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Phone: +1 (888) 444-7381

Address: 4003 E Highland Dr
Jonesboro, AR 72401

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Most orders ship same day if ordered by 4pm Central (5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific) unless noted otherwise in the product description.

We specialize in licensed sports pet products!

We have low prices, low S&H, and one of the best return policies available (no restock fee on refunds, free out bound shipping on exchanges, etc).

Most of all, we are a family owned and operated business that truly wants you as a customer. Check out our reviews!

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coolpetstuff.com Customer Reviews

The shirts were super cute!!! Same size but only one fit. Need yo return the second. But was happy with the shipping time.

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coolpetstuff.com Nov 19, 2018

Hi Brandi,

Thank you for taking time to review. Each manufacturer creates their own unique size chart, so a size medium for example in one brand may not be the same size as a medium in a different brand. It's important to only use the size chart in a product description for that product only. Please understand that we have no control over the size chart a manufacturer opts to create.

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