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Premium grade web hosting backed by industry leading 24x7 support.

"Innovating Always"

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Host4Geeks LLC Customer Reviews

Only Host4Geeks which have technical support online 24/7!
What a great Support!

Domain Hosted with us? http://www.pelajarhosting.com

Great reliable service, with prompt answers to my questions.

What else can you ask for???????

Domain Hosted with us? iclouts

Host 4 Geeks is awesome and the tech support is good, they fixed the problem i caused in a few minutes of sending them a ticket, not to mention all my clients websites run really well my customers are now all happy so all in all i am very satisfied.

I reguard them highly as hoster and would happily recommend anyone.
Thnx host4geeks :)

Domain Hosted with us? neet-hosting.com

¡Very good technical support!

Domain Hosted with us? proyectojoomlabarcojoadri.tk

I use Host4Geeks for two personal domains and the service has been great. Any time I've had an issue the customer service team responded in a friendly and timely manner. My issues are always resolved quickly, but there are very few.

Any time the web host makes significant changes server-side I receive updates which is excellent.

I definitely recommend using Host4Geeks. They offer a very affordable and reliable service.

Domain Hosted with us? Vulgamer.com

Host4Geeks LLC Feb 26, 2014

Thank you Briley for those kind words. We appreciate your business and look forward to have you with us for a long time.

Host4Geeks (herein known a H4G), has cost me dearly in the past few months. Shortly after migrating my clients to H4G (a month or two), my sites began to become unstable. Downtime, inaccessible, slow, etc...

Then came the extended downtime, none of which were ever explained by the staff. Until questioned directly via support ticket, no emails were sent out letting their customers know services were affected or down. Poor conduct if you ask me.

About 2 weeks ago I received the monthly email saying my invoice was due. Being a person who prefers to pay bills on time, I attempted to login to their 'backyard' section, only to not be able to. No errors, no notices, simply unable to login. After having my password changed multiple times, I was still unable to pay my bill. The comes the suspension notices. After emailing the CEO, Mr. Kushal directly, he slowly began to work with me in trying to troubleshoot the issues, whilst the suspension emails still came.

My account was suspended, the whole time, H4G's CEO, Mr. Kushal, was well aware I was desperately trying to pay my invoice (I have email proof). After passing along my credit card details to him directly to charge my account, he processed the payment. I felt good that my account was finally paid. However, this didn't last long.

Just 2 days later, all of my accounts were suspended, worse yet, all data had been deleted from my account. Scary! After filling a final support ticket. I was mislead, and delayed further. 24 hours later and their lead support finally chimed in, saying he had restored my account, however, this was untrue. 1 out of several accounts had only been restored (the root website that is required for hosting).

Support admitted that data had been lost, but why? I paid my bill, the CEO himself 'handled' the situation, only to cost me all of my clients, and force them to loose out on sales, leads, and various business.

I understand, out of all these reviews, mine is the only negative one, so take it with a grain of salt. I have email exchange proof, bank statements, and invoice evidence of the efforts to pay, only to get screwed over in the end.

Domain Hosted with us? flickerhosting.com

You guys are amazing. Always go the extra mile to please the customer. Servers are always online, support is always top notch and the CEO is awesome. I have a VPS and a Reseller and they both are awesome services.

Domain Hosted with us? group1201.com

Estoy contento con la ajuda recibida.
Como mi nivel es bajo tengo problemas para configurar el dominio

Domain Hosted with us? edumod.net

Awesome support. Host4geeks has gone way above and beyond in the past for my dedicated server, even though it is not a managed server H4G has always been there to point me in the proper direction when I am having problems with something I have caused on my server. The reason for this ticked was to inquire about the status of my server due to an issue with a 3rd party. Even during this massive PITA and working day and night Kushal and team still found the time to answer my questions and put me at ease. There will always be some sort of issue no matter who you host with, the difference is how a company handles it and interfaces with its client. I truly feel H4G values me as a client and that will keep me here and also make them my first suggestion to anyone who questions me about a great hosting provider.

Domain Hosted with us? mutitrunk.net

Had several start-up hiccups, but Host4Geeks gave really good round-the-clock support - much better than most web hosts provide. Impressive.

Domain Hosted with us? janetripp.com

Host4Geeks LLC Aug 13, 2013

Always here for you. :)

Just got setup and I must say H4G are extremely professional and they do indeed love their customers. Jamie and Kushal did exactly what a customer would expect, infact they exceeded my expectations.

Very systematic support system and I must say I fell in love with their Backyard - Services Management Portal. I wish I could get the same thing for my customers :D

After a nightmare with the previous host, I almost gave up with the idea of hosting business, H4G is a blessing at the right time.

Hats off and Thank you!

Anish Mehta

Domain Hosted with us? turndot.com

Nunca he tenido problemas con el uptime de mi web, ofrecen sus servicios a precios muy asequibles y el trato y la calidad del soporte son excelentes. Hace un tiempo pregunté si ofrecían el SiteBuilder RvSiteBuilder en sus planes de hosting, y como no lo ofrecían lo instalaron en sus servidores unas horas mas tarde.

El trato con el cliente es además muy cercano y amable, recomiendo este hosting completamente.

Domain Hosted with us? nibahosting.com

Host4Geeks LLC Jul 07, 2013

Translated from Spanish to English:

"I've never had problems with uptime website, offer their services at very affordable prices and quality treatment and support are excellent. Some time ago I asked if they offered on the SiteBuilder RVSiteBuilder hosting plans, and offered it as he was inducted into their servers a few hours later.

Dealing with the customer is also very close and friendly, I recommend this hosting completely."

I love the service, the technical support is excelent, but, i hate the cPanel template, is slow to load on bad connection, maybe with a light template, the cPanel can go faster.

Domain Hosted with us? andresrobinson.com.ar

Just all around the best support i've found for webhosting over the past 9 years of webhosting. I can not thank this team enough for all the hard work and support they've given me helping me grow my business. Thank you host4geeks.

Domain Hosted with us? www.insertblank.com

Amazing Services, amazing products, amazing tech support. Host 4 Geeks is seriously my new favorite everything. Previously I was a shared hosting reseller, but moved to Host 4 Geeks because of their insanely low price on VPS's. I have no knowledge of setting them up so i asked them and they politely set up the entire server, and are continuing to walk me through simple basic WHM issues that I never encountered. Their support is timely, accurate, and extremely helpful. Also their prices, I was paying 25$ a month at hostgator to be a reseller with 50gb of storage, and a limited bandwidth (among the fact that I was on shared servers) and now i have a quad core with 4gb of ram for a vps with double the sstorage, oodles more bandwidth, all for literally the same price! (they gave me a 40% off coupon over facebook). Host4Geeks is absolutely amazing :P

Domain Hosted with us? feedbubbles.org

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