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Premium grade web hosting backed by industry leading 24x7 support.

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Host4Geeks LLC Customer Reviews

Love Host4Geeks, we've tried various hosting providers before including more well-known names and in a way or the other we've always been disappointed. Host4Geeks provides an amazing service, with a simple control panel and top performances.

Their support is even more amazing, always available and fast in fixing any issue.

I have been using host4geeks for almost 1 year. I was initially referred to them by a friend who was very excited about the support and performance of his website and I am very happy to say that after one year, I now share his excitement too! Over the years I have used all sorts of hosting providers, from the cheap ones to the most expensive but none of them has the support and up-time that host4geeks has. When you have a problem you register a ticket and before you know it you get a reply back. They are also very efficient in problem-solving without having to wait for the second or third level support.

Overall I am very happy with host4geeks for 3 reasons: First I feel that my business is in good hands, second: I get quality support and 3rd my websites are available 100% of the time which is very important for me.

I have worked with a number of different hosts over the years, from Bluehost to Hostgator and now Host4Geeks. One thing I have learned while jumping from host to host, is that the bigger name hosts often provide an inferior servi ce, especially on the support end of things.

I came across Host4Geeks late in 2017 and the transition from Hostgator was a breeze. They were able to migrate my entire site and cpanel from Hostgator, which was a huge plus. Definitely saved me the hassle of moving all my emails, files, etc.

Since I have been with H4G, I have only had to open one or two tickets and they were always responded to within an hour. Their staff is very polite and do not treat you like you are just another customer.

Their uptime is amazing. Since I have been with them, I can't think of a time my site was offline or slow. I have never setup any monitoring for my website, but as I check and work on my site daily, it always fast and responsive.

Very happy customer here!!!

I'm a small business owner with not a whole ton of tech experience. I've used Host4Geeks for 2 years and they have been awesome. When I open a ticket, I never stay waiting for more than about 30 minutes. And the men and women who answer the tickets are super patient when explaining how to resolve any issue I'm having. I used to use another hosting company and between 90-120 minutes wait times on tickets, as well as a ton of billing problems, I moved all my domains over to Host4Geeks. Can't say enough positive things about the company. Recommend without reservation.

Host4Geeks LLC Jun 18, 2018

Thank you for taking the time to review us, we greatly appreciate it. Should you need any help at any time, we are always available. :) Cheers!

Host4Geeks is simply great!

I signed up for a shared hosting plan with host4geeks years ago just to try out the service. The price was incredibly low and I figured there was little harm in giving them a shot. This was the best hosting-related decision I've ever made.

Despite only having a shared hosting plan (with a coupon, no less!), the customer service was prompt with its replies and helped me through some admittedly edge-case issues. The uptime and customer service with host4geeks ended up being so good with my barebones shared plan that I have since moved all of my domains to host4geeks and started using a VPS.

I've used 1&1, Bluehost, DreamHost and HostGator, but Host4Geeks is the permanent home for the majority of my domains

Host4Geeks LLC Jun 18, 2018

Thanks Jamie for the detailed review. We are happy to have you hosted with us!

Live help is great! Harshal was great helping me to solve a few issues very quickly. Regards to all live support team.

My updated website was hosted on Inmotion for almost 4 years but the escalating costs made me shift and I made the horrible mistake of shifting to H4G.

10 days after hosting on H4G - my site was hacked. Mine is a simple site - pure HTML5 no databases, themes or plugins. I assumed that it was a one-off and deleted the site and rebuilt it from a clean cPanel backup, changed all passwords to 64bit.

Two months later - hacked again. Customer support was useless and tried to blame the hack on me to get out of a refund. I decided that enough was enough and moved my hosting elsewhere.

Buyer BEWARE!!! Their security is a joke as in the past 18 years I have never had a hack to a website except here.

As usual, H4G support help me in time and with a great attention. In this case, Harshal do a great work to help me. I really appreciate this guys. Thank you so much.

Great Customer service and technical support team.
I have been colaborating with them for more than 2 years and always great service.

I purchased a Premium Reseller Hosting package from these guys. The package had a limit of 25 cPanel accounts with 1 core, 1GB of RAM each. When cPanel got sold and increased their rates, these guys decreased my accounts from 25 to 20, didn't even wait for the renewal cycle to get completed. Also, each of my cPanel account has only 512 MB RAM available instead of the 1GB promised, which I noticed after almost 2 years. When questioned, their support had no concrete explanation. The response that I got was that "You need to issue a request as all accounts are set to default value of 512 MB". Why should I need to request for something I specifically paid for in the first place? These guys are a bunch of cheats.

They terminated my service due to delay from customer service!

They take the money and suspended the web hosting, actually they slow reply to tickets when I want to switch service with them with another service from them as well, they add invoice and added fees and I try to cancel and try to reason with them, and they canceled and suspended the service as they didn't reply it was canceled automatically and I try to refund and they didn't refund since it was not long it was few days with them with new service which was paid in full, and they still terminated the service and close account.

as they want to charge me for the old service which I switch from, they said they will cancel the old service and they end up to terminate the whole account.

with the service which already paid and the one that I switch from.

they not actually reliable and they have bad customer service.

Took the patience to teach and guide me on how to solve the problem.

Excellent & timely support as always. Highly recommend Harshal from their team. Thanks for the effort. Keep it up.. Cheers! :)

The support services from Ashish at Host4geeks is superb.

Very reliable always.

Thank you

Ashish helped me a lot with changing my name servers. I got support right away and they don't stop helping until it is resolved

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