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Expat Vision

Expat Vision


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British TV Packages provided to Expats living outside the UK.

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I had ExPat Vision for over 2 years. For the first year I found it fantastic but just over a year ago they started to go downhill. I've had issues with a few channels skipping making watching catchup impossible. 12 months later the channels haven't been fixed. A month ago I started getting problems with more Channels this time Sky and BT Sport channles. I contacted them everyday about the issues and was told different things (LIES) and despite 30 days of the service not working they would not offer any compensation so I looked for a new provider and found Cosmic who offer 14 day catch up, more than double the amount of channels and catchup in HD for half the price. The quality of stream is also much clearer and I've had no problems. ExPat Vision are currenty rebranding again and it looks like they've lost the good staff I used to deal with when I had problems.

Country USA

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