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WebSound is a specialist in offering affordable, reliable hosting solutions. We offer a range of different services including Web and Reseller Hosting Solutions, Minecraft Servers, Virtual Private Servers and Domain Names.

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WebSound Customer Reviews

I think WebSound has done a overall awesome job in the business we have done so far, maximum up-time etc. Everyone should use those guys for any kind of Services that they need! ^^

What service(s) is your review related to? Minecraft Server Hosting

WebSound Apr 13, 2017

Thank you for your review, we're glad to hear that you're happy with the services we provide and look forward to continuing to provide you with the services that suit your needs!

I recently moved over from my other host for my server and I must say that the prices are quite nice, as well as the occasional discount to further my statement. My only qualm to keep it from a 5 is I can't see much difference from my former host in the NL as where I am American, and hosting in Canada whilst I am still an American. It's odd.

What service(s) is your review related to? Minecraft Servers

WebSound Feb 26, 2017

Hi Elias,

We're glad to hear you're happy with the services we provide at WebSound! I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to in the last section of your review, but I would recommend contacting our Technical Department so we can have a look into it for you, I'm confident we could turn this into a five star review!


WebSound has been great so far. Their VPSes are affordable and the service quality is excellent. VMs are performant and are often CPU-provisioned in an interesting manner - I have a one-CPU server that's provisioned as four cores, each allowed 25% CPU time (0.25 CPU each.) For the workloads I've got deployed, this is more performant than allocating one full core.

In 16 months I've only ever had a single issue that was quickly resolved.

I primarily run node.js-based web applications and a private VPN system for connecting friends' systems into a secondary LAN layer.

What service(s) is your review related to? Virtual Private Server

No comments. I have tried around 10 host services and this is the best so far ! I can`t complain about absolutely nothing ! No lag. Uptime 100%. They changed their servers and let me run my old server(For anuncing my players that we`ve changed our ip) for one week totally free while I have got an another server with a few days bonus !
What I have bought so far ?
5 Minecraft servers.
What do I want to buy now?
3 more servers, one domain and a web host.

The support is very very friendly and helps you with absolutely anything, I swear !

What service(s) is your review related to? Minecraft

I've been using websound for about 3-4 years on different occasions, and as a plugin developer and server manager it has amazing service and if any problems occur they're prompt to fix it and inform you of so. Great customer service, awesome prices, and just amazing overall company

What service(s) is your review related to? Minecraft Servers

Jul 24, 2016

Service is very good, and the team work more wonderful , more something I like , high performance and great speed in reply, didnt I face any problem with this company.

What service(s) is your review related to? http://www.mohamedibnabdulfatah.com/

I just wanted to tell you guys you are my favorite host I've ever had. You always help me out when I need it, your support is amazing and fast, and you guys are also very cheap on your hosting prices.

I've recommended you guys to every single one of my friends who have asked me where they should host a server.

Everyone here is the best! I love you guys.

What service(s) is your review related to? Minecraft Server

Everything went well with Minecraft Server with my little knowledge as it's son that plays and the help of tech support was all set up in a night ready and it's rock solid.

Will use for TeamSpeak server in future.

What service(s) is your review related to? Minecraft Server


Fantastic Service... Moved all my sites to websound now.. these guys have been amazing, and the service is fantastic.

Speed is much better than my last host, as is the service.

What service(s) is your review related to? reseller hosting

Everything is good. only need a free upgrade my RAM
We wish to see a new location in Hong Kong or Asia may be its location

What service(s) is your review related to? upgrade

Great service!! 99.999..% uptime (down for maintenance rarely) and great speeds!! Always loved the service from my 1st server! Thanks Websound for the great service.

What service(s) is your review related to? Minecraft Server / Website Hosting / Domain / Teamspeak 3

Excellent performance, excellent support, all around amazing!

What service(s) is your review related to? Minecraft server

I needed a cheap, yet powerful way to host my Minecraft, and website servers. I have tried other companies, but they really didn't compare to WebSound - WebSound has a quick, and helpful staff ready to support you with any problems regarding your service, and on top of that, their hardware is powerful yet cheap at the same time! I currently refuse to switch to any other host because of the reasons above!

What service(s) is your review related to? Web Hosting, Minecraft Server Hosting

I've been with WebSound for a couple of months hosting a Minecraft server. It's fair to say I did a considerable amount of research/comparison of service vs price, and WebSound couldn't be matched on price, review or service by it's reputable competitors.

I had not had experience setting up a Minecraft server before, but the ease of use of WebSound's service was so good that I did not need to ask WebSound's customer service department for support, although their knowledge base does state that they are more than willing to help with this. I was able to setup my own Attack of the B Team Server without requiring support.

Since using their 2GB Minecraft server service, I have suffered zero down-time and the capacity has held up well to the small number of active players I have on the server.

I recently logged a support ticket on a Sunday evening just to ask some advice, and I received a response from a real person within 16 minutes on that Sunday night, resolving my query satisfactorily.

The quality of the automated emails is high and at an appropriate level and relevance. I certainly don't get spammed. Emails relating to next monthly payment give me confidence that they respect me as a paying customer.

I highly recommend WebSound for their Minecraft server services.

I've been with WebSound for 2x months; I'm really pleased with the service. I'm new to Minecraft game hosting, so it's a miracle I got my AOTBT server up and running without requiring any support from you guys. You must have got the right tools in place to help me. Thank you. Really pleased with the pricing point - you undercut all the reputable services I have looked at.

What service(s) is your review related to? Mineraft server hosting

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