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Phone: +1 (877) 474-6448

Address: P.O Box 663
Mukwonago, WI 53149
United States

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MonsterMegs provides hosting solutions for small businesses, individuals, and enterprises worldwide. With more than 10 years experience in the industry and a wide range of high demand services, we will leverage our knowledge and experience to provide the best hosting experience imaginable. Our goal is to be the strongest long-term hosting provider in the market of web hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, domains services, and IT solutions by utilizing new technology and innovation.

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MonsterMegs Customer Reviews

I have worked with a number of different hosts over the years, from Bluehost to Hostgator and now Monstermegs. One thing I have learned while jumping from host to host, is that the bigger name hosts often provide an inferior servi ce, especially on the support end of things.

I came across Monstermegs late in 2016 and the transition from Hostgator was a breeze. They were able to migrate my entire site and cpanel from Hostgator, which was a huge plus. Definitely saved me the hassle of moving all my emails, files, etc.

Since I have been with Monstermegs, I have only had to open one or two tickets and they were always responded to within an hour. Their staff is very polite and do not treat you like you are just another customer.

Their uptime is amazing. Since I have been with them, I can't think of a time my site was offline or slow. I have never setup any monitoring for my website, but as I check and work on my site daily, it always fast and responsive.

The only drawback I see is their prices are a bit higher than others. Although the service quality outweighs the extra cost, so all in all, it is worth it. So I won't knock them a point on being a bit more expensive. Like they say, "You get what you pay for" and that is so true with Monstermegs.

Very happy customer here!!!

Monstermegs is a great host. I run a network of Opencart site and had spread out my network across multiple hosts, including Monstermegs. After a few weeks I started having multiple issues with some of the other hosts, but our monstermegs hosting was running perfect. We contact the staff here to see if we could work out some kind of special pricing, since were interested in moving about 10 different cpanel accounts to their service.

After talking with their staff, we worked out some special pricing on 10 corporate hosting accounts. They offered to transfer all the cpanel accounts for us, which was a bonus.

From the time we placed our order for the 10 accounts, to the time we were up and running on MonsterMegs servers, was a total of 2 hours. I was amazed how fast they moved 10 accounts for us.

We have been running our entire Opencart network with MonsterMegs for over 2 years and have not had a single complaint. Their staff is very knowledgeable and provide fast replies. The uptime on the servers we are on, have been remarkable. I believe we noticed on a couple short downtimes in the 2 years and they always kept us updated via their status page.

All in all, I have to rate them a 10/10, although you can only rate 5/5 here. It has been such a pleasant experience and I look forward to expanding our Opencart network with Monstermegs in the future.

About 3 years ago I came across Monstermegs after having issues with a number of other hosts. My website often results in burst of high traffic and needed a host that could handle these traffic spikes. After talking with their sales department (which were fantastic) I ended up going with their Enterprise Hosting (used to be Semi-Dedicated Hosting) in their Netherlands location. Monstermegs' Enterprise Hosting was a perfect fit for our site. It handled all the traffic bursts without a hiccup.

Since ordering my first Enterprise Hosting account, I have added an additional 2 more Enterprise accounts for new startups.

Their support has always been very helpful and have gone above and beyond to help me with ideas on getting the best performance out of my site. They recommended using a CDN and CloudFlare to speed up my website. Well all I can say is they were spot on. After adding these 2 components to our site, we have a website that loads 97% faster than other site on the internet (results from Pingdom web page test).

I cannot thank Monstermegs enough from providing such a great service and having such friendly support. I have no plans to look for any other host and will continue to use Monstermegs for any new upcoming websites. :)

I'm client since may 2016 with reseller account and recommend.

Excelent service and support.

I've been very happy with MM.

- zero downtime (after three months)
- zero issues with all services, including default settings on databases, shell use, large automated email loads, etc.
- the one time I had a question, I got a thorough response in about 5 minutes

I picked MM after spending several hours looking at options (because analysis paralysis is how I roll) and it turned out to be a very good value.

