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Phone: +1 (855) 737-4335

Address: 340 S LEMON AVE #4335
WALNUT, CA 91789
United States

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Premium grade web hosting backed by industry leading 24x7 support.

"Innovating Always"

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Host4Geeks LLC Customer Reviews

- ALWAYS there: Slowest live chat time was 15 minutes waiting. Slowest ticket response is 6 hours (happened only once). There are always technicians at Live Chat.

- Very fast service: Using tickets, I usually am able to resolve my technical problems within a few hours, depends on the problem.

- Stable server: I've never had a single down time in the 3-month period.

- Skillful technicians: Well, I can see back-up files wherever they are. A little messy, but it never produces any problem. Technicians, especially the CEO Kushal, are very knowledgeable in VPS matters (and all other matters I suppose, haven't run into them yet). They have never been NOT able to resolve any of my problem. Thank you all, Kushal, Justin, Ross, Dylan. (I hope I didn't miss anyone's names, I'd feel terrible for that).

They'll help you with almost everything: transferring stuffs, setting up modules from other providers,... and I am always granted the best result. They will even help you with stuffs where the problem is actually in your knowledge, not their server. You'll always get your problem resolved and learn something afterwards with them. It's just a very little more pricey comparing to those non-functional hosts out there that I've tried, but I totally got the best out of every single buck I spent. I'm very pleased with the way I am treated as a customer and I won't leave this host. When I move to dedicated server, I'll use them too.

Domain Hosted with us? codefuse.net

Host4Geeks LLC Sep 30, 2014

Thank you Huy for the wonderful review. I am glad you are happy with our services. I would also like to say that the 6 hours delay on a ticket was only when the ticket was specifically marked for management's response. :) Usually they are within 40 minutes.

Thank you once again!

I recently set up my website with Host4Geeks. I couldn't be more pleased with them. I'm new to this world and their user friendly site made setting up everything very easy. I have had two customer service interactions with them, once, at the beginning, the CEO (Kushal R.) sent an email welcoming me to Host4Geeks. I responded and very quickly got an email back thanking me for my response. I've have very good luck with their Knowledge Base in helping me figure out various different things and as a novice, I was able to transfer my site from WordPress to here without too much trouble thanks to their helpful advice. When I did have an issue that I couldn't find the answer to in the knowledge base, I used the Customer Support Chat feature and (Kushal R. again - apparently the CEO!) answered me personally and handled what I needed done right then on the chat. It was amazing. Definitely one of the top customer service experiences I've had. Particularly in a chat function. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Domain Hosted with us? www.mariaopensup.com

Just got setup and I must say H4G are extremely professional and they do indeed love their customers. Jamie and Kushal did exactly what a customer would expect, infact they exceeded my expectations.

Very systematic support system and I must say I fell in love with their Backyard - Services Management Portal. I wish I could get the same thing for my customers :D

After a nightmare with the previous host, I almost gave up with the idea of hosting business, H4G is a blessing at the right time.

Hats off and Thank you!

Anish Mehta

Domain Hosted with us? turndot.com

Amazing Services, amazing products, amazing tech support. Host 4 Geeks is seriously my new favorite everything. Previously I was a shared hosting reseller, but moved to Host 4 Geeks because of their insanely low price on VPS's. I have no knowledge of setting them up so i asked them and they politely set up the entire server, and are continuing to walk me through simple basic WHM issues that I never encountered. Their support is timely, accurate, and extremely helpful. Also their prices, I was paying 25$ a month at hostgator to be a reseller with 50gb of storage, and a limited bandwidth (among the fact that I was on shared servers) and now i have a quad core with 4gb of ram for a vps with double the sstorage, oodles more bandwidth, all for literally the same price! (they gave me a 40% off coupon over facebook). Host4Geeks is absolutely amazing :P

Domain Hosted with us? feedbubbles.org

I was approached by host4geeks via twitter after I had tweeted about problems with my current host provider. I was currently halfway through a hosting plan from my pervious provider, but kept coming up against bandwidth and usage problems – which have been a big issue, since I run my own business through my website. However after doing the maths I realised that even if I subscribed to host4geeks whilst half way through my previous hosting plan, I would still be saving money, and even better...getting a better deal.

Jamie in sales was excellent at talking me through the package and services provided, and even guided me through the checkout process (which is so simple it wasn’t really needed – but I do like a good geeky chat). I also added the “one off migration” tool to the package so that I could relax whilst host4geeks moved my website from my previous service to their shiny new one.

The service I received was excellent throughout. I was always kept up to date with what was going on, and migration of my site which also included updates and bug fixes (I had been using wordpress, but had come across several php errors that I could not resolve with my previous hosts) was simple and effective!

Overall an excellent service and an extremely competitive price; I will be recommending host4geeks to future clients and friends.

I have nothing to but good things to say about Host4Geeks. They have an uptime of 99.9%. It does not get much better than that.

In addition, I found the speed of my Wordpress sites to be very good. Compared to my previous hosting, H4G is light years ahead. They use SSD drives exclusively, which adds to the speed.

