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Phone: +1 (877) 474-6448

Address: P.O Box 663
Mukwonago, WI 53149
United States

Business Profile

MonsterMegs provides hosting solutions for small businesses, individuals, and enterprises worldwide. With more than 10 years experience in the industry and a wide range of high demand services, we will leverage our knowledge and experience to provide the best hosting experience imaginable. Our goal is to be the strongest long-term hosting provider in the market of web hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, domains services, and IT solutions by utilizing new technology and innovation.

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MonsterMegs Customer Reviews

I was so confused when my old hosting can no longer hosting my website.

Luckily, i found Monstermegs.
Monstermegs gives a good and reasonable price.

Moving from Old hosting to new hosting is kinda hard, but Monstermegs support is so great. They help me a lot and my website back online within 2 hours.

So far, i am satisfied with Monstermegs service. However, it will be perfect if Monstermegs add more payment processors.

Monstermegs has great hosting. I host my site for 1 year with this company. Server always up, price is good, and support is very helpful and fast. I renew my account for 2 more years just yesterday.

I suggest others to not miss out on this great hosting!

I have been with Monstermegs since 2011. Their service has been nothing but outstanding the whole time. From their staff to the actual hosting service itself, I have had 0 complaints.

I started with one of their shared hosting plans, but as my site grew, I quickly upgraded to their Semi-Dedicated hosting plans. Their Semi-Dedicated plans are amazing. The servers powering these plans must be beasts, because they have had no problem processing my heavy mysql/php applications.

The stability of their service is outstanding. What I like best is they properly report any maintenance periods and it their are any outages, they keep me properly updated on their network status page.

All I can say as my time with Monstermegs has been all positive and if the service continues to impress as it always has, I will be sticking around for the long haul. I have tried several other hosts and they just don't compare to the quality of service I receive here.

Keep it up Monstermegs!!!

Using a reseller From Monstermegs.com over 3 months.
I am extremely pleased! Stable servers and staff very quick and friendly.
Recommend most trusted services Monstermegs.com

I have a semi-dedi account and a reseller hosting account with this company. The service has been the best I have ever seen in the 5 years I've owned websites. Their support is also as good as it gets. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Great Hosting at a Great Price!
I am a web designer/developer and have used a lot of different hosting companies. MonsterMegs consistently delivers a solid product at a price that you can't argue. Make way Apache, Litespeed hosting is where its at!

Awesome Service
I have nothing but praise to give to MOnstermegs they owner of the company is freindly, reliable and trustworthy. He provides a fantastic service to both the normal everyday person to the commercial side. He has always been helpful to me even though I moved from monstermegs to purchase a dedicated server of my own the time i spent with monstermegs was awesome. If i ever have to find a hosting provider for shared hosting i will always return to monstermegs

6 Months - Still as amazing as day one
Found MonsterMegs by chance and have never looked back. I have 2 separate hosting accounts with them and with amazing speed and reliability I won't be cancelling anytime soon. Only one event of downtime when their server's hardware broke and they replaced it within 12 hours with a entirely new server and placed the backup of my account on the new server straight away

MonterMegs great Webhost company!
Great Services: - The service itself has been rock solid. - Network speed is always fast. - The price is good. - Friendly and proactive support always. - Fast Network. I am pretty pleased with MonsterMegs services and would continue to be with them for a long time.

Awesome Service
After being burned by appalling service by the trendy media host liked by the design community, MonsterMegs is a breath of fresh air. All request are handled almost immediately, courteously and answered in detail. Remarkable - keep it up guys!

This one is perfect host.
I join many host provider but this one is perfect host.

Thanks to Kevin at MonsterMegs!
I'm a humble blogger, not technically savvy at all. I wanted to port my blog from Blogger to Wordpress so I could have it hosted, but was quickly overwhelmed by the technical steps necessary. After several panic attacks and frantic messages to MonsterMegs, Kevin jumped in and offered to do the conversion for me, free of charge. He went WAY beyond the call of duty - especially for basically a $59.00 annual charge. We messaged back and forth over a week as I followed his directions and he made changes on the back end. I can't express what a relief it was to have a real person - the SAME person - to rely on through what felt like an overwhelming process. Thanks Kevin, and MonsterMegs. You've got a loyal customer now

MonsterMegs has offered me a very valuable service
I have had many issues with past hosts and were in need of something very stable. When I contacted MonsterMegs they were very courteous and knowledgeable. Once I finished signing up they offered to move our website for free without us even having to ask. Within 20 minutes of signing up I had our website up and running. Their sever speeds are amazing compared to our last few hosts. I don't know what they are running, but they are FAST!!! I have contacted their support a couple time regarding extra ports I needed open or php modules I needed active for our site. They addressed the tickets within 20 minutes and everything was complete within the hour. All in all I think I have found a new home at MonsterMegs. Keep up the good work guys!!

Having run multiple websites for the last 11 years, I know the importance of dependable service and uptime. I have found that with MonsterMegs. Since I have been a customer with them, any questions or concerns I have are address right away and always to my satisfaction. Although I know I am not their only customer, I am made to feel that I am. With all the other companies available these days, their dedication and professionalism is the reason I remain a MonsterMegs client

We switched to MonsterMegs based on a recommendation, and couldn't be happier We always receive exceptional service almost immediately. They have the fastest tech support I've dealt with online. I highly recommend them!

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