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Phone: +1 (855) 720-2654

Fax: +1 (480) 436-6674

Address: 1530 E. Williams Field Road
Suite #201-20

Gilbert, AZ 85295

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StableHost.com provides affordable shared, reseller and VPS plans in the United States and Europe.

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StableHost.com Customer Reviews

Here's my experience in a nutshell. Signed up & paid, then requested a Cpanel migration from my old host to new, they completed this within 30 minutes. Since then I had a few issues with scripts etc, no fault of theres, they responded every time within about 10 minutes & helped me resolve my issues. The Servers are faster than my previous host, I've had no down time, they allow you to use Lets Encrypt. Honestly the best host I've ever experienced, and I've been with different hosting companies for over 15 years. It's in the name, they are a stable host!

I've been hosted for over 15 years now starting with already gone AletiaNIC, then bought by Jaguar PC, then disgraced by EIG, as were many others I hired for me and my clients and am happy to announce StableHost is so far the best hosting company I got.

I don't host hi-tech nor very busy websites and I'm no techie so I can't judge the speed of their servers but they give me all I need: stable hosting (yes, it's not just a brand name!), a clear safe practical service and, last not least, and amazingly efficient and friendly customer service than does more than they even should... and fast response.

At my situation I can't ask for anything else. Hope it stays as it is and no big unhearted company swallows them.

Okay, here's the short review: StableHost is a acceptable-speed unlimited hosting provider. Well, it's very fast for the price.

My personal experience:
I bought this hosting plan in September of 2016, and have had no major problems with them. The worst thing I've experienced is having my hosting temporarily suspended because I had to verify my phone number. Other than that, it's got no major problems. Everything in the cPanel works except "Apps Installer" because that was replaced with Softaculous. I am paying for the unlimited disk space and bandwidth plan which costs $4.95/mo as of now. You get unlimited subdomains, FTP accounts, email accounts, and SQL databases. In conclusion, I'd highly reccomend StableHost to anyone who is looking for a nice budget web hosting plan.

I use StableHost for almost 10 months now, having a Reseller account.
I must admit that after 15 years in hosting business, i have never seen such a great service provided from a company.
I have switched more that 10 providers over those years and i am really amazed about the support team responce as well as the server quatily.
StableHost was a real discovery for me.

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No problems with the hosting.

Support works very quick and they are proactive while assisting with server configuration issues.

I am very satisfied.

I have used StableHost for over six years.
I have used (and still use) some of the popular hosts, like BlueHost, HostGator, DreamHost, and a couple of others.
Most were acceptable or even good, but StableHost has been the gold standard.
The very rare times that I have had problems, they have made them THEIR problems until they were fixed. Even when the problem was due to my carelessness, they helped me figure the problem out.
They are not perfect (one time, they changed a cache configuration that caused me some site problems), but they make things right in the end, and are always eager to provide great hosting and support.

I love Stablehost staff.
They are very friendly and really nice. My site is a non-profit organization, we specialize in rescue and save the lives of stray and abandoned dogs, puppies, cats, kittens.
They are willing support all my need.

No nonsense hosting. Its been almost 10 months since i've been using their hosting services. The uptime is absolutely flawless. The servers are real fast. I'm from India and i rate their service 5 Stars. Way to go guys, very happy with you. :)

I purchased the 4GB VPS. Verification was easy, and the server was up within 5 minutes flat. I opened a ticket with support asking for a new IP for personal reasons (nothing to so with StableHost), and it was done within 20 minutes. Fast server, STABLE product, great support. What isn't to like?

my website is much faster and my 3000 users are no longer complaining.

Highly recommend this company evening if your not sure about moving! Prices are great and so is the service.

Aug 03, 2015

One of the best hosting providers I've ever used - I've been using them for around 5 years. Solid servers with good uptime and performance, and a very efficient support team. With the new plans, things are even better. 5/5

I've been at StableHost for a couple of years now and can truly say that they are one of the best hosting companies ever! There is literally no downside to their hosting. The servers are fast and the support is extremely quick and helpful. The pricing couldn't get any better for what you are offered. Definitely 5/5.

Nice Speeds, Nice Support, Nice price! What else could a guy ask for 5/5. Website is well built and I like their custom skin on cPanel makes it easier to navigate and browse through.

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