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At GlobeDomain, we feel everyone should be able to afford a website. That's why we offer plans starting at $4.50/year - just a little over 1¢ a day.

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Have been using GlobeDomain for years and have needed help on several occasions. Each time the service was prompt and effective. Most recently my issue was solved in less than 25 minutes!

I am a massive globedomain.com fan.

I have been with them for over 7 years and currently have 8 sites hosted with them. Their services are extremely affordable, manageable and the hosting services are quickly and easily setup. It is also extremely rare for there to be any issues in regards to the site going down.

I have had to use their support services twice in the past two days (my own password drams - I have only used support about 5 times over the past 7 years) and each time their support was prompt and efficient.

I highly recommend them and would not think of hosting my sites anywhere else.

I've been with GlobeDomain for several years now. Their uptime has continued to improve year after year to the point where I can't remember the last time I had an issue. A new help ticket system and billing system was released a couple years ago that works well when something is needed. Did I mention it is ridiculously well priced? I have upgraded service a couple of times and plan to continue my business with them for my future hosting needs.

He sido cliente de globe domain desde hace anos, el servicio es excelente y la calidad de los productos es muy buena.

I have been a customer of Globedomain for years. I presently host 4 domains, that itself is an indication of my faith in their service. My initial attraction to globedomain was obviously the insanely low cost of hosting. I was initially weary of how the service might be at so low costs, but they have never disappointed me. First there is hardly ever any issue and if there is, they have a 24x7 support system to have it resolved. Would recommend it without batting an eyelid.


i am have hosting and domain on the globe domain over seven years hi is very best company every time to day best support.

i am thoroughly disgusted with this site, every year for the past 2-3 years the domain is set to renew i pay all invoices due and then they expire the site saying the invoice was not paid, even though I send emails with the paid invoices showing and when I log in it directs me to AcuNett and account page shows all invoices paid and no invoices due. I am completely sick and disgusted with the process and between the time we finally get this resolved and next year I am moving my business to a different hosting site.

Upon being late on annual auto-payment due to not updating my new credit card info, I was finally issued an email noticed in December rather than the initial month of July. After a one day notice, these fools suspending my service. I payed the balance right away, but these idiots wiped out out my site completely. I tried for almost 2 weeks to communicate through email but got no effective response.I now have to start my site from scratch due to their incompetence.This not worth my money

great service, excellent promotions and support

Great service at a great price ! Impossible tasks accomplished with patience and skill

What's not to like?

I am so impressed with Globe Domain. Have been a customer since 2005 and have never had any site problems. All that for an amazingly low price!

The quality of support is simply amazing for such a keenly priced service. With several sites under my control -- some with PHP and database coding -- I have sometimes had subtle issues -- which required more than one ticket to properly point to the actual problem to be rectified. Overall responses have been prompt, friendly, and helpful.

Great price for the service, but sometimes slow to respond and understand/fix issues. Had to contact supervising company to find help on this last issue, but in the end GlobeDomain came through - just took awhile.

GlobeDomain Feb 27, 2014

Hi Sarah, I apologize you had to jump through so many hoops to get your issue resolved. We definitely dropped the ball on your support ticket. We'll do better next time, it's a promise!

Donnie Martinez
Service Executive @ GlobeDomain

I have been a client of Globe Domain for years now and I am impress with their customer support, they resolve issues fast and efficient, I usually receive their respond within minutes if not instantly. Thank for Globe Domain for the good work and keep it that way.

The best hosting service I have worked thoroughly recommended for its quality and attention

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