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MDDHosting LLC

MDDHosting LLC



Phone: +1 (877) 412-4678

Address: 5231 E State Road 144
Mooresville, IN 46158
United States

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Providing high quality web hosting since 2007.

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MDDHosting LLC Customer Reviews

I have been with MDD Hosting for about 2 going on close to 3 years now. From the beginning, they have been VERY responsive and transparent from business practices to tech support.

This is not a good comparison, but having worked with questionable support from 1and1 and contrast it with mdd hosting - ok, sure, not a fair comparison.

1and1 is a 99cent store... mddhosting is nordstroms. attention to detail and customer service is top notch.

I use mddhosting for website and (really work it on the spam detail) spam/email services. I had considered and previously used subscription spam services. with mddhosting, their basic default email services are impeccable!

based on returnpath's sendscore rating of the ips they use (as of 8/2016), they rank 96!! compare this with mailchimp's sendscore of 92... or even google apps (paid service) of 97... even a highend esp i have used ranking at 97, that's impressive of mddhosting's quality to spam free in and out of their mass inbox.

I have consistently since 2014 been testing their send ips against blacklists (mxtoolbox.com), and they have been clean every time I have checked (~6x a quarter).

website services are consistently up and even when down, only for a few mins (for updates, fixes, etc.)... i use their free scripts to help me track support tickets for my business as well... EXCELLENT.

keep the A++ quality up!!

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