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Issue or FeatureStatusProgressPriority
Request Reviews MailerCompleted100%9
Submit a list of customer email addresses to request reviews from.
[Manage Panel] Page for uploading reviews to importCompleted100%9
We are importing reviews from RatePoint or just about any other service if you email us, but this page will allow you to contact us for this purpose more conviniently, especially for those with attachment size limits on their emails.
[Manage Panel] Directly view unread reviewsCompleted100%8
When clicking "x New Reviews" go directly to view unread comments
Additional review questionsCompleted100%7
Ability to create custom open-response questions (e.g. "What item did you buy?")
Create Refined Star-rating QuestionsCompleted100%7
Ability to create a set of more refined x/5 stars rating questions for a business's review submissions.
[Manage Panel] Search ReviewsCompleted100%7
Ability to search reviews and narrow results by number of stars.
Automatic review invitesIn Progress10%7
Provide an API for integration with checkout systems to submit customer emails for review invites following a purchase. Also collect order number for verification.
[Manage Panel] Review Removal RequestCompleted100%6
Option to request removal of review for selection of valid reasons. (In the meantime, please email these requests to us.)
Improved handling of multi-business accountsCompleted100%6
Clearer business selection for accounts with multiple business profiles; remember selection from previous page if applicable
[Manage Panel] Add UserCompleted100%5
Form for adding another user to manage a business; also option to remove existing user. (Most of the backend functionality for this is already in place; in the meantime, please request additional user accounts via email.)
Mobile-friendly profile pagesCompleted100%5
Mobile-accessible site for business profile pages
Make business reply stand out moreCompleted100%5
Add "Business" banner (in style of "featured") and colored border to business responses.
More site badgesIn Progress50%5
More styles and size options for site badges
Facebook Like button on reviewsCompleted100%4
Include a Facebook like button for individual reviews on business profile
More widget customizationIn Progress10%4
More widget options and ability to choose the colors and height
Attach images with reviewCompleted100%4
Option to allow reviewers to attach photos with their review
Timezone selectionNot Started0%4
Let business users set their timezone for the manage panel
PayPal payment optionNot Started0%3
In the meantime, we do accept PayPal if you contact our staff to request it
Select star color for site badgesCompleted100%2
Set of options for the stars color on site badges
Customize profile URINot Started0%1
Choose the "company-name" text in
Graphical Ratings BreakdownCompleted100%1
Graph representation of how many of each rating (5-star, 4-star, 3, etc.) has been received
Multiple-choice custom questionsNot Started0%1
Question type to specify options for a custom review field
Updated Dev PageNot Started0%1
Update this page to separate completed and pending tasks and to allow voting so you can interact and remind us when you're still waiting on a feature!

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