Knowledge Base: Can I hide a review on my profile?

Last Updated Sep. 1, 2012

You may hide a positive review by unchecking the "approved" box in the management area. However, note that the review will still affect your star rating. It is reasonable to hide a review if it contains many typos, mentions private information, may be misleading, or a host of other reasons along those lines.

If a negative review goes unresolved it cannot be hidden. Reviews with 1 or 2 stars automatically enter our dispute resolution process where you will have a chance to communicate with the customer privately, during which time, and after if you are able to resolve the complaint, it is withheld from your profile and overall rating.

In either case, if you feel a review is untrue, fraudulent, vulgar, submitted in error, or spam please contact our staff to look into it. If applicable, please also provide us with any supporting documents you may have, such as contracts, invoices, or the likes.

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