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Expat Vision

Expat Vision


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British TV Packages provided to Expats living outside the UK.

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During the week fine. But forget the weekends when all the sport is on. The popular channels are unwatchable. We have the system on Android rather than a Mag box - which they say they support. Yet they blame anybody (anything) rather than admit that their system is not fit for purpose.

Dont think that you can watch the catchup from the weekend during the week as this is as bad.

Luckily we pay monthly so if nothing improves we will go!

We have complained so many times now that they dont even bother to respond to emails!! They clearly know the problems but dont care enough to sort them


Pros: Technical team respond immediately

Cons: Technical team needed frequently. Many programmes have issues with corrupted files or poorly synced sound with picture.
So far the technical support has not managed to resolve any issue. We are working on it, we are aware of an issue is a frequent response.

If there was another solution to watching UK tv I would use it and write off the cost of the box. So, I'll perservere until something better comes along.

The worse, loads of channels not working, always freezing, rude staff on the support chat who blame the source, I pay you...not the source. Over priced and you definitely get nothing for your money. Oh and you can't write one of there real customer reviews... because if there was some real customer reviews, I would have saved myself alot of money and time..I hope more people come here to read about the terrible service.

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