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At GlobeDomain, we feel everyone should be able to afford a website. That's why we offer plans starting at $4.50/year - just a little over 1¢ a day.

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This company has come a long way over the past 10 or so years that I have been with them. Their service levels have improved greatly, while their prices have remained extremely competitive. Downtime is little to none, and the new help desk and client portal area that they introduced a while back is excellent. Tickets are cleared quickly and politely.

I have been a GlobeDomain customer for 6-7 years. In the beginning there were some problems with uptime, but those all seem to be fixed now. In the last 3-4 years, I have not experienced any significant downtime with my service.

The newer help ticket system works well. All of my tickets have been responded to quickly. The people responding seem to know what they are doing and are able to take care of the problem quickly.

Overall, I am very happy with the service and will continue to use it. There is no one that can even come close to the price/value of GlobeDomain.

Com I've encountered many problems because some malware and I needed support through day for a week, and his responses were immediate, sincere, have helped me WITHOUT ANY problem has solved my problems especially have always had a response .

So I give them 5 stars because they deserve highlight their attention.


I have been using Globe Domain for almost 10 years now. I must say, I have rarely had a complaint, and even if I had one, it was attended to promptly.

I don't think there is another service which is more Value for Money than Globe Domain

GlobeDomain has been reliable and inexpensive.

The price is incredibly low and the service is excellent. The several times that I have submitted trouble tickets, they were answered promptly, solving the issues.

All tools are provided to administer and monitor domain/emails.

Great service, great price!

I am with you since several years now, I never had any problem, when I as assistance I get a very quick answer.

No problems good service

Globe Domain is value priced hosting that works great when it works. Have been with Globe Domain since before current owners took over. There is a lot of down time but it is cheap so I'm not expecting first class 100% up-time. Good hosting for hobby/personal sites but too unreliable for commercial use. Not switching only because I don't want to pay more.

Excellent. Easy to use service

I appreciate the fact that you ask for feedback. You have done very well and we don't even notice you..the best you can do.

GlobeDomain is unmatched in low price hosting! Do not bother with a company that charges a high monthly fee. Use GlobeDomain and pay a fraction of the cost.

The tech support folks were very responsive to fixing glitches that happened when I switched my site to Glob. Thanks.

I am with Globedomain for about 10 years. Fully satisfied and happy. Thank you.

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