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VeeroTech Systems, LLC

VeeroTech Systems, LLC



Address: Raleigh-Garner, NC 27529-0601
United States

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VeeroTech Systems, LLC is a premier provider for high quality web hosting business solutions. We offer shared, reseller, virtual & dedicated server web hosting solutions.

We have a unique feature set that includes daily backups, CloudLinux, premium SpamExperts SPAM filtering & LiteSpeed web server for all shared/reseller web hosting.

Make the switch today & experience the VeeroTech difference!

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VeeroTech Systems, LLC Customer Reviews

WOW...Talk about quick superb service?????
We lost all contact with getting our emails & our website early this morning.

GUESS WHAT??? We submitted a ticket and within 3 minutes the issue was responded to...it was Enom, the domain name registrar that caused the problem...Brent from VeeroTech provided a direct web link so we could contact them, which we did, and they corrected their problem...ALL WORKING NOW!!!


NOW you know why I DUMPED HOSTGATOR a couple of years ago...they took 2 DAYS to respond to a down site server!!! And it still wasn't fixed for a week!!


HOSTGATOR will never be fixed...WHY?? Simple...YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID

I've used a handful of different companies over the past ~15 years and VeeroTech is at the top. Great webhosting with tons of features at an excellent value and very fast and knowledgeable support. Highly recommended!

The support staff have been quick to respond to my queries and the performance on my account has been great.

VERY prompt. Great work. Easy to deal with. I sent an email early on Monday, and had a reply in less than 10 minutes. Problem resolved with no hassle.

Have worked with many hosting companies over the years and veerotech is the BEST ! no question - support and services are top notch !! Thanks Brent and staff for offering the best customer support around.

Very responsive and helpful, even though mistake was mine. I am firs time customer and as far as support goes it left positive impression.

I am another victim of hostgator, for experiencing multiple downtimes.

In search of a reliable and reasonably priced hosting company I found Veerotech. The support has been superior and all my accounts were transferred successfully.

As a web designer and reseller I feel very confident with Veerotech hosting my sites. Veerotech is the foundation my company needed to legitimately offer 99.9% uptime!

I have been using an un-managed VPS for some months now and I have to say I haven't experienced any downtime. The support has always been nice and very helpful, even to a beginner like me. I would recommend them to everyone, you will be very pleased with the service and the support.

I have had all of the hosting companies over the years, big and small, some all right, some were horror shows.

Veerotech, is by far, the best I have encountered. Fast, reliable ( and I checked this out using speed testing tools)

But, the best part is their amazing customer service,they answer your ticket right away and stay with you until your problem is solved.

I have no affiliation with them other than hosting my website with them.

And , all at a reasonable price.

High quality hosting at it's best.


Very clear and fast service. Extremely helpful staff and overall a better experience than the other guys.

You can't even compare the services & excellent speed of customer service provided by VeeroTech Systems....why can't you??

Very simple...no one can even come close!!! They are the best !!!!!

Hello Everyone!
This is my fist time I review a hosting company.
Am with VeeroTech for 2 Years and I can only say thay deserve the Title "CHAMPIONS of Hosting Industry".
100% Uptime for the last 23 months!
100% Happy with Brent (supporter).
100% Happy to be with you guys!

Keep it up. Webmasters needs you!


I wish there was a half-star available, so I could give 4.5/5.

The only thing missing is real-time support, but the email support is so quick that it's almost like real-time.

Servers are fast and appear dependable. I can recommend them without qualms.

Brent seems to be up all hours of the day and almost always responds to any questions I have within five minutes. I've never gotten a copy/paste response either. He's always super helpful.

5 stars in quality, 5 stars in uptime, and 5 stars in support. Really recommendable! :)

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