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United Kingdom

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SimplexWebs is a leading provider of UK web hosting services. Since 2009 we've developed a clientele of thousands who rely on us to deliver a phenomenal experience. We pride ourselves on being an awesome company.

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SimplexWebs Customer Reviews

Over the last year we have ported several websites to SimplexWebs which has been a good opportunity to test their systems and support services. We have been impressed. Responses have been quick and proactive and technical support impressive. SimplexWebs deserves to prosper.

7 Years of amazingly brilliant hosting, never have I had to think through a better solution since joining Simplex - so much so that it fills me with joy when I am able to keep all of my services running under their name.

I bumped my hosting up to their enterprise plus ssd solution a few months ago and haven't looked back since. The power I get for my website is incredible.

Most of all they're a super friendly British company, that's even more of a plus right?

Website www.oxygenradio.co.uk

Simplex cancelled my account without notice a couple of months ago after it was hacked & allegedly sending out spam emails.
Unfortunately I'm still being billed every month and repeated requests to stop trying to charge me are being ignored. All in all, a poor service.

SimplexWebs Jul 16, 2016

Hi Peter. We're really sorry that the experience you've had with us is not the experience we usually deliver, as you'll see from the other reviews left. Unfortunately we made the decision to close your account with us after continued security exploits on your account, resulting in problems for other users on our network. This was despite us spending a considerable amount of administrator time working with you personally to clean up existing exploits on your account, but the onus is on our users to ensure the scripts and software they run is up-to-date to avoid problems such as those you experienced. We wish you the best of luck with your new provider.

I just can't fault them.
I have used many web hosts over 15 years and they are the best yet.

Having been a customer of SimplexWebs for over 4 years, I can confirm that I have found that hosting company where I'll never consider moving again. My first experience with SimplexWebs was with a fansite website, which was a very low traffic website. Over the years I have moved multiple websites over to SimplexWebs and they now power all of my business' website. Tim and Harry have worked tirelessly over the years to provide a fantastic service, and I can say they really do give a service no other hosting company provides. SimplexWebs treat their customers as a person and not just a number. Tim and Harry and very approachable guys and are always on hand. They have built up a very trustworthy hosting company and I have no intentions of leaving SimplexWebs. Keep up the work guys!

Website www.jansanwear.co.uk

First class service.

You may need assistance for the first configuration. Then you can forget it.
Simply because you will not need it anymore. These guys know what they do.

That's another yearly hosting subscription for @simplexwebs all paid for. Could not recommend these guys enough. First class british hosts!

Website www.simplexwebs.com

We've been using Simplex for a few months now, and I can't fault their service. The knowledge is very good, but it's the proactive approach I find reassuring also.

I'm sure I could shave a few £'s off the monthly cost if I shopped around, or bought hosting without any promise of support. But it's frankly just not worth it, the added value and service is superb.

I sleep easy knowing the hosting is in a 'safe pair of hands'

Excellent services attention and i'm happy with Simplex Webs, Very Thanks Guys, for excellent team

Website http://tecnobitt.com

I was pointed to SimplexWebs by a friend and told they were great for customer support and service. I've not been disappointed. A very great attention to detail and the support is fast, comprehensive and everyone I've dealt with in the company has taken a pride in what they do!

Well worth being with.

We have been very pleased with the service from SimplexWebs. Response to queries and problems has been excellent. The only issue we have is in paying for the service. We haven't been able to set up a standing order at present which would make our life much easier.

Website www.bim-surveyors.co.uk

I have been with SimplexWebs for well over a year now, and they have been fantastic all the way. Support is generally great and speedy, and the guys are very knowledgeable and accommodating. A free dedicated IP address and SSL certificate sweetens the deal.

However, the thing I love the most is the performance. The server is extremely quick and (although it doesn't mean a huge amount) I get a 9ms ping to my website, faster than I get to google.co.uk. SimplexWebs is extremely good value for the performance you get, and that's what I value so highly.

Been with Simplexwebs for 3 months now. So relieved I have changed to them. The service is excellent.
The change over completely painless.
Website now loading much quicker and I use the website monitor service Pingdom, Simplexwebs coming in at 100% uptime! very impressive.
For any business, all we want is our website loading quick and online all the time, put simply, Simplexweb performs this task perfectly.

Website www.GoCasasPortugal.com

il mio sito non è installato perché e in allestimento però inizialmente ho avuto grandi difficoltà diventate dieci volte più grandi perché l'assistenza non parla l'italiano e io non conosco l'inglese, ma con l'aiuto di google traslate ed un pò di tempo in più del necessario per difficoltà d'interpretazioni, HANNO risolto tutti i miei problemi. Se inseriscono anche un assistente Italiano potranno avere un anche un elevato numero di clienti Italiani. Io sono soddisfatto. Michele

Website www.lamartadd.com

Great service.
Never a problem.
Fair price.

When I asked for help, the answer was professional and fast. You can take care of your business in peace.

Not perfect, super perfect!

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