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Livetecs LLC

Livetecs LLC



Phone: +1 (888) 666-8154

Address: Suite #8929,
3422 SW 15 Street,

Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
United States

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TimeLive Web timesheet suite is an integrated suite for time record, time tracking and time billing software. The TimeLive suite of products delivers a time tracking solution for professional service providers. Each of our products has been designed to meet the time tracking needs of specific segments of the service provider market, including both time tracking and time and billing applications.

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Livetecs LLC Customer Reviews

Excellent product from an excellent company. We have installed TimeLive on our own server and it's doing a great job. Easy installation and lots of facilities, yet very easy to configure and use. Highly recommended!

Azlan, Livetec CSR 6, was absolutely great. Rather then solve me problem. He taught me how to use the system better and to fix the problem myself. That's true customer service.

Timelive support is always been great and on time and till issue closure.
Robert and team has excellent knowledge on issue resolution and they rae so managed to work in lesser time.

Thanks to all

Service from Robert was superb. He used TeamViewer to access my desktop and walk me through the problem I was having. 5 Star service. Really impressed

Just ran out of licenses, so based on a great deal arranged via a live chat session with a Livetecs employee, we decided to purchase a license upgrade. Received a call from Livetecs within minutes, and had the entire license upgrade done in a half hour from initial contact. Great work Livetecs!

Quick resolution, gave me the right information quickly. Just what I needed, right when I needed it. Within 5 minutes I had everything done. Highly recommended.

Whenever there is an issue with TimeLive I connect with the support team via the Online Chat. Just today we noticed an issue after an update (last week)from version 6.2.62 to version 6.2.71 & the issue was taken care promptly. I wish after an update things which were working properly do not break.

Livetecs Support Team is the best & thanks for all your help!

The quality of customer service provided by Livetecs technical support team is second to none. They truly make your problem their problem. The take the time to resolve your issue in its entirety, without pushing the problem down the road. The quality of technical service is beyond many of the fortune 500 companies.

I am impresses with the improvement in the support portal of liveTecs. I have been using TimeLive for the past five years and can totally appreciate the improvements and options to the customers related to the support.

Keep up the good work.

WOW, what an amazing experience !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello dear Support,

I have enjoyed one of the best experiences I ever had with any Technical support I deal with, regardless if that was Microsoft, Cisco, HP or Symantec, Livetecs support I received today by “Robert Wood” was the most wonderful and easy stress relieving experiences, how much this gentleman has the technical experience and the patience and the knowledge to resolve the issue in no time add to his customer support skills and the way he proof himself to be the professional, yet the smooth and easy support that alleviated all the distress we were under getting the errors while connecting to Timelive.

I am sure behind “Robert Wood” is a team of technicians and engineers that kept this high level of standards, I do not have enough to thank Mr. Wood for his support today

Thank you
Best regards,


Online chat support is very supportive and helpful.

Apr 16, 2013

would appreciate the timely support by the team (via Live Chat)

Great customer service, the app itself is fantastic and user friendly. I find the tool comprehensive, slick, and the look and feel is very attractive.

Amazing Service, they were very profesional and commited.

I have had TimeLive since we set up a company and its great help from TimeLive team, Easy, Effective and very helpful. . Being with TimeLive team have always meet or exceeded our expectations with them. Great work team wish you best of luck

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