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British TV Packages provided to Expats living outside the UK.

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Honestly, I hardly ever take notice of these testimonials as I'm convinced they are fabricated by fictitious customers by the company. However, this system is brilliant. I'm currently watching all the channels 10 minutes after subscribing. It's fantastic. No buffering, no freezing, and I'm on an average Internet speed. Excellent service, wished I'd found it years ago. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!

Country Dubai

I subscribed to Expat Vision a couple of months ago. I cannot express my satisfaction with the service enough. The variety of channels and the picture quality is much better than my old Sky satellite system. Minimal buffering. Technical assistance and on-line support has been second to none. There was a major technical hitch with the servers yesterday that was quickly and efficiently resolved. A high-quality service provider at a very reasonable price. Thank you.

Country Cyprus

Expat Vision Jun 25, 2014

Nick its great news to see such positive reviews it really makes us happy when we see comments like this especially on a day like today when we are put to the test to get everything back up. Thanks glad your happy !

We are new to expat vision, having just lost uk connections due to sattelite re-positioning. The whole process has been assisted by patient operators who have helped us from day one. as with all new systems via the net there have been a few niggles, but all have been dealt with quickly and without fuss. the picture quality is very good, and the whole package is excellent value for money.

Country spain

Feb 28, 2014

Aren't we glad we found Expat Vision!
Our previous provider was a headache.
So our thanks to James for his help in signing up and since, to the young lady on Live Chat and a special thanks to local engineer Liam for his guidance to two technophobic OAPs and his endless patience. His help and attitude for a young man was a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work.

Country Cyprus

We have had Expat Vision for three months now after trialing several providers in Cyprus. We already had the box from another provider and was not charged anything to change provider. The picture quality is great and the customer support is outstanding. The other providers i had issues with buffering and days on end with no TV and when you try contact the provider you can not reach them and they don't return your calls. This is not the case with Expat Vision great service, great quality picture and lots of functionality the movies on demand are great !

Keep up the good work Expat Vision

Country Cyprus

Expat Vision Dec 19, 2013

Hi Richard,
Glad to your happy with the service and the product. Thanks for your review.

Terrible service. I wish I would have read the reviews before I bought this service. I've had it for three months now and I can not say that all of the channels ever work at once. And the worst thing is that I only really ever watch the sport channels. So I actually don't know if there are problems with the other channels in the other categories.

I have not managed to watch one cohesive football match in high definition once and I have had the service for three months. I have emailed the help desk before and got no reply from them. If something better comes along I will throw this to one side in a heartbeat.

I talk to the staff in the live helpdesk chat and I literally get the same thing from them over and over again. Check my internet speed which is always great. Go on team viewer and check my network connection. Always good. Then check the DNS server. Which is always fine. Then reboot the box. Then suprise suprise...same problems persist.

There is always something wrong with it which is my main issue. I am dying to watch a full 90 minute match without it skipping or the picture pixelating. I've spent about 5 hours talking to the people on the livedesk in total and still the quality of the package is absolutley terrible.

If I could give it 0 stars I would. But alas the minimum is 1. But please be aware that the rating I am giving it is 0

What a loaf of crap
I am being polite
Rush to get your money
Defective product
Useless promises
Lousy support
Waste of time
Complaint number faked and is for a book company
Is this a dodgy company ? Feels like it
Everyone not responding to any emails call

During the week fine. But forget the weekends when all the sport is on. The popular channels are unwatchable. We have the system on Android rather than a Mag box - which they say they support. Yet they blame anybody (anything) rather than admit that their system is not fit for purpose.

Dont think that you can watch the catchup from the weekend during the week as this is as bad.

Luckily we pay monthly so if nothing improves we will go!

We have complained so many times now that they dont even bother to respond to emails!! They clearly know the problems but dont care enough to sort them


Pros: Technical team respond immediately

Cons: Technical team needed frequently. Many programmes have issues with corrupted files or poorly synced sound with picture.
So far the technical support has not managed to resolve any issue. We are working on it, we are aware of an issue is a frequent response.

If there was another solution to watching UK tv I would use it and write off the cost of the box. So, I'll perservere until something better comes along.

The worse, loads of channels not working, always freezing, rude staff on the support chat who blame the source, I pay you...not the source. Over priced and you definitely get nothing for your money. Oh and you can't write one of there real customer reviews... because if there was some real customer reviews, I would have saved myself alot of money and time..I hope more people come here to read about the terrible service.

Woeful service. Constant channel freezes and sound issues. Chat support had 3 tricks to try, refresh your connection, refresh their connection and move server. Tried all 3 nothing worked. Get back on chat support and they just want to refresh the connection again. We invested 150 euros in this system and got nowhere.

Avoid like the plague.

Works really good. Perfect quality inspite I have a slow internet connection. Both customer and technical are very fast and helpful. I am very satisfied:-) have only good word to say about expatvision.

I am happy with the service and enjoying watching different TV channels.My children are able to watch cartoons and other kids programs.

Country Australia

Had the Expat Vision box for three months now and its great! The support is second to none 24 hours a day i can call up tech support on the live chat if i forget how to do something. Well done!

Country Cyprus

Expat Vision Jul 11, 2014

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the great review.

I am a complete dunce when dealing with anything more than basic computer knowledge, but even though there have been massive problems on the mainframe Natasha has patiently talked me through the reload process and they must have been inundated with viewer queries!! 5 star service from the team again.

Country spain

Expat Vision Jun 25, 2014

Linda we have had some big problems over the last 24 hours due to a large attack on our systems. We quickly got everyone moved to a 3rd party provider so everyone had TV and we are now back on our own. We have been dealing with 100's of clients on chat and it is absolute music to our ears to read this comment on a hectic day like today and has made the team here very happy. Thank you very much.

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