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AcuNett, LLC

AcuNett, LLC



Phone: +1 (615) 866-2642

Fax: +1 (866) 224-8773

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2000 Mallory Lane
Suite 130-254

Franklin, TN 37067

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At AcuNett, we strive to maintain the best possible service for our clients.
Sit back. Relax. Spend time with your loved ones. Leave everything to us.

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AcuNett, LLC Customer Reviews

I have been with AcuNett for almost 7 years. We first started using them as server support for servers we hosted elsewhere. Their service was so great that when we needed a new server we decided to try their server hosting services. With their excellent service and pricing it wasn't long before we migrated all servers to be hosted by AcuNett.

AcuNett is more than a hosting provider and server management provider, they are a support driven company that is truly dedicated to finding the best solutions for your issues. They go far beyond the scope of their SLAs to make sure any issues are resolved. They have pretty much become our IT department. The people we go to when we are having server issues and don't know where to start.

Furthermore, the president of the company himself often checks in to see how things are going and steps in on issues he sees that his expertise might be of assistance. The issues we enter often have to do with problems outside the scope of server maintenance, but that NEVER stops them from working with us until the issue is resolved.

As our business expands so will the business we have with AcuNett. We completely trust their entire team, with whom I believe we have worked with most of them if not all of them, to have full control of our servers, access to all of our data and to access our websites when needed to help us resolve an issue. Their integrity is second to none.

Do your business and IT staff a favor by talking to them and finding out what solutions they can offer to solve your business needs.

Mar 09, 2012

Used them for their SERVER SYNC storage service. Great solution for storing files offsite; yes there are services like DropBox and the like, but ServerSync eliminates the middle man and proprietary client software so you can just work better! For Windows users, the ability to "map a network drive" is a great asset, and the speed is similar to a regular VPN connection to an office or other data center. The service saved me as well as my clients when one of my VPS machines had to be rebuilt; because I was storing image-backups of the hard disks, I could restore the server in hours instead of re-configuring it for days.

((To be honest, I am no longer with them because of some unrelated issues - through NO FAULT OF THEIRS - but would recommend their service in a heartbeat!))

My name Dan Connaghan, and I own and operate a web hosting and design company called The Big Brain which started in 2001.

I first met Ronny Fang 5 years ago by chance while we were experiencing poor WH services from several other sources. The 1st thing we experienced was their attention to detail and special case issues during the initial site transfers. This was our 1st non issue site transfer in many years and we were pleasantly surprised.

After 6-9 months of non issues, for the first time in many years I could take a weekend off even a week and know that the sites would remain running without issues.

As my company grew, we required dedicated servers and Acunett was prompt, professional and took care of all the necessary tech. Ronny’s staff are very knowledgeable and quick to respond to support inquires. Acunett has taken the headaches out of the day to day server maintenance and allowed me to focus on my business not on the severs.

Shell sessions can at times turn in to a “What did I just do?” and “What was I thinking?” scenario that could result in hours of fixes. However a quick support ticket and Acunett staff have the problem fixed with minimal turn around.

I would recommend Acunett for both Shared and dedicated server services and their Full Managed Servers is the only way to go. They are at the top of their game and we are so glad we found a trusting, ethical and skilled WH provider. Ronny, my hats off to you and I appreciate all the work your staff does. Keep up the great work!

My name is Paula Oliveira. I run a WH/Domain Reg. business average in size. I`ve been working since 2002 and met Ronny Fang from Accunet about five years ago. That was a fortunate encounter. Now I feel as a moral imperative to let WH community know a bit about my experience with them, since this first oustanding opportunity just opens.

Acunett takes care of more than 1.5 thousand of my webhosting clients, split into their managed Linux servers. Past results and ongoing experience could not be any better.

My appraisal of a WH providers focuses on three aspects: (a) Are they morally sensitive? (b) Do they have the proper skills? (c) Do they manage to setup an enviroment, and keep it running, so that their skills are delivered in an optimum performance under their moral guidance? (d) Are they apt to work on adverse circunstances - when a more severe problem comes into stage - with the same nice sway they perform ordinary support - that is, moral binding and skills remain as high or higher when they are in the Emergency Room?

Concerning Acunett, I`d say: (a), (b), (c) and (d) YES!. I`ll add here some sampled evidence reports.

1. I had with Acunett my only server (I`m in WH business since 2002) with an uptime of 384 days till I requested them a kernel upgrade - for the fun of it. Because it was working very well with more than 400 accounts. This was quite a benchmark.

2. Their OS hardening will truly keep evil out of the servers. Since I joined AcuNett, I had only scarce episodes of hacked websites (on the own clients' backdoor) but hacking would never go beyond the limits of a fragile account. Server were aptly kept floating higher than the hackers` level, remaining untouched.

