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78 York Street
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United Kingdom

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SimplexWebs is a leading provider of UK web hosting services. Since 2009 we've developed a clientele of thousands who rely on us to deliver a phenomenal experience. We pride ourselves on being an awesome company.

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SimplexWebs Customer Reviews

On the rare occassion I have to contact the folks at Simplexwebs I rarely get someone whom doesn't know what they are doing.

I forget how long I have been with them now but have no intentions on looking elsewhere.

Website www.miltonkeynescommforum.info

I've been with Simplex since Jan 2010 and they have matured considerably as a company over the last four years.

Service has always been very good and for the last year or so service quality has been very good with basically no downtime. Would recommend if you're looking for a company you can rely on, pricing doesn't seem to be as discounted as it once was however.

We've been with SimplexWebs for over a year. In that time we have found their service consistently reliable and well-managed. Support, although required only rarely, has been outstandingly quick and helpful. Highly recommended hosting company.

Website www.kenthouse.com

i've been using simplex web for two years now. i couldnt't be happier with the service. any trouble i've had, they were quick to fix, but that's been rare, it's been great all along. Thank you for the service and keep it up :)

I've been with Simplex since the 8th October 2011, and my experience has been fantastic! The support is unbeatable, the prices are great, and the speed of my websites is rapid.

I've recommended Simplex to both clients and friends, and they've all had a great experience too.

Website www.jackellisweb.com

So far so good. I came from Just Host and like many I was initially lured in by the "unlimited everything" cheap deal. But those guys keep cranking the price up by almost double every renewal and the throttling was just getting ridiculous.

With simplex webs, I'm paying less and the speed difference is just...............OH man! No comparison. Also, customer service is top shelf. These guys migrated all my content and domains without me having hardly anything.

Can't be happier at this point.
Lesson of my story: don't be fooled by the "unlimited" mambo mambo! I'm infinitely happier with simplex webs.

Very professional, quick support, and with it, excellent hosting packages! Their servers can handle top notch & heavy web applications as was demonstrated by our own! We're very lucky to find an honest host amongst thousands in the market!

I highly recommend simplexwebs!

Website http://pipsheet.com

SimplexWebs Dec 20, 2013

So nice to hear this - thanks!

Over my time with simplexwebs I had amazing support given by them if I had issues.

The support is quick and fast with friendly staff and so far I have not expected any major downtimes with my website. Keep up the goodwork!

SimplexWebs Dec 20, 2013

We will! :)

Truly professional and helpful service from guys that actually care! Always fast and very helpful service, cant speak more highly or recommend more strongly.

10/10 A+

Website www.simplexwebs.com

SimplexWebs Dec 04, 2013

Thanks Brian!

Its nice to deal with a company with such great customer service!

Its difficult to find sometimes!

SimplexWebs Nov 05, 2013

Thanks for the review! Customer service is certainly #1 to us. :)

Brilliant support and service in general. I have previously asked for a week additional time to pay an invoice and for them to take off the late fee, both of which were accepted within an hour. Highly recommend.

Website www.rigside.org

SimplexWebs Nov 05, 2013

Happy to be serving you! :)

In one word: excellent.
Great performance, 100% service continuity, incredible support.
I'm convinced that I've choosen the best.

SimplexWebs Oct 13, 2013

Thanks for the review!

This is my first ever review for anything.
Let me tell you something about shared hosting. I am a developer and have been using different hosting provider. i tried justhost, fasthost, rochen, evohosting, myhosting and many more.
But i got thrilled with simplexweb. they provide what it said on tin.
to be honest, i couldn't find any shared hosting better than simplexweb even paying double the price i pay here.
Support response time is fast like anything. i have used big CDN at my workplace, but simplex web support beat by miles.

Website simplexwebs.com

SimplexWebs Oct 13, 2013

Our pleasure - thanks for the review!

I can not stress enough how important it is for you to go to Simplex Webs if you'd like a hosting service that is not only flawless in its operation and functionality, but also in its customer service.

I can hands down say that I have never received better customer service, ever. The live chat is instant, with the operators being concise and incredibly helpful, but also doing so in a friendly manner.

I'm a web developer with intermediate knowledge on networks, dns and hosting. I've used many hosts before but Simplex makes the process so easy that anyone with basic computer/internet knowledge can understand what they are doing.

Can not recommend enough, it blows all competition, especially FastHosts completely out of the water. Look no further, go with Simplex Webs.

Website www.simplexwebs.com

SimplexWebs Oct 13, 2013

Thanks for the smashing review!

Jul 22, 2013

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Website www.dovflix.com

SimplexWebs Oct 13, 2013

Thank you!

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