report that service at MDDHosting is in a different world than the big gun hosters. We can phone or e-mail in our questions and get a response from someone who actually knows his stuff and provides detailed specific answers to our questions.

Happily, there has also been NO downtime since we started service. In contrast, during the month prior to establishing service with MDD, our servers were down nearly every 4th day with iPower.

We gladly recommend MDD without reservation based on their service, equipment, and style of customer service. And all that is before mentioning value. If you are fortunate enough to get one of their coupons, as we were, the price for all of this is actually better than the discount big gun hosting services.

James in Maine

Dec 06, 2011

Excellent Service for My Clients and for Me.

I have been hosting my client's site and my own for over two years. The web site are always online and the performance has been great. MDD communicates regularly with their clients. I have been very pleased with Mike's support. He is always available when I need him, which isn't often any more as my experience with hosting services has grown. I highly recommend MDD Hosting Services.

Dec 03, 2011

MDDHosting the Real Deal!

If you're looking for great hosting at a great price with customer service that will blow you away, these are the guys. I've been looking for hosting for years now, and I've finally found a company that is customer-driven and committed to exceeding their customer's expectations.

Quick Response

I have Basic Hosting service with these guys and I cannot be happier with their response time when submitting a support ticket. They are on the ball 24/7.

Keep on with the good work!!!

Oct 06, 2011

Superior hosting for PHP shopping cart

We ended up at MDD after two other hosts failed to live up to minimum expectations. We researched shared hosting plans carefully when faced with moving our PHP e-commerce site for a third time, and that research led us to MDD. Uptime has been 100% for the three months that we've been there, and the server is always fast and stable.

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