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Phone: +1 (855) 720-2654

Fax: +1 (480) 436-6674

Address: 1530 E. Williams Field Road
Suite #201-20

Gilbert, AZ 85295

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StableHost.com provides affordable shared, reseller and VPS plans in the United States and Europe.

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StableHost.com Customer Reviews

Dirt cheap and sites are online; they even answer tickets faster than most I've worked with. Also, THEY ARE HONEST: they admit that they oversell and they describe their whole business model of overselling and how they manage to scale in the end and not end up with a bunch of dead servers and furious customers. I hope they don't change their attitude like most of the cheap-hosting providers that screw up in the end! Five stars for now (mid 2012).

My site is http://howmanyarethere.net/ and you can't belive this guys they are so fine !! İ didnt take any problem about hosting. Best Quailty Service Never Down.

İf you have a problem about the other hosting, you surely needs to come stablehost.com...

I have been a StableHost.com customer for over a year now and cannot but say the best for them.
I have been a perfectly happy customer and plan for stick with them for a foreseeable future.
Strongly recommend their services.

I like it. Never had a major slowness or down time. Affordable and easy setup. Recommended!!

After having been with another useless ISP for nearly 7 years, it was a huge relief to find a service provider who is so professional in all dealings. Support is superior and is dealt with, in most cases, in less than an hour. I am so impressed with Stablehost that I have also transferred all my domains over. Everything is running very smoothly with Stablehost.

I am already for a year with Stablehost and never knew a faster and better service before. I will stay with them and I am happy that they have a servers in Europe.

Very pleased with the service overall. No downtime and server is very robust. Glad I did the research, worth every penny.

I have never rated any business or paid attention to calls for rating/evaluation, but I had to make an exception for StableHost. I have had numerous accounts with them - which later needed to be cancelled and reactivated, billing issues (all because of my own fault) and technical problems too, but StableHost didn't crack. They not only resolved all my issues promptly, they were even generous with billing problems and their policy is clearly made to accommodate client. I give them five stars and some more to the really courteous and responsive customer service guys. To StableHost: Please don't screw up and continue to be this good.

Stablehost are hands down the best webhost I have come across to date; super quick and actually helpful email responses to support requests, quick turn around in resolving technical issues and yes, totally affordable too.

Stablehost definitely has the best service ever in terms of uptime server, server speed, value for money, and not to mention really excellent customer service. Anthony has been a great help to me, assisting me in all my issues (mostly about hosting upgrades and technical support). Thumbs up for Anthony and his team. Not to forget, Mau from Live Chat. Really helpful and friendly! I rate StableHost 5 stars! Keep it up, guys!

I like their service so far so good!

Stable host is committed to what it say. I have been some or other way fooled by false promised made in this hosting industry but the only host service I came across after trying atleast more than twenty hosting services is stable host. Now I have been with about a year and I am not searching for any thing else. I promise I would update my review in case if I come across any dissatisfaction in future with them here. Till then, you can take my word to go ahead with their service without any hesitation.

Excellent server speed. (yes, I did benchmark it) And decent support from what I can tell. avatarprime.net loads very speedy ^_^

Stablehost, huh? Awesome!
They are good in service. Support always reply and give me solution even it is my fault. I've used their service almost two years, and experience a tiny little problem a long time ago.

But, the late fee was so unfair, please consider using % from the amount of the bill. :)

I have been a client of StableHost for a few years now. They are affordable, reliable and professional. In the very few cases when I had to talk to tech support they were fast to reply and actually solved my problems. I highly recommend these guys to anyone - give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

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