Knowledge Base: The site tab widget won't use my color selections.

Last Updated Sep. 1, 2012

Please note that if you are making modifications the code snippet must be re-copied and pasted to replace your old code.

After making your color selections, be sure you have clicked the "Update Code" button to apply the settings to the code snippet.

If your selection for the text/icon color (black or white) is still unaffected you may not have selected a color scheme with enough contrast.

Technical lingo: We require the average color value (across the red/green/blue components) for the background to be less than 215 (hex #D7) for the white text/icon, and greater than 30 (hex #1E) for the black text/icon or we will automatically revert to the black or white version respectively.

Less technical: Please try selecting a darker background color for the tab widget with the white icon or a lighter background with the black icon.

If you still aren't seeing the desired result after the above, please contact our staff and include the code snippet in your message.

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