3. Complex systems are entropic. WH builds upon several complex unities therefore, preemptive moves are to be taken to keep lucky-and-chance factors as low as possible - the lower the best. Proactive management, an AcuNett hallmark, is detailed and non-automated but rather,perceptive. We see from the emails people looking really into our servers with a smart curiosity of knowing if something can be done *in advance*, to keep them healthy.

4. AcuNett has many collaborators and an well populated staff, however, the profiles are either quite well leveled or when required, complementary. It means you will always find the right staff profile to take care of the `realities` of the situation, as well as of routine proactive management and support. Even deep in the dawn, they`ll post a first note replying our ticket no longer than 40 min to 1 hour after posting - if that long.

5. Maybe for (a) (moral compliance), all and every AcuNett staff member is always very kind. Kindess is their first input. In WH business, we admins very often find our clients expressing a 'zero tolerance attitude' against technical stops or system disruptions - this brings a lot of anxiety into the stage and sometimes, we forward this to our provider staff. I would lie (and therefore bring doubt into this entire review), if I wrote here that I had never had, say a conflicted situation with any of my WH providers, therefore it is true that even under this very positive background, sometimes we simply go a way too flamed. However, I always found a kind approach from Acunett staff, which helped a lot to amend the psychological background of advanced server management, which is not an idle factor.

For all this, I express here my thanks to Ronny Fang and all AcuNett staff members, for their being there, and doing a very nice job.

Paula Oliveira

Moved to AcuNett when they acquired WebbyCart. First time I need support was a couple of months after the acquisition.

The Acunett trouble ticket system patiently gathers information about the problem. As you probably know it can take a while to put together the necessary addresses and symptoms. In this case problems running CGI SSI on only one domain.

The Acunett trouble ticket system seemed to accept my ticket and even displayed it properly after the "Submit" button was pressed.

Fortunately I went back about 10 minutes later to add an additional fact. The ticket was closed and the problem description expunged.

The same thing happened when the ticket was laboriously resubmitted.

If there is an emergency phone contact it wasn't obvious.

Thing is, if the AcuNett site is wonky what does that say about the quality of the support they're likely to give customers?

AcuNett is a great long term business supplier for us in our online business. Acunett manage all our server with over 400 live websites the last years and are doing a great job.


Super hosting company to deal with. They always respond to any issue I have, even if is something I have done incorrectly. Thanks

I have been an AcuNett customer for server support and administration for the last 7 years (yea, since 2006!). During all this period, Ronny and his team have been the most critical factor for our success in offering high-quality web hosting services. I would like to take this chance and say a big THANK YOU to every member of AcuNett's team for their strong commitment and support. I strongly recommend using AcuNett for every piece of product/service they are offering.

I've been a customer for their ServerSync service for years.
Their responses to tickets are very fast and I've never seen a "prepackaged" response, only focused and competent ones.
Also to my requests about somewhat unusual configurations.
When there was a little trouble on their side, I was refunded with extra space and free contract extension.
They are a serious and reliable company.

So true...

"Sit back. Relax. Spend time with your loved ones. Leave everything to us."

AcuNett are very knowledgeable and professional (polite/well-written responses, etc). 5/5 starts from me.

AcuNett are not the cheapest around, but well worth it!

Very helpful team!
Amazing prices.

I have been Acunett for more than 15 years (it could be more, it really has been a long time!). From initial hobbyist, trying out web hosting and doing some web developments, to the present days, where we host a few company domains and rely heavily on the email service, Acunett has been awesome.

Great support staff, and they always provide excellent and reliable services.

Ronny and team, you guys have been great!

Ronny and team have helped me in several virtual server nightmare that no one / company would dare take on. Quick and Very affordable! You will get more than what you pay for.

Recently our company's Managed Server host 'Layered Technologies' decided to raise their fees from $325.00 to $485.00 per month and disabled Root access from the server. Their support SLA of 1 hour turned to 3-5 days and server downtime from 99% to 90%. We needed to migrate against the hosts will and Accunet were the only ones that could move all 35 domains with 200+ email accounts for $90. It took over 3 month but they kept their end of the deal! I felt obligated to pay more to keep good companies like this in business and so I've just added $150 for their Fortified Server Setup. And said it will be done in 24hours with a 6 month support + updates.

Koji Tomita
Trend New Technologies (Japan)

I have been dealing with Acunett since 2005. Ron and the guys have always treated me right. They were there for me when I had my first server and they are there for me now. You can always count on Acunett!


Hi, I have been hosting with AucNett for about 5-6 years. Their follow-up on issues or problems, even those not associated with AcuNett, has been superior. I have consolidated hosting accounts making AcuNett my only hosting provider. Thanks, Michael

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