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British TV Packages provided to Expats living outside the UK.

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Best thing since sliced bread,love it.

Country Deutschland

Honestly, I hardly ever take notice of these testimonials as I'm convinced they are fabricated by fictitious customers by the company. However, this system is brilliant. I'm currently watching all the channels 10 minutes after subscribing. It's fantastic. No buffering, no freezing, and I'm on an average Internet speed. Excellent service, wished I'd found it years ago. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!

Country Dubai

I subscribed to Expat Vision a couple of months ago. I cannot express my satisfaction with the service enough. The variety of channels and the picture quality is much better than my old Sky satellite system. Minimal buffering. Technical assistance and on-line support has been second to none. There was a major technical hitch with the servers yesterday that was quickly and efficiently resolved. A high-quality service provider at a very reasonable price. Thank you.

Country Cyprus

Expat Vision Jun 25, 2014

Nick its great news to see such positive reviews it really makes us happy when we see comments like this especially on a day like today when we are put to the test to get everything back up. Thanks glad your happy !

We are new to expat vision, having just lost uk connections due to sattelite re-positioning. The whole process has been assisted by patient operators who have helped us from day one. as with all new systems via the net there have been a few niggles, but all have been dealt with quickly and without fuss. the picture quality is very good, and the whole package is excellent value for money.

Country spain

Feb 28, 2014

Aren't we glad we found Expat Vision!
Our previous provider was a headache.
So our thanks to James for his help in signing up and since, to the young lady on Live Chat and a special thanks to local engineer Liam for his guidance to two technophobic OAPs and his endless patience. His help and attitude for a young man was a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work.

Country Cyprus

In Hong Kong this package has been dreadful for over 8 weeks now. Unable to watch playback and live tv keeps skipping. Simply unacceptable and I strongly advise you not to purchase this if you are based in Hong Kong. You will spend more time on their Live Chat Forum which actually only deals with the live TV. I very rarely complain, but simply avoid this package at all costs.

Country Hong Kong

I've had problems with picture quality from the beginning. But as I love the having such a huge choice of channels I recently renewed my annual subscription. Really wish I hadn't as the problems just continue. With regards to customer service, the live chat is great but even if temporarily fixed the problems with sticking and jumping always return. I now find the service pretty unusable and have no faith they will ever actually come true on their promises to fix the issues. Don't bother wasting your money.

Country Hong Kong

I have been using this service for almost a year now.
Because I live in the UAE I was thinking most of my issues were perhaps down to the restrictions here.

I now realise, this company are just really REALLY bad. Every time I go on Live Chat, I get absolutely no resolution. They promise the world and deliver hell!

I have logged MANY tickets with their helpdesk, which is a standing joke in our household (since myself and my husband have been working in the IT industry for many years)....none of them are ever resolved, replied to, acknowledged, nothing!

Only use this company if you are seriously desperate for UK Channels when away from home and there's no other alternative. But don't expect any; consistent viewing of channels/movies, professionalism, real customer service - because they tell you what you want to hear and they have zero accountability.

I rated it 1 star because the review doesn't submit with zero stars. If there was an option for minus stars, I'd be giving that.

Country UAE

When it works, its great. But it is so patchy its unreal. Tech support are rude, don't really read what you say to them when you speak to them and always blame it on your end. My friend also got the service recently and told me his service was running fine, so I thought thay perhaps it really is my problem as they have told me lots of times but now he is also having freezing, dropping, file missing problems. They advised me to get the wrong box for 4k viewing and promised to get back to me regarding support. They never. You contact them and one operator tells you its their server and they are fixing it, you contact them again 6 hours later and this person acts like there are or every have been any issues with their servers. Like i said when it works its perfect, but over the course of 2 years I would say it has worked about 60% fo the time.

Country China

Really patchy, inconsistent service. Constant freezing and loss of feed. Will not be renewing.

Country Malaysia

This service has just deteriorated beyond all belief. The company actually now have a damn cheek taking your money when they know they are giving a crap service and have no intention of communicating with you or fixing your issues. The company is trying to push their new service so have no interest in upkeeping this service. We pay premium package and have no access to play back recordings and movie contect is rarely updated anymore. Very disappointing service. I managed to contact a manager (Ansel) once who took months to change my server then asked me to 'change my review' Says it all really ! Stay away. Looking for an alternative service now

Country Canada

May 28, 2018

Third review now.
Still no response to my previous two reviews.
I notice they only ever respond if you give a good review. Pity theres no response to paying customers who are having issues and have been having issues for over a year.
I also note that all the good reviews are from places in Europe such as Greece, Cyprus etc if you live anywhere else then you have to learn to whistle because you wont any joy.
Next step is contacting Flixon Media as Expat is now a reseller of Flixon Media products, then Facebook and Twitter and any other media I can get the message out on. 18 months of shoddy service, enough is enough now.

Country United Arab Emirates

Content and the picture are in the main pretty good, I get some freezing but seems to be only certain channels. My biggest issue is the customer service, they've recently changed companies (now Flixon), which has meant an agreement I made in Dec 17 for an annual subscription has been ignored. Basically they didn't take the payment and now won't honour that original agreement. I've had a few of these things with them from the start, late delivery of the box, say they will support ROKU but then deny it, billing issues etc etc. I have to be honest and say I still have the service, but if I was looking now I would recommend you look for alternatives.

Country Canada

Apr 25, 2018

This is my second review of this service since 2016.

I took out this service in Sept 2016 and then spent over 18 months with the Tech Services Manager (Ricky) trying to get it working. Constant buffering snd freezing.

Was initialy told it was a problem at my end. Had isp tech services in, checked all my connections, wifi router, rj45 cabeling they even put brand new cabling in for me. Everything at my end was fine and getting 45-50mb speeds which is more than ample.
18 months later it was discovered by tech services that the issue was at their end.

Over 500 emails and transcripts with expat tech services and support desk and 18 months later eventually got it sorted.

I have kept all emails and transcripts. I have even sent them video evidence of the issues I was getting

Expat has now become a reseller of Flixon Media, the team have changed and I am now back to where I was 18 months ago.

I am now constantly on chat or emailing the support manager.

This is a paid for service which I renewed my subscription for in December 2017 but I am not getting the service I have paid for.

Country UAE

Regular problems with service. Help desk tries, but never fixes anything. They never get back to you to resolve problems, cut me off even though I had renewed 3 months ago, lucky I had a screen capture of my payment. Hardware is rubbish, lasts a year at most, is there an alternative provider?

Country UAE

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