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Fax: +1 (480) 436-6674

Address: 1530 E. Williams Field Road
Suite #201-20

Gilbert, AZ 85295

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StableHost.com provides affordable shared, reseller and VPS plans in the United States and Europe.

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StableHost.com Customer Reviews

I've been with Stable Host for since December 11th, 2011. During my time with them I've faced a few small issues that were resolved quickly with a support ticket request. I'm currently using their smallest web hosting plan which has been suitable for my needs and I've been running multiple websites this way. I'm potentially going to upgrading to a reseller account to better manage my websites. However, they've been great and I haven't had to contact them too much in 2013. I would definitely recommend them.

You can see my full review here:

A++++++++++ for Stablehost, they helped my business grow upppppp

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I have used stable host for a while now, started off with basic hosting and now upgraded to the enterprises server. Any question i had were answered really quickly, i have never had a problem.

I would suggest stable host to any one

Very fast even from Viet Nam, check out my website to see : www.aolopxinh.com

Best price and best hosting.
Good Support

Stablehost is the most amazing host ever, never had any problems, lots of unique features and i recommend to anyone. Very fast support, ive started with Stablehost and i will always stay with Stablehost.

Among 10 popular hosting providers I've used, StableHost is the best and only choice now for me.
- Great lightning real support, helpful and nice even when the problems are mine (many times).
- Great cross-platform environment that can run all script/platform even the most flexible ones.
- Great speed servers, no downtime ever caught except the short maintenance that are emails very soon before everytime.
- Cheap price.
- Everything is clear, no confusing.

That's so STABLE! Real stable, I like it!

I feel very happy and not any sale or promoters of Stablehost, just want to say thank to all the technical men of them, that help me and my business runs flawlessly.

Stablehost is the best hosting service that i've ever used. Love it :)


I've used 4 different providers, and Stablehost is head and shoulders above them all. Their pricing is super competitive, but the thing that makes them outstanding is their customer service. Every time I've had an issue their support responds within literally minutes (yes I know how to properly use the word). Recently Mau just went above and beyond to help me resolve an issue. He's secured my business for quite some time. Thanks Mau and thanks Stablehost!

Navigating the web hosting field was quite the chore but i'm glad i found Stablehost. Problems caused by ME have been handled promptly and professionally. If SH is doing any maintenance, they always send me an email to let me know what is going on. Nice! Kudos to the hardworking guys and gals there. Be nice to 'em.

I'm in process of building rather large PHP+MySQL application.
For the development I'm running Apache server locally, but needed to test application speed in real world.

After being with other well known web hosting company for seven years and not getting good response from the server, decided to give Stablehost a try. Mostly because great reviews from some well respected developers.

WOW, that's it - WOW!

Speed increase over my previous host is outrages!!!! It is executing PHP & MySQL even faster then the local server ( that I'm running locally.

I am not a technology proficient person, plus I am waaaay on my 60s, so my main concern when choosing a hosting company always been to find a place where I can feel comfortable asking questions without feeling I've been treated as a idiot.
After very frustrating experiences with two other hosting companies, I had lost hope that I would find a hosting company where I could feel comfortable.
But I found it in Stablehost what I was looking for and at a price almost unbelievable for the service they provide.
I have found nothing but good service, knowledgeable, and respectful employees always willing to help. Thank you Stablehost!

I've been with StableHost for almost a year. Its fast, cheap, and great customer support.


Amazing This GUYS is realy amazing ! İ start stable host from 2.000 Hits with a small package and now i have 12.000 Hits and i didn't got any any problem ( Shared Host )!!!


5 stars for Mau! Mau, if you're reading this, please keep it up. You're the best!

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