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SimplexWebs is a leading provider of UK web hosting services. Since 2009 we've developed a clientele of thousands who rely on us to deliver a phenomenal experience. We pride ourselves on being an awesome company.

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SimplexWebs Customer Reviews

After years of using a hosting company with two numbers and an ampersand, I had become quite discouraged with finding a service that had a good enough moral compass to understand that service is key.

I was reading a macrumors forum post about great web hosts and came upon someone recommending simplex webs, a web host, I had never heard of before. The review was short, but convincing.

Quickly ran over to their website, signed up and was immediately impressed. Everything was fast, and extremely easy to use, and my website definitely felt faster.

Most impressively is their customer service. Nothing beats talking to a human being, especially a human being who cares and wants to have a conversation with you and solve your problem. I have always gotten a response within the hour, and they always have an answer to my questions.

I have started to move all of my client's sites over as well. It is really just fantastic.

Website www.ironbounddesigns.com

SimplexWebs Oct 13, 2013

Magic - thanks!

I've been with Simplex for three months now after choosing their streaming services for our internet radio needs. Overall, I've been very pleased with the experience. The customer service is TOP NOTCH! It's clear that they truly care about their customers and address issues in a very timely manner. There are just two issues that prevent me from giving a 5-star rating at this time.

1) The e-mails I received from Simplex do not state to "not respond to this e-mail" and were so conversational in nature, that I assumed I could reply back and get an answer to a couple of questions. After never getting any responses, I began to get frustrated. I should have known to ignore the e-mails and submit a ticket, but it would help if that was made clearer to new customers. Once I figured out the ticket process, I was floored with the timeliness of the responses. :)

2) We had issues with a DDOS attack causing our stream stability to fluctuate during European evening hours soon after launching out stations. This caused some stress for a few days, but the issue seems to be resolved now and Simplex was genuinely apologetic and lightning fast in addressing my concerns.

My hope is that this 4-star review becomes a 5-star review three months from now, as I have a very positive opinion of the way Simplex operates. I look forward to being their customer for a very long time.

Website www.gridstream.org

SimplexWebs Oct 13, 2013

Let's turn this into a 5 star review. Thanks!

Outstanding service, brilliant staff, great prices, all round amazing host.

Truly have the customer at heart of their business

Website www.vbitty.net

SimplexWebs Oct 13, 2013

Thank you for your review!

I can't rate this company highly enough. I have been looking for a reliable and robust SHOUTcast provider for a while, and all I've tried are either too expensive or unreliable. Simplex Webs are exceptional with their support and the streaming service is ultra reliable.

It is unusual to find a company that takes so much care with their customers when they are charging so little. I now run three streams through them for three community radio stations and I am delighted with the audio quality I am getting.

If you have been looking for a decent streaming service and don't have money to burn, but need the most reliable stream, you cannot do better than Simplex Webs.

Website www.chelmsfordcommunityradio.com

SimplexWebs Oct 13, 2013

Perfect - thanks Hal!

I think the Enterprise Hosting plan that Simplex Hosting offers is really great. I use it for a couple of web design clients and haven't had any issues with it.

SimplexWebs Jul 06, 2013

Thanks for the kind words!

Excellent service. Thankyou

Website www.askdevelopment.co.uk

SimplexWebs Jun 25, 2013

No, thank you! ;-)

All round excellent service, quick help when problems occur and good advice on technical aspects of hosting.

Website www.mediachimps.co.uk

SimplexWebs Jun 15, 2013

Thanks Mark, we appreciate it!

Using just the shoutcast streaming service and I am fine!

SimplexWebs Jun 15, 2013

I'm glad our streaming packages are working great for you!

I cannot fault SimplexWebs. If there has been a situation, they have the staff and the ability to sort it in double time, always!
Nothing is too much trouble for this crack team.
I have been with them from their very early days and it just keeps getting better.

You really do need to be doing business with SimplexWebs!!!

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

Thanks Tim, the pleasure is all ours.

If you are looking for value/money service then Simplex is the right one for you. They have quick respond team avialable 24/7 that will solved all of your problems. Technicly everything is perfect however there are two things that I dislike - webmail service and SPAM that annoy me. I'm hoping that guys will sort it out this year and I will be 100% satisfied. My rating is 4.5. Would I recommend their service to my friend? YES Why? because they care

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

Appreciate the kind words, Tom. Feel free to submit a ticket to our team if there is an issues you're not happy with.

SimplexWebs has been nothing short of perfect in terms of reliability, cost effective, support. There is nothing to improve in terms of the service.

When you are running a company, You want to lead by example and SimplexWebs defiantly does this for me, Since having a server with them i've had one downtime (which was explained before hand)
Couldn't thank the Simplex team anymore.

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

You're most welcome, Ross!

Mar 31, 2013

SimplexWebs has been nothing short of amazing regarding site performance and support.

It has offered me a very welcome and needed peace of mind.

When you are running a website, you want to spend time on serving its users and focusing on content and user interaction, spending as little time as possible worrying about performance, optimization, contacting support etc.

Their service is so good that the hosting has sort of become "invisible" (like they say with hardware in the pc world) allowing us to focus on what we want to do with the site.

We are very pleased and will be staying with Simplexwebs for the foreseeable future.

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

Thank you for the great review!

I have been with SimplexWebs for almost three years now and I honestly do not have a single bad word that could be said about them. Their service is incredible and I would highly recommend them to others. This is because I can't remember the last time my website had been offline because they have excellent uptime, super fast servers and ticket response. Thanks for your services and keep up the good work!

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

Chris, three years is a lot! Your business is appreciated.

Ive been with simplexwebs for just under 3 years, never had any major issues, just issues caused by uncontrollable circumstances like power cuts but service has been fully restored in minutes, brilliant support from staff, amazing uptime, brilliant server speeds.

All around an amazing host, they really care about their clients and the prices are cheap and fair considering the high level of services you receive.

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

Thanks for being a loyal customer, Ashley!

Been with Simplex for 6 months now.

The servers are fast and you get generous amounts of bandwidth - much more than another other hosting company in a similar price bracket.

I had a few problems such as DNS IP address changes due to hack attacks and cgi-bin not working, but generally are very fast to fix things.

Highly recommended.

SimplexWebs May 07, 2013

Thanks for the review, Malik. Glad you're satisfied with our service.

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