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Phone: +1 (855) 720-2654

Fax: +1 (480) 436-6674

Address: 1530 E. Williams Field Road
Suite #201-20

Gilbert, AZ 85295

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StableHost.com provides affordable shared, reseller and VPS plans in the United States and Europe.

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StableHost.com Customer Reviews

I've been with StableHost for a few years and they've been great the entire time. Support is the fastest I've every had (normally they respond within minutes but never longer than an hour). I'd recommend them to anyone who wants reliable hosting.

After using different hosting providers, I always got dissapointed for some reason or another, I give a try to Stable Host, and since then I have been more than happy with the service, it is reliable, cheap, and just what I need.

Thanks Stable Host

Great guys, clear rules, no unfair or hidden cost.

I canceled because I'm going to the cheapest service I can find but this year I've been with Stable Host was the easiest one until now.

Canceling was easy too...

I'll definatly recommend to any1 that asks for a good host

After 15 years of experience with other providers, I joined Stable Host 2 years ago. Prior to finding SH, I tried all of the major providers. Each host presented its own unique problems. After a terrible experience with my last host, I was beginning to consider a VPS.

Stable Host has restored my faith in shared hosting. Their service has been quick, reliable, and very affordable. They aren't perfect, but they are the best provider I have found in the last 15 years.

Fast, affordable, low ping, no restrictions. Im running bunch of websites on it without any problems

customer service could be better

I was customer for less than a year so I don't know if they have hidden charges, if they do I will come back here to cry about it

thank you stablehost guys :)

I'm thoroughly impressed with StableHost. The pricing is great and they truly live up to their name. I've used them for the past 2 years and haven't experienced any downtime on our business site. Definitely recommend!

Been very pleased with their service. Amazingly I haven't ever had to call their customer service. They warn you in advance of maintenance and the server is always running at lightning fast speeds. Keep up the great service at a great price!

Firstly, I sincerely applaud the responsive service of Stablehost. They are very quick and try to resolve our issues taken as theirs.

Pricing is affordable except that all higher plans over shared hosting are dearer.

I suggest SH to review the renewal procedures of both hosting and domain names. A slight discount on renewals of more than 1 year would encourage us to stay here without migrating.

Responsive, expert, helpful, and all at the right price. Who could ask for anything more.

I have nothing but good things to say about Stablehost. I have had several different providers in the past, and Stablehost's excellent service stands out. From the first day they have bent over backwards to help. They make clients feel special.

Fantastic hosting experience all around. Exceptionally happy.

Of special note: I've had better customer service from StableHost, for a ludicrously small sum of money per month, than I've had from major hardware vendors with whom I had a support contract!

When I first signed on with StableHost, we were placed on a LiteSpeed server. This didn't work well with our site, so I requested to be moved to an Apache server which support did so swiftly and graciously.

However, after a couple months of superb service and uptime, we were shuffled to another server that was terribly overcrowded and our service suffered for it. The explanation that we were given was that they did away with the server we were on because there was not enough accounts to justify the expense.

That is a fair point, but putting a site that has been functioning well on one server onto a crowded one and then blaming the account owner for reliability issues is poor form. StableHost should have been up front about resource usage before they started undermining the site's reliability so that we could have upgraded our plan to a more appropriate one.

After I voiced my displeasure to customer service, my site's members *mysteriously* began having serious issues accessing the site for hours at a time. Fortunately, our members are loyal and were patient while we found a more ethical service provider.

After suffering StableHost's guerilla warfare tactics for several weeks, we moved to a VPS plan from WiredTree, and couldn't be happier.

Amazing host. Great uptime, great support. Couldn't be much happier if they sent me a bar of chocolate.

Have two hosted sites/domains with StableHost.com and have to say the features are rich, price is excellent and the customer service is quick! Although minor technical issues arise from time to time it is almost immediately taken care of after contacting support, excellent value, highly recommended.

Stablehost has been a good service. Fast servers and excellent uptime. Also very affordable...

I only wish their managed VPS was more affordable...

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