Knowledge Base: How does the dispute resolution process work?

Last Updated Sep. 1, 2012

Our dispute process revolves around this simple idea: If you bought a product or service, presumably you would rather get what you wanted than have to leave a bad review in the first place. Mistakes happen, but often they can be made up for or a compromise can be reached. By offering the business a chance to prevent a negative review from appearing on their profile we hope to increase the incentive for working with dissatisfied customers.

When someone submits a review with a rating of either 1 or 2 stars a dispute ticket is automatically opened, and the rating and review are withheld from the business's profile for the time being.

The business then has 5 days to respond or the rating and review will be applied to its profile. Alternatively, the business may choose to accept the review in which case it will be applied immediately.

If the business is able to satisfy the customer, he or she can mark the dispute as resolved and it will not appear on the business's profile.

We ask that both parties participate. After each reply the other party has 5 days to respond or the ticket will be closed in favor of whoever replied last. However, after 5 replies back and forth or 10 days, whichever comes first, the customer will have the option of marking the dispute as unresolved at which point it will be applied to the business's profile.

Either party at any time can request that our staff intervene if they feel the dispute process is being abused or that the other party is being abusive towards them personally.

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