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VeeroTech Systems, LLC

VeeroTech Systems, LLC



Address: Raleigh-Garner, NC 27529-0601
United States

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VeeroTech Systems, LLC is a premier provider for high quality web hosting business solutions. We offer shared, reseller, virtual & dedicated server web hosting solutions.

We have a unique feature set that includes daily backups, CloudLinux, premium SpamExperts SPAM filtering & LiteSpeed web server for all shared/reseller web hosting.

Make the switch today & experience the VeeroTech difference!

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VeeroTech Systems, LLC Customer Reviews

I cannot say enough good things about Veerotech. I initially transitioned to Veerotech from another host after nearly a decade of reliable hosting. With my former host, I experienced a serious degradation of uptime and support over the final year I was with them.

I've been with Veerotech since March 2014 using a reseller plan. For a hosting service priced as cheap as they are, I have been amazed at the level of support and quality of service Veerotech has given.

I am now upgrading to a VPS with Veerotech. What was to me a minor typo with the cart was met by their staff with a free dedicated IP. I miss doing business with quality companies such as Veerotech and wish there were more of them around!

If you're looking for a host, this is the place you want to be.

I've experienced minimal downtime, the best prices, and the most flexibility with this host.

Their customer support is fantastic. I was having DNS trouble with my self-managed VPS and they were incredibly helpful in finding the solution.

Fantastic professional & friendly customer service. Every time I've had an issue or needed help, the Veerotech team replied within minutes to quickly provide the support I needed.

I never expected that I will find both responsible and knowledgeable, colleagues, in their work. Hardworking people with great knowledge of the subject and I'm very happy to be working with them!

The fastest and most professional customer service I have ever had and would recommend this company to everyone.

I recently moved from Hostgator, I gotta say that I am more than impressed.

Veerotech have been really excellent to deal with. They migrated over 40 accounts without any issues and their support is amazing. Having to wait 30 minutes and more at Hostgator, I am now getting support within minutes of putting in a request for help.

My clients websites are loading faster, which tells me that Veerotech servers are not overcrowded and have excellent resources.

Veerotech have brought hope back to the hosting industry and I look forward to continually using their services.

The hosting is super fast, so far hasn't had any downtime, and the support is awesome! If you open a ticket in their system, it is usually responded to in under 5 minutes. If it is something that they can fix really quickly, they will make the necessary changes and send you exactly what they did so you avoid the problem in the future.

We left another provider after they had a major outage. Although the transfer of client accounts over here took a bit of effort, everything is running smoothly now. We had pretty consistent attention from their support person while the transfers were taking place and everything was very clearly explained. The service offerings are pretty consistent with what you'll find out there, but I was more concerned with finding a provider with good support and I think I've found that here.

I have to admit, I'm a refugee from HostGator. The infamous October Outage of 2014 was the last straw. I did a lot of research and opened a ticket with Veerotech, and it was instantly responded to. I didn't even have an account yet, and already the Tech Support was awesome. I signed up, and they migrated the sites over for me, and it was painless and flawless, except for a few tweaks I had to make which I blame HostGator for, in the .htaccess files. In fact, the DNS propagation was done in less than 15 minutes, so downtime was negligible switching from HostGator to Veerotech. Since then my clients have been remarking how much faster their sites load and respond, and I've noticed in the administration panels and WP Dashboards of some sites how much faster I can edit pages and posts and have them updated. The Tech Support continues to be awesome, and any time there is a problem, the Techs are always there with a quick and knowledgeable response.

Awesome host. If you are tired of the large, corporate hosts that oversell all their servers then try VeeroTech - you won't be disappointed.

Very fast support, This is what many of us look for in a company.
Errors in the site migration were resolved immediately.

Wonderful experience with Veerotech so far, has been a year since I used them and I am very glad I did. I recently upgraded my plan and 'am pretty happy withe the features.
High Quality service at an affordable price
Support is just incredible. You are the man Brent, never let me down whenever I had issues

- Naga

I am very happy with veerotech. I recently transferred my reseller account from another host. I had special issues that they fixed.The really great thing is that they were quick. So thank you veerotech, I would recommend you to other businesses. :-)

Server Performance is excellent given that i am on a shared hosting plan.
Brent(i believe he is the owner) is very responsive and knowledgeable guy. He knows what he is doing.

Overall, Veero Tech is a recommendable
hosting company.

You want reliability and customer service. Those are the two things I look for in a web host and Veerotech has surpassed my expectations for both. You won't be disappointed in their products or service.

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