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Expat Vision

Expat Vision


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British TV Packages provided to Expats living outside the UK.

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I like the fact that the only three "wonderful" reviews are put at the top of the reviews.
I am sick to death of complaining about the service. I shall be glad when our subscription ends and we have to go somewhere else. Freezing has been the main problem. We have rebooted so many times, reported download speeds frequently. Had to report on channels that we do not watch. If we says we are having problems with the ones we watch why do we have to keep checking others? What really annoys me is the chat line staff say they have reported the problem and they will get back to us. They never do.
Having said this, the staff have always remained polite, despite my sarcasm on occasions. I just pity them having to work for an appalling company and seeing my name crop up on a regular basis.

I really cannot bring myself to even give you one star but having tried to submit, I have been guided to give my rating.

Country Spain

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