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SimplexWebs is a leading provider of UK web hosting services. Since 2009 we've developed a clientele of thousands who rely on us to deliver a phenomenal experience. We pride ourselves on being an awesome company.

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SimplexWebs Customer Reviews

I have been with Simplex for almost 2 years now, and I have never experienced any problems with the service. The communication received from them is excellent, and any time there has been even the slightest of issue they have sent an email out to make sure people are aware. They were very helpful with getting me set up and were always on hand to help with any questions I had. they are very reasonably priced and the service offered is fantastic.

I would definitely suggest anyone who wants affordable hosting with excellent support should consider Simplex. I am 100% happy with the service I have been presented with over the past couple of years and hope to stay with them for a long time to come!

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

Thanks for being a valued customer, Martin!

Simplex delivered where all other companies we tried failed. Customer service is second to none - if there are ever any technical issues they work tirelessly to get them fixed and our downtime has been a fraction of what is has been with other companies. So - we have stuck with them ever since. 10/10!

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

We appreciate your custom - thank you.

I have been with SimplexWebs for 3 months now. There service has been amazing. Support tickets are answered quickly and all support technicians I have dealt with have a good knowledge of web hosting.

I have enterprise hosting and it hasn't been down once since I joined. There was a power outage in the data center once month and my sites still didn't go offline.

There price is a little more than the standard web hosting company but I would prefer to pay a little more for this service.

I would recommend it to anyone!

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

Thank you for your review, Tom.

We had major problems with a previous provider of our SHOUTcast streaming, which as a leading community radio station wasn't really working. Since moving to Simplex in 2012 we have received nothing but the best service and support all at a cheaper price too! We will continue to use Simplex for many years and would highly recommend them too. Thank you guys! :)

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

Glad we're providing you with a fantastic streaming service, Nick!

Have been with simplex for a while now, and the service has been excellent, very prompt replies to any questions I had, great uptime and seamless streaming, very very happy, I have run an online radio station for many years now, and never have I been so satisfied as I am now. top marks to simplex...

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

Thank you for your review! We're happy you're happy.

Switched to Simplexwebs after having problems with a number of hosts overselling themselves and not being able to deliver.
I was apprehensive about shared hosting but I'm currently on their Enterprise hosting and can't fault them. Haven't had any major issues, uptime's been excellent, speeds are perfect and their staff are polite, helpful and know what they're doing.
Definitely won't be switching any time soon.

SimplexWebs Mar 25, 2013

We appreciate your custom, Ben!

Have been with Simplex quite a while now and have always been amazed by the service. Customer support representatives always go above and beyond what's expected (and paid for) and always ensure issues are solved promptly. Servers are fast and clearly well managed and issues are all dealt with transparently - there's nothing worse than providers hiding real problems.

Have recommended SimplexWebs to quite a few people and I will continue to, definitely the best hosting provider I have ever used.

SimplexWebs Jan 28, 2013

Thanks Matt, we appreciate your custom!

SimplexWebs is one of a very small number of businesses I would trust to host my stuff. I'm currently using their shared hosting, which performs fantastically and generally works as it should. Support is an important part of shared hosting and theirs is quick and friendly. I wish them every success and hope to keep my stuff with them.

SimplexWebs Jan 11, 2013

Thanks for the review, James!

Fantastic customer service ... when it's there. Sometimes replies are very, very, very slow, sometimes they are like lightning, no happy medium.

Overall, i am happy with the service, however the support is something i feel that needs to be worked on.

SimplexWebs Jan 11, 2013

I'm sorry you're not entirely satisfied with our support, Michael. I will review your account history and find out what went wrong.

After starting with simplexwebs, I had a couple of teething difficulties, but with prompt response and help from their team, wightparty radio has run smoothly ever since, For the price it is 100% as it says on the tin, would highly recommend them.

SimplexWebs Jan 11, 2013

Thanks for the review, Leigh.

SimplexWebs, are by far one of the best hosts I have had the pleasure of using.
If you want a hassle free host, with good communication, good technical ability, and the honesty to admit when things go wrong, then you should look no further than SimplexWebs.
My pingdom tests show 99.95% uptime constantly (pretty much 100% as pingdom can be a little flaky themselves).
On the occasions when something does go wrong, simplex work hard to ensure you are
1. Kept informed
2. back up and running as quickly as humanly possible.
They show a constant drive to improve their offerings. The move to the new DC in Manchester, and the increase in both hardware and network specs shows a team of people who understand what business want and know how to deliver.
All in all well worth the money, and the five stars.

SimplexWebs Jan 02, 2013

Thanks for the lovely review, Steven! It's a pleasure serving you.

After hearing so many horror stories about other hosting companies, I was very hesitant about picking my first hosting company to host my first site. I was fortunate enough to find Simplexwebs and I have been so pleased with everything. If I have ever had any problems they always get fixed within a matter of 10-15 minutes, sometimes even within a matter of minutes. The team are very friendly and always willing to help. The service is fantastic never had any problems. They communicate well and keep me informed of any changes or maintenances. I highly recommend simplexwebs!

SimplexWebs Dec 29, 2012

Murat, thanks for the review! We're glad we've set the bar high and we'll continue to excel for you.

In my experience, SimplexWebs have been highly professional, friendly and quick to respond. A reasonable price for their service too, recommended to anyone!

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Ryan, thank you for your comments. We appreciate your custom.

How long have you got?
I have nothing but praise for SimplexWebs and the superb team who are behind it.
I have been up the proverbial creek many times with my forum and on each occasion they have saved my hide. Real fast support, always polite, they treat you more as a friend than a business transaction. Nothing is too much trouble!


Here's to a great 2013 for SimplexWebs.


SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Thank you, Tim! We're glad you're happy.

WOW. Enterprise hosting is truly brilliant - trust me. I have left SimplexWebs to try and cut costs for my business - only to return on both occasions. Nobody offers you a better service level agreement or has a faster shared hosting service. I would certainly recommend SimplexWebs to anyone out there.

SimplexWebs Dec 26, 2012

Enterprise hosting is something we've worked hard to perfect - we're glad you're happy, Connor.

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