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Phone: +1 (855) 720-2654

Fax: +1 (480) 436-6674

Address: 1530 E. Williams Field Road
Suite #201-20

Gilbert, AZ 85295

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StableHost.com provides affordable shared, reseller and VPS plans in the United States and Europe.

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StableHost.com Customer Reviews

StableHost has always been fantastic and, well, stable. On the rare occasions that I have tech support needs, my questions are always answered quickly (like, within 30 minutes) and completely, with a straightforward intelligence that I always appreciate. Highly recommended!

Stablehost provides some of the most affordable hosting around yet at an amazing price. Their support people always get back to me within a reasonable timeframe and are always willing to help me out no matter how small or big the problem or project.

I couldn't recommend a better host.

After years of being ripped off by G*****y (you know them) for sub par shared hosting, Stablehost.com comes along and brings me a nice and fast server, for way much less! Hell, I would have paid more for their service.
Stablehost, you rock!

My website has been hosted by StableHost for years but I've never had ANY hosting problem so far.

Best hosting company bar none! OK, so Ive only been with 2 other providers. But seriously, the Stablehost people are great and the service is unbeatable. In the couple of years that Ive been with them, Ive had NO problems whatsoever.

I used Stablehost service for a year until now and will continues use their great service. Height recommend for bloggers or busy site.

my site is: http://www.wpies.com

Migrating from a certain very well known and widely advertised web host with a pointy haired logo to Stablehost was worth all the research it took to find their recommendations in the first place. Stablehost's servers are faster and more responsive, their technical support is knowledgeable, rapid and to the point, they offer secure shell access without any fuss, and their admin panels are clear and uncluttered instead of being a morass of upselling enticements. Pointy haired logos no more - go Stablehost!

I have had a few issues, but none worth mentioning, though it does mean I can't give the full 5 stars.

Recently, the one big thing that did impress me was that my sites administrative passwords were compromised, and StableHost's staff promptly changed my password and deleted any malicious content.

I'm a busy person, so I can't always be on the internet to see what's going on, but they had resolved the issue before I had to take any quick on the spot action. I can't thank for a service like that enough.

StableHost is shockingly great.

I signed up for a shared hosting plan with StableHost years ago just to try out the service. The price was incredibly low and I figured there was little harm in giving them a shot. This was the best hosting-related decision I've ever made.

Despite only having a shared hosting plan (with a coupon, no less!), StableHost customer service was prompt with its replies and helped me through some admittedly edge-case issues with a Ruby on Rails install. The uptime and customer service with StableHost ended up being so good with my barebones shared plan that I have since moved all of my domains to StableHost and started using a VPN.

I've used 1&1, Bluehost, DreamHost, Frantech, and HostGator, but StableHost is the permanent home for the majority of my domains.

Before StableHost I used Namecheap for hosting. After tons of down time, I had to switch. I just couldn't take it.

Finding StableHost solved all my problems. They're named that for a reason.

Great quality hosting in good service .

You really don't realize how great of a host this is until you come to them from somewhere else. Compared to other hosts I have used Stablehost is by far the creme of the crop. Their customer service is very fast and attentive and the hosting itself is very fast and reliable. I have had almost zero downtime with them. I am very pleased with Stablehost...

Jun 27, 2012

I've been a Stablehost client for three years, and I'd be lying if I complained about anything. They certainly are one of the world's best shared hosting providers - if not the best.

Hosting is excellent with this company. I have never experienced down time and the only scheduled maintenance times were negligible, not affecting my visitors.

I have only used customer service for problems understand cPanel and various CMS. They are very quick to respond and very to the point. Although sometimes their answers or suggestions are too jargon oriented to understand.

The price is affordable and competitive. Hosting unlimited domains is nice.

The key difference between hosts is the efficiency of support and the level of communications that they maintain with their customers.

Stablehost does both of these very well.

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