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VeeroTech Systems, LLC

VeeroTech Systems, LLC



Address: Raleigh-Garner, NC 27529-0601
United States

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VeeroTech Systems, LLC is a premier provider for high quality web hosting business solutions. We offer shared, reseller, virtual & dedicated server web hosting solutions.

We have a unique feature set that includes daily backups, CloudLinux, premium SpamExperts SPAM filtering & LiteSpeed web server for all shared/reseller web hosting.

Make the switch today & experience the VeeroTech difference!

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VeeroTech Systems, LLC Customer Reviews

Been w/Veerotech for years & couldn't be happier...have left many prior positive reviews.

So...another domain name to transfer to Veerotech...previously paid for (3 years) w/ hostgator (A/K/A HORRgator) expiring on 9/22/16.
6 weeks prior, I made sure "autorenew" was off.
on 9-11-2016 I get a credit card charge for the renewal!
I call HORRORgator - 2 hours on hold - finally get a 3rd world representative who is totally clueless!!!
She eventually tells me they issued a credit for their error..AND... tells me the domain name has been cancelled!!!!
Can u believe this??? She then hangs up on me!!
Finally I try their "chat" support, and after 1 hour I get some idiot who figures a way to reinstate the domain so I can get the transfer code.

Today 9-12-2016 Veerotech did the transfer within the time of 1 hour!!!!

By the way...Hostgator does deserve some credit ---- They revised their rating system from a score of 1-10 to a score of 0 - 10 ...Yes, I surely left ratings of 0 for them...my opinion of Hostgator ?
Guess you can't fix or teach stupid!!!

They responded very quickly and resolved the issue in a timely manner. Thank you!

Had a tiny problem where my automated paypal subscription payment had set itself up to pay the day after my due date. Wasn't sure it was even an issue but within 5 minutes I got a response that they changed the due date on their end so I didn't have to bother with anything.

Very fast support! I got a clear, informative answer in less than 10 minutes. And my website is very fast - great performance, even though I'm on the cheapest plan.

Quick response, satisfying resolution, as always. Please keep up the amazing work, Veerotech support team!

These guys are awesome!

Always respond quickly, and solve problems fast if I need to contact them. They are also extremely patient and polite.

Fabulous support service, and long may it remain so! :)


excellent customer support. thankyou

Needed help restoring after my computer failure. A simple problem but the response was fast, capable and courteous. And on a Sunday morning!

Very good customer support. Tickets are answered quickly and clearly by representatives who were very helpful and accommodating.

This is only my first day with VeeroTech, who acquired my old hosting provider. But their customer service has been great so far, more interactive than in years with my previous provider. Thanks to Jim and VeeroTech!

Veero Tech provided effective, courteous support service and resolved my issues. They were patient, knowledgeable and supportive.

Name on the account would actually be Bill Sanford but I have been the one administering the website. There were some adjustments to make when migrating from another host to Veerotech but ultimately, those changes were for better security. Only minor modifications were required to make the site fully operational. They did the site migration and almost everything was as it should be. They had to do a manual migration so I understand things happened. We ran into CPU issues at the beginning due to issues with our site but Veerotech provided a lot of help, even offering to login to our site and help with troubleshooting. Something, I wouldn't have expected any host to do. They also were willing to be flexible with us so we could work out the problem that was causing the issue. All round, they have been great so far. We are a few months in now.

VeeroTech is the second hosting provider that I have used for running my site, and so far it has been a stellar option. My prior host would have unexplained outages and some very suspicious loading spikes related to requests from the server. VeeroTech has never had any maintenance without ample warning, and has been able to handle the erratic traffic spikes on my website just fine. I am very impressed and satisfied with their customer service as well. At present, I am planning to continue working with this company for the foreseeable future.

Veerotech is to Hostgator what Google is to Yahoo. One is lean, powerful and minimalist while the other is bloated, slow and cluttered with hideous ads. I feel like I've just been upgraded to first class. I never knew hosting like this existed and I didn't know what I was missing. Thanks, Veerotech, for raising the bar!

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