Also, they allow for unlimited bandwidth. I don't currently use a lot, but it's nice to know it is available should I need it in the future.

I actually consider it to be quite a bargain. It's $3.95 per month for their cheap hosting, but I paid about half of that when purchased 2 years of hosting up front. I've had very good experience dealing with their support as well.

I've not needed them often, but when I did they were extremely helpful. They were also quite fast at getting back to me. I would recommend host4geeks to anyone.

Life with this hosting company started out well in February 2017. I hit a few little problems early on, but these were resolved quickly and efficiently. I spent the last week in September 2017 in hospital after a heart scare. I returned home on 04th October and discovered an 'Account Marked For Suspension' email from Host4Geeks, a bit harsh considering the invoice was only 4 days overdue. It turns out they give you only 5 days and that's it, your account is suspended. Anyway, the invoice was paid, and account suspension was avoided. Unfortunately this would not be the end of my troubles with Host4Geeks.

In November 2017, quite a number of emails I had sent were being rejected because my account IP address (a dedicated IP, not shared) was part of an entire range of IP's that had been blacklisted on Spamhaus due to spam. It took Host4Geeks almost 48 hours to resolve this issue, and my business suffered substantially because of this. During that 48 hour period I had sent several messages to Host4Geeks, and was ignored continually.

The final nail was driven well and truly into the coffin in January 2018. I was once again late in paying my invoice, only this time there were no warning emails, no reminders, they simply took my website offline without notice on 05th January 2018. As soon as I noticed my website was offline, I logged in to my account area, which is when I discovered several messages in the ticket area, the last of which stated my account would be terminated and all of my files deleted if the invoice wasn't paid within 24 hours. I honestly can't say I've ever come across such an arrogant and ruthless stance on invoice payment. I paid the invoice and replied to the messages informing them that I never received any reminder emails. I was essentially called liar and once again ignored repeatedly. I moved my site to another hosting provider, and requested my Host4Geeks account be cancelled and a pro-rata refund be issued. My cancellation request was ignored for several days, and eventually someone responded and refused my pro-rata refund request. I informed Host4Geeks I would seek to obtain the required pro-rata refund through the courts, and informed them to cancel my account immediately. Several days later, and the account still exists.

I have encountered some of the worst hosting providers there are, and I have to say Host4Geeks are by far the worst of them all. I mean really, a company that terminates your account and deletes all of your files if you're 6 days late in paying an invoice? It's just ridiculous, unprofessional and unacceptable. Avoid!

Domain Hosted with us? unlocks.co.uk

No problems loading website at any time!
Awesome customer support. These guys hardly take any time to reply to you..Very happy to choose this hosting.

Domain Hosted with us? www.artistsnearby.com

I bought a VPS (for 6 months because I was trust them) with SSL and Litespeed from host4geeks in 10 August 2015. Their service was just a simple host, not SSL and Litespeed. I opened a ticket, they did not answer my ticket until I opened another ticket on Paypal. They wrote a lot of excuses to me and paypal after my paypal ticket. When I did not accept their excuses they closed my account without my permission. I still continue to get money back from paypal.

Now, I lost my money and my services. Please be aware this is not hosting company!!!

Just started with Host 4 Geeks.
Their support is excellent.
Host 4 Geeks did the full migration of my sites.
They also did set up all the name servers,
even on the registrar site.
Not 100% but 110% technical support.
Very happy new customer.

Domain Hosted with us? logerenbijvlamingen.com

Host4Geeks is simply the best web hosting provider out there.

I signed up for a shared hosting plan with Host4Geeks about an year ago just to try out the service. The price was affordable. This was the best hosting-related decision I've ever made. There is simple no looking back.

I have only used customer service for problems understand cPanel and various CMS. They are very quick to respond and very to the point. Their uptime is perfect, customer service blazing fast and supremely helpful, and the features plentiful. Admittedly, I managed to get a great rate with them and, thus, will be their customer for as long as possible.

Domain Hosted with us? antipodesusa.com

I have reseller hosting with host4geeks.com from last 1 month.

Initially I got good support for but from last 7 days I am facing too much problems.

I have generated two ticket.
#467916 - Regarding Facing Problem Because of Server IP Change (Generated on 03/08/15 09:00 PM )
#524229 - Regarding ReIssue of WHMCS License. (Generated on 03/03/15 08:04 PM)

Still not resolved and they are saying that we are in process just stand by.

Even for just issue and activate WHMCS license they not solved it in 7 days.

Today I got mail that our server migration done and all your account migrate. But non of my website opening right now.

I am really frustrated.

Domain Hosted with us? www.eryushion.com

I saw your hosting services in nixiweb.com, a free hosting services, then I saw your fantastic prices and I bought to test and I see the support service is super-fast and all the agents are super friendly so I decided to invest in H4G and start my own hosting business with them, because the H4G services are fantastic!!

Domain Hosted with us? hostrule.com

Host4Geeks is a very good company, that has an excellent support. I highly recommend them; they provide great affordable managed VPS services!

Domain Hosted with us? zidour.com

Incredibly knowledgeable and responsive support. Finally found the peace of mind for me and the home for my sites and projects that I was looking for.

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