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Limenex Web Hosting

Limenex Web Hosting



Phone: +65 31591573

Address: 10 Anson Road #27-15
International Plaza

Singapore, SG 079903

Business Profile

Limenex is high performance web hosting company with servers in USA, UK and Netherlands.

We provide Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed VPS, Managed Dedicated Servers, Domain Names & SSL Certificates with superior support at affordable prices.

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Limenex Web Hosting Customer Reviews

Professional hosting with down-to-earth prices.

I'm a hobby website tinkerer, so I like cheap with lots of features. I'm also a designer, so I appreciate aesthetics and good UI. Limenex was the first I've found with both. Their packages are generous like grandma's cooking. And so is their customer service. What's not to love?

It's been a good 4 years and counting.

I've had nothing but positive experiences with Limenex over the past five years plus. Uptime for my websites has been excellent, and customer support is fast and responsive when needed. I originally conducted considerable research into character and reliability before choosing Limenex, and my choice was well founded. The people behind this company obviously care about doing the job right. ^_^

I have used Limenex for over 2 years now. They are one of the best hosting company I have an account with.

My websites are up most of the time, minus a few incidents where the server encountered issues which was resolved promptly by their support. The best thing about Limenex is their support speed. In my experience, their response speed is usually within half an hour. IIRC, the longest I had to wait for an answer was an hour half, which is still pretty acceptable. They managed to resolve the problem within the day I opened my support ticket which is excellent!

Overall I am very happy with Limenex and will sign up for more accounts for my future websites.

Service(s) Purchased Hosting

There is no justice if I don't write this review for Limenex! Do they sleep at all? The longest I had to wait for a reply was 31 minutes. Most of the time I receive 5 minutes reply from them! My other hosters usually take 1 or 2 hours to tell me something useless, even though they are more expensive! My websites at Limenex are very fast and they even have r1soft backup which is very useful as I used it to restore a file I accidentally deleted for free! One of my other hoster even charge money to only restore my entire cPanel!

Limenex is excellent value for money. I will move all my websites to Limenex once my contract with other hosters expire. Cheaper and better service. :)

Service(s) Purchased Web Hosting

Very rarely do you come across a host that gives
1. HUGE space ...300GB or something like that
2. Works all the time
3. CPanel ... no hassles
... I am running a full fledged 7 Year course with all sorts of security and everything just works. For a change I don't have to have multiple websites and logins for lack of space or whatever.
And service with a smile is what I felt when I asked and it was explained, help arrives fast and nicely.

Who knew the best website hosting is never the big companies but a small company called Limenex? Limenex never disappoints! :D

Limenex is easily among my top 3 best hosting company... Now adays cheap hosting are everywhere but cheap and good are hard to find. Even tho they run promotions with huge discounts but they do not compromise on service standard.

My support requests are handled quickly and professionally by the Limenex team all the time, something I cannot say for every hosting company I am using.

Good job to everybody at Limenex for making my hosting experience a delightful one. I wish they bring back the sg datacenter in future !!

Limenex have been fantastic. I am getting plenty of hosting and support for the $2 per month I am paying. Good hosts are hard to find nowadays and I am happy to have found Limenex.

They are a fantastic all rounder company that is pretty hard to beat!

I run a group of art, music, and educational websites that generate no revenue. At Limenex Web Hosting I can afford to keep them going on a horribly foreshortened budget. Never had a problem with Limenex Hosting and don't expect to.

This has been one of the best web hosting experiences I've had in over 20 years. Customer service is helpful. Prices are great. No complaints from me.

Good hosting with free spamexperts! Best spam protection!

Speed to singapore in us datacenter not bad. support is good but no live chat :(
Good host so far. will renew my economy account.

I am from malaysia.speed to usa server is pretty good even though data need to travel very far. Support sometimes good sometimes bad but mostly good. Very good price with excellent features. Will recommend.thanks

Quite good hosting. My websites load faster than old host.support is ok if you talk to right tech. Good value for money. I recommended them if you want good hosting with cheap price.

I am satisfied customer for very long time. Good server, good support and good uptime. I recommend friends to sign up when they want hosting. Bad thing is they don't live chat support. But email support is fast so its okay. Sometimes one minute reply sometimes one hour. Not bad.

Service(s) Purchased Web Hosting, domains

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