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Lost your reviews from the RatePoint shutdown? We may be able to retrieve them for you! We can import your reviews from other services too.

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RatePoint closed its doors February 2, 2012 on short notice. Since then, RateLobby has helped a number of businesses get their reviews back online, and even recover reviews lost as a result of the shutdown.

RateLobby makes it easy for businesses to collect and share authentic customer reviews.

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How RateLobby Compares

We offer many of the same benefits and more...

Yes Display your rating and reviews on your website. You can embed reviews on your site, show off your rating with our site seals, and let customers leave reviews without leaving your site from our site widget.

Yes Share on social networks and search engines. Share reviews on your favorite social network with the click of a button. Your profile is public and visible to search engines and directories that automatically aggregate ratings.

Yes Proactively respond to negative reviews before they appear on your profile. Our dispute resolution process is similar to that of RatePoint's, allowing businesses the opportunity to resolve complaints with customers and maybe even turn the experience around.

What we do not offer...

No In addition to reviews, RatePoint offered email marketing services. RateLobby is focused on customer reviews and does not provide a list building or newsletter service.

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