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British TV Packages provided to Expats living outside the UK.

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The number of channels I could view through my 3m dish and subscription TV was reducing on a regular basis, so I looked at various options to ensure I could obtain my regular fix of sports coverage - mainly rugby and cricket, as well as UK Free-to-air channels. I found Expat Vision was available at a reasonable price (cheaper than my subscription service) on a contract free basis, or discounted for 12-months subscription in advance. I had to try it.
Three months later I am very satisfied with the service. Although not 100% perfect - this is IPTV, not cable - I have yet to see any alternative service in Cyprus which comes close to Expat Vision in respect of my requirements, at any price. The service has improved significantly in recent months, due in part to rolling out a new hardware platform, and the customer support team shows a commendable level of commitment. They continue to work on offering additional services. Support calls are all local calls and can be logged 24/7. They are dealt with courteously and promptly.

A good service at a realistic price.
Good customer services.
Overall, a better package would be hard to find.

Country Cyprus

Expat Vision Dec 19, 2013

Steve, Thanks for the great review much appreciated !

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