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Expat Vision

Expat Vision


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British TV Packages provided to Expats living outside the UK.

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I am a complete dunce when dealing with anything more than basic computer knowledge, but even though there have been massive problems on the mainframe Natasha has patiently talked me through the reload process and they must have been inundated with viewer queries!! 5 star service from the team again.

Country spain

Expat Vision Jun 25, 2014

Linda we have had some big problems over the last 24 hours due to a large attack on our systems. We quickly got everyone moved to a 3rd party provider so everyone had TV and we are now back on our own. We have been dealing with 100's of clients on chat and it is absolute music to our ears to read this comment on a hectic day like today and has made the team here very happy. Thank you very much.

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