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MDDHosting LLC

MDDHosting LLC



Phone: +1 (877) 412-4678

Address: 5231 E State Road 144
Mooresville, IN 46158
United States

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Providing high quality web hosting since 2007.

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Best support service
I love them

MDDHosting LLC Oct 14, 2016

Thank you for the kind words Hoa!

I have only been with MDD Hosting for a few weeks; but so far, I am very impressed with their organization. The reliability, performance, and standards compliance of their servers is the best I have yet seen; and their support is top notch. 4.5 out of 5 stars. If it continues for a few more months, I'll upgrade to 5/5. And that's saying something, because I've worked with many hosting providers, and I'm not easily impressed. Thanks for bringing me a desperately-needed relief, MDD Hosting! --Mack

MDDHosting LLC Oct 14, 2016

We appreciate the feedback! Don't hesitate to get in touch should you ever need anything.

Launched my first site in 1999 and now manage 14 sites. Found MDDHosting by accident four years ago after being driven mad by other outfits.
Will never leave MDDHosting. They are exceptionally responsive to support requests. Their service sets the standard for reliable. Their Denver-based data center is superb and fast.
I particularly respect MDDHosting's transparency. When the rare service blip comes along, they explain the occurrence in detail and steps taken to correct.
Having tried all the big names, I assure you that MDDHosting is outstanding ... the best in my book.

MDDHosting LLC Oct 14, 2016

Hello David! While we do our best to prevent issues from happening we'll always keep our clients as informed as we can possible when an issue does arise. Thank you for taking the time to write this review.

It seems like I have hit a brick wall with Tim M. #837371

Michael Denney and Eric Ramsey have tried to be helpful at least.

I was only asking for Advice.

Could be that Tim M. is a manager who is rigidly holding to the MDDHosting policy. If so then MDDHosting is not as good as reviews that I red before moving over from SITE5.

MDDHosting LLC Oct 14, 2016

I am sorry that you feel the issue wasn't handled properly.

I looked and we did work out your issues in that ticket in a timely fashion and proper advice was given quickly.

At the end of the day seeing PHP Notices in the 'error_log' file is normal / common unless you disable writing E_Notice or disable the error_log entirely. Your former provider may have had e_notice disabled or may had error_logging off by default.

I was previously hosted by a different company based in the UK. although the site was similar to MDDHosting there were some issues of the ease of use. With the old host I was expected to know and do most of the initial set up of my site and some of the problems that came up. I am not tech savvy and had trouble with this and not a lot of help from support. With MDDHosting they helped me set up, took care of any issues that I had, and responded to any support tickets within 15 minutes. I would HIGHLY recommend MDDHosting to anyone.

Fast response, fast fix, fast answers. Can't ask for more than that.

MDDHosting LLC Oct 14, 2016

We do our best to provide the best service and support we can! If you ever need anything at all do please let us know. Thanks!

I just moved over a few family web sites (Wordpress) from Bluehost. The family instantly saw the speed increase.

MDDHosting has an updated cPanel interface, which supports SNI. This meant that I didn't have to pay $100/year for a fixed IP address just because I wanted my login page secure. All my websites are on HTTPS now and I didn't have to pay any extra.

Their support team was nice, they quickly gave me SSH access to the server so I can easily do the migrations.

Michael and the staff at mddhosting quickly respond to any information requests.

Their pricing is excellent for what I'm getting for my money. Highly recommend you trying them if you are considering a new domain hosting company.

What a difference in the speed of the website. Excellent customer service and follow thorough. Would highly recommend MDDHosting. Thank you!

Sep 05, 2016

excellent fast response, thanks

I previously used the ultra horrible Bluhost, but after many hours of very bad customer service, and reps who only could use their script for assistance, it was time to look for a new hosting company.

I did some research and found that MDDHosting, LLC was highly rated. I decided to sign up with them.

I can honestly say that the customer service is exquisite! The response time is fast and thorough, and the techs went above and beyond assisting me when my site transfer hit a snag. They had it fixed in a minute.

The site is always up and available (Bluhost was down daily) and I have not had any downtime since switching.

I am so very pleased that I moved my business site. It was a great decision.

The staff at MDDHosting have been very professional and helpful, even when asked for help with questions not directly related to to hosting.

The reliability and uptime of their service has been 100%. Whilst they may not be the cheapest service available, this is offset by the speed of the servers, the fantastic customer service whether it is a billing or technical query.

I would recommend MDDHosting, you won't regret it.

In case any one is wondering I wasn't asked or promised anything by MDDHosting.

I have been using MDDHosting for around 2 years now and they never stop surprising me with their competent support personell, friendly attitude and reliable service.

Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to host a website or small application.

I have been using MDDHosting for 3 months now and have had NO Issues!!! This is more than I can say where I was for the last year. Michael Denney answered all my questions and made me very comfortable to make the choice to switch over. I had been investigating several other web hosting sites and saw nothing but positive reviews for MDDHosting. Once I made the decision, with the help of Michael Denney, my emails and website was moved over and up and running in less than an hour! Very smooth transition! I have recommended them to several people already! 2 Thumbs Up!

I've been with MDDHosting for almost 7 years. I'm not an expert on connections but I've never seen any downtime and they are very good about sending communication emails about happenings going on. I sent in a support ticket today and first answer I got was within minutes, the second answer I got was within seconds and this is not unusual, just impressive. They are EXCELLENT when it comes to providing technical support and helping their customers. I am extremely satisfied to have been with them for so long.

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