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Back Office Betties

Back Office Betties



Phone: +1 (800) 958-8591

Address: 7047 E Greenway Pkwy
Suite 250

Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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Back Office Betties Virtual Receptionists are the voice of small businesses across the US and Canada.

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Back Office Betties Customer Reviews

I own a home service company and have been using The Back Office Betties for around a year or so. This is the 3rd call center that I have used in the last many years.

I have to say that The Betties are one of the premiere call centers out there right now, especially for home service businesses.

One quality that stands out for me is their ability to adapt to the various businesses out there. They have no issues running various softwares that I have tested out.

The real way to tell how they are doing is what my customers are saying. My customers tell me all the time how they did a great job on the phone. The last call center I used prior to The Betties, (mainly because they were cheap) got me a lot of complaints and started to really suffer in quality. That has never been a concern here and I know that The Betties are very big on quality control.

To The Betties.. Emily, Sean and Ashley.. THANK YOU! You all have been a real joy to work with and appreciate the quality service you have provided.

I know it's hard to find a good company to answer the phones, trust me I have looked and The Back Office Betties is by far the best Call Center operation on the planet now.. hands down. Their personal touch makes my customers feel they are welcomed and well taken care of. I cannot recommend These folks enough and the price is about what you would expect for a quality service.

It's a no brainer to sign up with The Back Office Betties, they are just that good.

Thank You!

Back Office Betties May 25, 2016


We are honored that you've taken the time to provide us feedback and also honored to serve you!

So far I have had amazing customer service! And they are very detail-oriented taking extra care to determine my business needs, but with easy setup! I am excited to start this new journey with Back Office Betties!

Back Office Betties Dec 11, 2016

Thank you Savannah! We are honored to have the opportunity to delight your callers.

I love Back Office Betties!
They do a great job screening calls, taking messages, setting up appointments and forwarding messages to the right people. They will call you to clarify things if they are not sure.
I have received a lot of compliments about our "office people" (which are the Betties) - very professional.
It is way more affordable use them than to having a person in the office answering the phone.
Even when there is a question or a hiccup - they are always professional and handle the situation promptly.
I highly recommend.
Jared Mokofisi
The Roof Medics

Back Office Betties Aug 25, 2016

Thank you for the kind words. It's our pleasure to serve you!

The Betties truly are a team of superstars!!

We have been using their service for about a year now and we couldn't be happier.

Far more cost effective and far more capabilities than when we had a full-time on-premise receptionist.

They are very flexible and you can customize your reception services to suit your business needs.

Keep up the great work!

Back Office Betties Jun 16, 2016

Thank you Chris! We enjoy serving you!

I have been using the Betties for over a year now. They have done an amazing job making sure the integration of our services is seamless. We have had great success capturing leads, scheduling service and avoiding unsolicited marketing calls, and as a result, our business has grown. There is no replacement for a voice answering the phone for you. If you're in the service industry, a voice mail is a lost sale.

Thanks Betties!

Back Office Betties provides amazing backup for the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce. The staff answers call for us, but more important, they call members with special invitations to our larger events. Their service is outstanding!

Back Office Betties Mar 11, 2016

Jen we are thrilled to work with such a wonderful organization and appreciate your feedback!

Thanks you guys have been awesome the best answering service out of the many I’ve tried hands down!

I've had the privilege of working with Back Office Betties (B.O.B.) for nearly a year now. I have used other services before, but B.O.B. is, by far, the best. Great communication and staff. I often have customers tell me how polite and professional my staff is when they call! I HIGHLY recommend Back Office Betties!

Back Office Betties Nov 10, 2015

Thank you for the kind words. It is our privilege to serve you and support your business.

I have had so many compliments on your service!!! Someone earlier today said whoever they spoke with was so sweet and helpful she was just sure they were related to the owner. That is a huge compliment. Thank you for your professionalism!!!

Back Office Betties Apr 29, 2015

Thank you for the kind words Michelle!

I have had the pleasure to work with back office Bettie's for almost half a year now. They have been open to our many needs and offered to customize their services for us. We are very pleased with our receptionist team and love the relationship we have with them.

Back Office Betties Mar 06, 2015

Thanks for the review. We appreciate you!

The Betties answer all inbound calls, return calls for after hours voice mails plus schedule consults and service appointments. All I have to do is show up and collect the checks! I don't know how we'd function without the help that Betties gives my business.

I know that I can attend my kids school functions, talk to a customer or run to the bank and the Betties are answering the phones to make sure no business is lost.

Back Office Betties Dec 20, 2014

Thanks for the review Andy! We are happy to support your business and help it grow one call at a time!

We have been very impressed with the high level of professionalism and overall service received from Back Office Betties. Back Office Betties has dramatically improved Intrinsyc's communications with our customers, partners and investors by providing top notch receptionist services while being very cost effective for our Company. Having Back Office Betties be your virtual receptionist is highly recommended for the today's businesses!

George W. Reznik, CFO, Intrinsyc Technologies Corp.

Hooray for Back Office Betties! I love knowing that I can be away from my office and they are seamlessly and professionally handling my calls. If I miss a call I get a text a few minutes later so I know immediately if I need to follow up. A colleague recently asked who was answering my phones and she commented, "That's an answering service? They sound like they are in the same room with you!". The Betties are my personal admin staff at a fraction of the cost.

Back Office Betties has made such a difference to my business. They are very prompt, professional and are great at what they provide. Thank You Back Office Betties!

Back Office Betties Sep 23, 2014

Thanks Luke! We love talking to your customers. Our receptionists frequently comment that it seems as though they like you so much they talk about "Luke" like an old friend.

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