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VeeroTech Systems, LLC

VeeroTech Systems, LLC



Address: Raleigh-Garner, NC 27529-0601
United States

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VeeroTech Systems, LLC is a premier provider for high quality web hosting business solutions. We offer shared, reseller, virtual & dedicated server web hosting solutions.

We have a unique feature set that includes daily backups, CloudLinux, premium SpamExperts SPAM filtering & LiteSpeed web server for all shared/reseller web hosting.

Make the switch today & experience the VeeroTech difference!

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VeeroTech Systems, LLC Customer Reviews

I opened a low-priority tech support ticket (#741678) at 03:16 Central time on a Saturday morning.
(just some advise about migrating a site from my on-site server TO Veerotech's server).

About 07:30 I received a reply, and several follow-up replies to questions I submitted during the day on that same ticket.

In the end, I did not need Veerotech to step in and handle the migration for me (they will if you ask).

HOWEVER...the advice Brent provided did save me multiple headaches, and hours of angst and consternation!

Brent and his staff are awesome, they were able to migrate my sites without issues and performance is great. Thanks to Brent !!!

I decided to cancel my many years with Hostgator after spending 3 hours on telephone hold, numerous server failures at their Provo Utah facility which cost my business thousands of dollars in lost revenue!

Hostgator users are bailing out and migrating to VEEROTECH SYSTEMS :-)))
The service I received in BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL !!!! My emails were answered in minutes, signup directions simple and clearly explained.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone seeking a reliable & courteous hosting site who appreciates your business to use VEEROTECH SYSTEMS....THEY ARE THE BEST!!

It has been a little over two weeks since i signed up with Veerotech.
This change for me has just been fantastic 10 star quality hosting.
Although they don't have phone support for the moment it hasn't been a problem what so ever, a few times i messed up and you notice i mentioned I MESSED UP i just sent an email to the support and it was sorted.
And the speed of my websites loading time well what can i say wow!!!
If i compare Veerotech to the previous
hosting i was with well no comparison.
Veerotech is light years ahead in every area.
Guys keep up the great work and thanks.

I am a refugee from Hostgator, who after years with them got fed up by their ceaseless, sudden "migrations" which caused havoc and, most recently, during massive chaos lost me a long-term, large customer whose fees covered my entire Hostgator annual reseller costs.

I tried one other service first because, to be honest, I was a bit worried about the staff size of Veerotech. But that larger company had extremely slow support - I couldn't even get anything migrated from Hostgator after 5 days, so I quit that service.

Meanwhile, Veerotech's owner kept politely and helpfully answering all my questions at a tech forums. So despite some initial reservations about size and the ability to provide good support (especially 24/7 support - since I live overseas) I decided to open a reseller contract and migrate over my cPanels from Hostgator and see how it went.

It went just fine.

Naturally when changing companies there are always some things you are used to which are done differently at the new company. And there were a few minor things which needed to be adjusted. But Brent and his team were there for me every step of the way.

Their help with migration could not have been better. Their obviously strong desire to make sure everything is working well for me makes me feel very much at home with Veerotech.

I currently have 23 cPanels in my reseller account, and just need to move over 2 more from Hostgator after coordinating with my clients.

If you are anxious to get away from Hostgator and are looking for a safe harbor to migrate to, I would recommend Veerotech.

To be completely objective, I would not say their support is truly "24/7" for the kinds of support tickets I opened. After all, the company is small, and people need to sleep. On the other hand, I didn't mark any of my tickets as "high priority" (because nothing was really going that wrong - just a few initial quirks to square away). I assume if there was truly something horrible happening somebody would be there. But there were no serious problems.

By contrast, my final few weeks with Hostgator were a complete nightmare. Even with their 24/7 support I couldn't get answers for days at a time. And Hostgator's "Live chat" would end up hanging after waiting for almost an hour at a time.

That doesn't happen with Veerotech. If you need something, you will get a response within a reasonable amount of time. I've definitely never had to wait more than half a day. And if I make a request during their normal business hours, their responsiveness is even faster. Like they are just sitting there waiting for me to contact them. :)

Sometimes a smaller organization is better. I have to say after being with them for a month now I feel very much at home, and in good hands, with Veerotech and would recommend them to anybody.

It's only been a little more than 1 day, but VeeroTech saved my sites for me.

I've been having a lot of performance and downtime issues with another host and decided to move my reseller package to VeeroTech.

It was a quick and painless move and the support was great.

Thanks Brent and the rest of the VeeroTech crew for a good first impression!

VeeroTech has been great through the entire process of registering and hosting my site. I have very little experience with this and had a lot of questions, but they were very patient and helpful. I highly recommend them.

The best support team, fastest response time, and the friendliest staff I've had the pleasure of dealing with. AND a great price to boot! Keep up the good work!

Excellent customer service and top notch hosting!

I've always been a satisfied customer since day one. The company has unfailingly delivered top notch hosting services even when they were changing business or migrating accounts to new servers.

Excellent works guys!

I moved to Veerotech from GVO and couldn't be happier.

My sites are faster. Support is responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I'm not aware of ANY down time. And I saved money.

I had 33 domains hosted at GVO. I felt my sites were loading a bit slowly and they seemed to go down for a short time every day. And, I began to think $50 / mo for this was more than I should be paying.

I began my search for a new host and very quickly become overwhelmed.

I ultimately chose to give VeeroTech a try for 3 reasons:

1) The owner, Brent, has been very active on the Warrior Forum, giving good (and free) advice about hosting w/o ever promoting his own hosting service. I was impressed.

2) The package and pricing was pretty impressive.

3) Brent promised a very customer-oriented focus. IOW, when there's a problem, they contact me to work it out, rather than just shutting an account down.

I was a bit concerned because they're a bit smaller than the top rated hosts. But, in the end, it was that small-business attitude that won me over.

My experience with them has been STELLAR.

Their support was able to migrate all 33 of my accounts from GVO (over 10 gigs of data plus MySQL databases, WordPress Themes and plugins.

They were quick, friendly, and did everything right.

I had several questions for support and they answered quickly and with the RIGHT info.

AND, my site load times are clearly quicker.

I'm a very happy camper. This was a GREAT decision for me.

These are really one of the best hosting providers I have dealt with. Brent is an expert and service is world class. I look forward to working with them for a long term.

Their prices are reasonable, support fast, uptime great. Communication perfect and they have a great interface. No I'm not connected with them in any way, but I've just had so many average hosting experiences that when I came across this exceptional service I had to take the time to write a decent review and say 'Thanks'.

This is my first time at managing a hosting reseller account and I made some mistakes.
The technical support I received from VeeroTech has been prompt, friendly, effective, and top-notch in every way.

This company has a fairly standard set of hosting packages but the support is fantastic! I usually get a reply with the hour.

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