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Phone: +1 (855) 275-8075

Address: 1523 132nd ST SE STE C-511
Everett, WA 98208
United States

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MightWeb empowers your vision. We offer a stable, fast and affordable platform catered to your needs, whether you are an individual or a company - a blogger, or a large social network.

We pride ourselves in excellent service, great performance, at competitive pricing.

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Great support.
The team, Marcus always very friendly and responded quickly :).
Marcus seems that he never sleeps the always online chatting and answering tickets.
The best Host.

Jun 02, 2016

System is reliable and very fast.

If we have more rating stars it would be


Excellent support by MightWeb!!!!!

ALWAYS going beyond on support. System is reliable and very fast. Best decision I've made was to switch to MightWeb!

I am very satisfied with the overall quality of MightWeb. And extremely happy with support as well. I have been around hosting for 20 years and it is my passion. I am no genius, but I know my way around cPanel pretty good, and can do command line when necessary.

Being a night owl, I tend to ask questions/open tickets very late at night. I do not expect any response until at least the next day (unless an emergency) and each time have received cogent, correct and friendly responses in a very short time. No canned responses here.

I have dealt with Marcus and Greg, and s well as offering excellent support, they seem like people I would enjoy meeting in person.

If you are on the fence about hosting, let this review tip you towards MightWeb. I think you will like them.


If you are running a hosting business you need to consider this hosting, the server is fast & stable. On top of that the support is just amazing. As if Marcus never sleep everytime I open support ticket he always answer within a few minutes. Wish all the best to this great hosting

Had a really, really bizarre problem logging into WHM and cPanel. It lasted for hours and there was no obvious cause for the login failures. It magically cleared up on its own but Marcus stuck with me and didn't give up trying to debug/resolve even though it was pretty certain the problem wasn't on the server end. Great customer support from these guys.

Awesome service and support. I'm used to a 6+ hour delay between support communications at my old host and was very pleasantly surprised at the almost immediate response to a ticket. A resolution to my weird problem was very quick.

I'll make it short and sweet.

I've been a customer for a few months and the quality of service for the price I pay is phenomenal. I'd normally expect to pay way more for such responsive and intelligent support. The servers are fast and reliable. I'm so happy I switched to Mightweb.

Excellent host with an awesome support team. I can recommend them for the support alone (if not for excellent pricing, fast performance or reliable service). Will recommend these guys any day. Good job Marcus and Mike.

I had a request when I created the account and it was resolved very quickly.

I am a hosting reseller and recently decided to transfer away from a Hostgator, who at one point was a rock solid provider but in recent months had degraded in terms of both server performance and customer support. After reading dozens of reviews on webhostingtalk.com and talking with a few hosts, I decided to give Mightweb a try.

The transfer went very smoothly, and Mightweb handled the bulk of migrating my cpanel accounts. There were a few hiccups along the way, such as rooting out a bunch of .htaccess files that were conflicting with Mightweb's configuration but once that was figured out it was easy enough to go in and delete those now extraneous files.

As an aside, if you are moving from Hostgator, we ran into a problem while backing up the main reseller account. Despite making a "full" backup in cpanel, it did not actually include anything in the public_html folder (databases, any folder other than public_html got archived as you'd expect). The culprit turned out to be the "cpbackup-exclude.conf" file which was in my home directory. While I had never touched this file prior to migration, it had my "public_html" folder listed as an exclusion. That, obviously, is less than ideal when backing up one's site! Just something to keep in mind if you are a current Hostgator customer thinking of a move. You might not be getting the full backup you expect.

Moving on (not to make this into a Hostgator review), Marcus of Mightweb was an enormous help during migration, quickly answering questions helping to troubleshoot problems as they came up. His communication and technical skills were excellent. Really, this is the kind of support I have found to be very rare in this business especially from a host with very reasonably priced plans. Normally "you get what you pay for" in terms of customer support but in this case I feel like I made out like a bandit.

In terms of server performance, it really has been night and day. During the last days of my experience with Hostgator, just interfacing with WHM, Cpanel, and WHMCS had become a real chore with sluggishness experienced in any application that interfaced with a database. Now with Mightweb, I feel like I am working on a finely tuned server where I am the only account they have! Super-quick and stable, it really makes me regret not switching sooner. I have yet to dig into the differences between Hostgator's MySQL databases and Mightweb's MariaDB backend, but at least anecdotal evidence, it seems like a large increase in performance, as advertised.

If Mightweb can grow while maintaining their current standards I will most certainly be sticking with them for a very long time, and at least based on about a week of experience, I can highly recommend their services.

After reading some positive comments here and on the Webhostingtalk forum I decided to move our website to Mightweb, and got the Enterprise package. I was looking for better customer service, better spam blocking and better performance including higher resource usage limits.

I'm really happy with the performance and service provided by Mightweb. Our website was not the easiest to migrate and needed some tweaking which was quickly dealt with by technical support (thanks Marcus!) even beyond what you can normally expect from a hosting company.

All is running great, we see much faster performance and much less spam. Customer service is almost instant, especially via Chat while Tickets are quickly dealt with. Never had to wait longer than 30 minutes. And all of that at a great price to boot!

All in all a great hosting company. Highly recommend!

Recently migrated over to MightWeb and couldn't be happier. Thanks to the MightWeb team the migration went off without a hiccup! Very aggressive pricing, tremendous service & support. Would not hesitate to recommend!

Marcus and Mike are great! This is some of the best support I have ever received.

Thanks guys!

MightWeb was exactly what i was looking for in a host. I'd been using a different (super large company) for the last several years, but didn't feel i was getting the performance or attention I wanted. MightWeb has all the latest performance aspects i was looking for: LiteSpeed server, CloudLinux, MariaDB, and hosted on SSD's.. all of that for an incredibly affordable price. The icing on the cake was the technical support. Marcus at MightWeb was extremely helpful and kind. He was ready for a live chat anytime and never seemed rushed. He ended feeling more like a personal friend than a company. GREAT customer service. Looking forward to a long term relationship with MightWeb.

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