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WebSound are fully dedicated to providing high quality services for our clients at affordable prices.

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I recently moved over from my other host for my server and I must say that the prices are quite nice, as well as the occasional discount to further my statement. My only qualm to keep it from a 5 is I can't see much difference from my former host in the NL as where I am American, and hosting in Canada whilst I am still an American. It's odd.

What service(s) is your review related to? Minecraft Servers

WebSound Feb 26, 2017

Hi Elias,

We're glad to hear you're happy with the services we provide at WebSound! I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to in the last section of your review, but I would recommend contacting our Technical Department so we can have a look into it for you, I'm confident we could turn this into a five star review!


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