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Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning

Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning



Phone: +1 (602) 688-4186

Fax: +1 (623) 444-9644

Address: 115 W Beautiful Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85041
United States

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When deciding to choose a carpet repair/cleaning specialist, I know you have options. We take your trust and our integrity very seriously. I alone have a 25+year history of assisting homeowners and commercial property owners with their damaged carpet & Cleaning needs. I know that replacing carpet can be very expensive so I take pride in making your carpet look nearly new by the time we finish our work.Not a licensed contractor by choice but Licensed & insured to perform the work we do.

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Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning Customer Reviews

Highly Recommend!

Phoenix Carpet Repair just left my house after performing some repair on a couple of pet damaged areas of my carpet. In addition, they also stretched and fixed the seams where my carpet and tile meet. They did a fantastic job, were attentive to my concerns,...

Fast Response, Great Customer Service & Professional Work

Thanks PCR team for coming to my rescue after my dog chewed up a piece of my carpet. Hector was friendly and professional and I recommend your service to anyone in need.

Thanks again!


Repair and Clean

I had a 6"x6" spot where my dog decided to dig to the wood. Plus needed 3700sq.ft house cleaned. Combo'ed all the work together. Hector arrived on time, extremely friendly, infinitely knowledgeable and took a personal approach to the cleaning and repair of my...


Well most of the time. While my husband and I were off celebrating 40th anniversary on a beautiful Mediterranean cruise, my sister watched our new 7 mo old puppy. I guess he thought her carpet needed a little redesigning. He didn't get far into the job when...

Flood Repair

A few weeks ago our bathtub overflowed and flooded my bedroom. For two days I did my best to get moisture out of the carpet with a carpet cleaner. By the third day the musty smell set in and I knew that I needed more help.

I called around and either there was...

First Class Service

I can't say enough nice things about Jason, who stretched and cleaned my carpet today. For a young man, he has the work ethic of those of us from the "greatest generation". He loves his job, his company, and he does first-class work. It was a pleasure to have him...

Rob id a great job. Thanks so much. I thought a little pricey for the job done but, they came out the same day I called.

I would definately recommend.

Helpful and professional service.

They a great job on my carpet and even provided help moving furniture when your recommended mover didn't show up.

Technician Jason was exceptional and his work was exceptional as well. The job done was above and beyond my expectations. Jason did the best job that could be done and appreciate his knowledge and service. Will recommend highly.

Again, to reiterate, the technician (Jason) was top notch and the job he did was top notch as well. Will recommend to everyone I know who is in need of the best carpet service in Phoenix.

very professional

Berber carpet is the most difficult to clean and service. Jason performed the cleaning job first by explaining each step ahead of time and then diligently completed in three hours. We definitely recommend Phoenix Carpet Repair.

Highly Recommend!

I found this company on the Better Business Bureau site last year and used them to clean, stretch, and repair carpeting in a home we rent through VRBO. Because they did such a great job then, I had them back this year to clean the carpets before the next rental...

very good

excellent job

Amazing Professional Job...I cannot give this a high enough review!!!

The team of technicians that came to our house rescued us twice! They did such a good job the first time I didn't think twice before calling them again. First was when we had about 7 (some of them major) carpet areas torn up by our cat. They repaired them and you...

Stellar Cleaning Service

Jason came to clean my living room ,dinning room and loft where my kids tracked dirt and dropped food. i thought they would never get the stains out. he came in and in a fast timely manner got my carpets looking brand new. well recommend them to anyone in need of...

Highly Recommend.

Re-stretched and cleaned Great job.

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