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At GlobeDomain, we feel everyone should be able to afford a website. That's why we offer plans starting at $4.50/year - just a little over 1¢ a day.

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Very fast and reliable service. Good and quick prompted support

I've been using GlobeDomain for many years and have generally found them to be reliable and responsive as well as excellent value for money. However with a couple of tickets recently I've struggled to make myself understood which seems odd but may just be me.

Excellent over the years but the acunett acquisition ruined the customer service. Ronny was a legend.

GlobeDomain Oct 23, 2013

Hi Joe,

I am still here! AcuNett acquired GlobeDomain in 2004, almost 10 years ago. There were definitely some hiccups in the transition but we hope that our service has been constantly improving for you. We always welcome any specific feedback that could streamline or improve our service to you. Feel free to drop me a line at president@globedomain.com to provide feedback or if you need me to look over any issues personally for you.

Thanks so much for your review!

Best Regards,
Ronny F.
President @ GlobeDomain

Fast response to my ticket,
and most helpful in resolving the issue.

Everything was fine for a few years but then you had an upgrade and all of my text was lost. I was told to have my web developer correct it. I do not have a web developer so it has remained a site with missing information.

GlobeDomain Oct 23, 2013

Hi Doris,

I checked over your account and do not see any support requests pertaining to this issue. If you could please forward the ticket ID of the issue to president@globedomain.com, I will personally take a look at this for you.

Please note that from time to time upgrades are necessary to maintain the security and well-being of the server. Running insecure PHP applications puts the server in jeopardy not just for yourself but for other clients as well.

Best Regards,
Ronny F.
President @ GlobeDomain

I have been a client of GlobeDomain since 2006 and now have 3 reseller acounts and several domains with them. Although over the years I have had some problems over all I feel that they do a wonderful job, especially when technical assistance is needed. Uptime compares to others that sell hosting service.
Keep up the good work
Robert Broz

Thanks for your help, for your quick response for their support. Really, I like that its technical support, I hear, I resolved, I understand.

I thank you very much for your support, I would feel more secure if not for their work of care and problem solution working.


fixed problem in no time at all!

Cheap. Fast hosting. I have 3 domains hosted here, and have referred many people. Problems get resolved in a timely manner, but there haven't been many issues in the last couple of years.

I have used Globedomain's hosting service for several years now. Uptime has indeed improved from the first years, and now I don't even see any issue with that. Customer service is fast and kind, every issue has been solved and advice given to any question I have had. Price is unbeatable. Definitely 5-star service.

Last company screwed me over and GlobeDomain fixed all the loose ends. Very customer service oriented and they are good at what they do!

Good service and reliable

globedomain work has been a pleasant experience, prompt service, fast, reliable and effective. highly recommended

I have 5 years working with globedomain for excellent service, good prices, 100% personalized attention and quick response. I recommend their services

I've been with Globe Domain for over 6 years now. They have always provided excellent service and customer support. I have recommended them dozens of times. Their quality service and affordable rates are unrivaled. Customer service is exceptionally friendly, though occasionally slow to respond. But all my issues have always been resolved. And they often reward their customers with free hosting and account upgrades. I can't say enough how great they are, especially considering they have one of the lowest rates on the net!

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