I desperately needed to switch over from my previous web hosting services from Arvixe.com. The response to my support tickets and the way issues were handled was very poor. The server would also go down quite often which made it troublesome for business.

After testing one of my websites/domains first, I quickly decided to move the rest over. MonsterMegs's service and response is very personal and quick. Even if I cannot reach them by phone sometimes, the e-mail response are just as efficient and effective. I feel very comfortable that my websites are hosted with them.

I use MonsterMegs reseller package for a few hours only but I must tell...the support is blazing fast.I manage more than 100 websites for clients, I use hosting services from 2002 and I never had this kind of experience. MonsterMegs ticket system is awesome and all my questions were answered in a few minutes. The billing control panel is one of the best i have seen. It is customized in a way that everything is organized and friendly.

I've been for MonsterMegs for a few months now, and I have nothing to say except that they are one of the best hosts I've ever used - my site is always up and loads very quickly, and I've yet to have a single issue.
Definitely a highly recommended provider.

So I'm just a regular person with the need for reliable, no angst web hosting. Reviews of the really big guys out there are not encouraging: disingenuous "guarantees", lots of upsell, hit-or-miss customer service.

MonsterMegs has been great--inexpensive hosting, quick and knowledgeable technical help, and lots of extras (like the recently introduced free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt). My experience has been completely pain-free. I'm happy.

Kevin and his team are always top notch. We have multiple accounts with them and they are very proactive with their support and upkeep of their hardware.

For a non-cloud provider, MM wins hands down. Been with these guys for years and will continue with them.

I have been with MonsterMegs since 2011 and I need to tell you they are the best web hosting company I have ever dealt with (and there has been a few). Five stars just are not enough.!

They have excellent customer services that truly put the customer first. They come through with awesome support without making you feel stupid (even if like me you really are ).
If you are thinking about hosting PLEASE do sign up with the MonsterMegs team I can promise you won't regret it.

On March 13rd, I got 305 THOUSAND page views on my shared (reseller) hosting account. With the help of Kevin from MonsterMegs and some optimizations of my own, I managed to finish the day without getting my account suspended! I'm with MonsterMegs for over 2 years now, and things are only getting better. Thank you, MonsterMegs!


The screenshot of the day I survived 300K visitors with a shared hosting account.


I have been with MonsterMegs for over 2 years now. I moved from another host that has constant issues with slow servers and downtime.

When I moved to MM the speed of our website increased dramatically. I know they run Litespeed, so that might have something to do with it. Either way their servers are just plain fast and have gotten even faster over the last couple years with their server upgrades.

We have not had to use their support often, but when we do, we have never had a response take longer than 15-20 minutes. This is darn fast compared to our old host that would take over 8 hours.

MonsterMegs has a solid service and we have recommended them to several of our colleagues who very happy with their service as well.

I have been using MonsterMegs services for last three months now. I am really satisfied with them only problem is that they don't allow Bandwidth purchases as add on, instead we have to buy a new service plan, looks like that is what i have to do.

But apart from these I am very satisfied with them.. They really does good job, almost like a dedicated server for me.. I am currently running http://bhabhidesi.com as my main domain with quite a lot traffic of almost 60k unique and page view of more than 200k.

Around 6 months ago I was on the search for a new host that accepted Bitcoin payments. I had tried several of the so call "bitcoin hosts" that jumped on the bitcoin wagon and branded their entire company around bitcoin. I found those hosts to be terrible, with my site going down every day.

So I was searching for an established company that accepted bitcoins. I happened to catch a press release about Monstermegs now accepting bitcoin.

I signed up 6 months ago and it has been a smooth ride ever since. I am on their NL Semi-Dedicated service and I have no complaints. The server is powerful, stable, and the network seems to be very fast.

I have referred Monstermegs to several of my friends and they too have been very happy. Finally I have found a good home for my website for some time to come.

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