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Phone: +1 (855) 720-2654

Fax: +1 (480) 436-6674

Address: 1530 E. Williams Field Road
Suite #201-20

Gilbert, AZ 85295

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StableHost.com provides affordable shared, reseller and VPS plans in the United States and Europe.

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StableHost.com Customer Reviews

Nice Speeds, Nice Support, Nice price! What else could a guy ask for 5/5. Website is well built and I like their custom skin on cPanel makes it easier to navigate and browse through.

It's the only truly stable host I've seen so far. Uptime still at 100% after 2 months.

Speed is great for a shared hosting account.

Support is very effective and helpful, already tested their refund policy, which went smooth, only question asked was if I allowed them to erase my data.

Only thing missing is a robust website builder for begineers like myself (WP kinda helps a bit).

Overall 4.8/5 or just 5. They really deserve it!

Very happy with Stable Host. I have tried several other hosting companies all of which I had problem after problem with. With Stable Host I have had no down time and when I have questions the response time is almost immediate...very happy and have recommended them to others ~ ForeverMetals.com

I tried a few different web hosting providers over the years and didn't know what I was missing. Switched to StableHost Reseller hosting and was blown away. Later upgraded to a VPS, which is lightning fast. Tech support is top-notch. There's no reason to go anywhere else for hosting.

Love this service! We switched from a provider using Hostgator and have never looked back. The service is fast and assistance (when needed) has been quick and professional. Setting everything up was easy and the web interface is simple to use. Speeds on the websites I manage are far faster than my previous hosting companies. The server has not been down in close to 1 year since we subscribed. Overall I could not be happier with Stablehost and would recommend them to anyone needing fair priced hosting services that are stable.

I have received extensive support from Mau and Augustine Tom. It is by far the best support I have received from the three hosting services I use. The responses are quick and handled accurately in a very efficient manner. I am not computer savvy and they have been very accommodating when I've needed help. I am more than satisfied with Stable Host.

Stablehost is best hosting provider. They use SSD, my website running very fast, many mordern technology like litespedd webserver

they are one of the best hosting providers with amazing support team. they really provide stable hosting.

You know, web host companies can be annoying and not do what they suppose to do. With stablehost its different. I had a SSl problem like a week ago and they fixed it within 20 min, maybe even less. Support is amazing, makes me feel like family.

Best hosting (Enterprise Hosting).

i'm totally happy stay with Stablehost :).
Price, speed ans Stable.
SSD Drive is fast, event in the case your host have a lot of wwebsite.

Almost 2 years since i ordered my first plan with StableHost and can you belive it not one time has my website been down in 2 years and the only time i had to contact support is when i was late on my invoice payment :)

As a user for more than a year, all can i say is am glad that i found StableHost.

Exceptional service so far, hope you guys will continue this.

Thank you!

I had a problem once, my website was not loading, I contacted the support and they fixed it within 10 minutes. I was the one responsible for the problem of course. I recommend these guys to everyone!

StableHost provides professional services with utmost concern for their clients. Value for money is topnotch. Tech support is one support ticket and, at most, one hour away.

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