Knowledge Base: Install the RateLobby Facebook Page App

Last Updated Jul. 10, 2013

The Facebook page app adds a tab to your business's Facebook page where users can view your RateLobby reviews. Follow the steps below to add the app to your Facebook page.

You must have a RateLobby business profile with an active subscription in order to use this app.

1 Click here to open the Facebook dialog to install the app.

2 Select the page you want to install the app on and click Add Page Tab.

3 Navigate to the page you selected in the step above. You can do this by clicking the gear icon at the top right on the blue bar across the top of Facebook's site; a list of your pages should be included on the dropdown menu.

4 Click the RateLobby icon on your page. Keep in mind you may have to click the arrow to expand your page's tabs if it does not appear in the first few.
Facebook Page tabs

5 If prompted to do so, login using your RateLobby business account. (This is only shown to administrators of the page. If a normal user attempts to visit the app before you've configured it, they will simply receive a notice that the content is not available yet.)

6 Select the business to use for this Facebook page.
select business

7 That's it! You may have to reload the page to see the result as your users will see it.

RateLobby Facebook App

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